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Death Prediction: Flowey vs The Narrator

In fiction there are plenty of villains that like to torment the main character. And then there are some villains that want to torment even the pla...

The blogger continued on her boring diatribe, utterly ignorant to how wrong and simple-minded she was regarding The Narrator's vital role in the story. 

What a joke this girl is! Thinking she can tell us which sections we are supposed to talk in!

...come on guys, we talked about this. You were supposed to let me talk uninterrupted and then the fight would happen and I would get out of the way.

Oh how silly of me......I'd love to let you get back to that, but it seems like "I" would do a much better job then this bum rap you gave for me.

Unfortunately, I must agree with the Flower. Your skills at understanding us are distinctly....mediocre. Allow us please to present ourselves.

Huuuh. Fine.

Howdy! Flowey the Flower:


Deep underground we monsters live, forced by the humans down there long ago. When the prince of the monsters Asriel, was slain, and his soul left, his determination, his will to live, was injected into a golden flower from the outside.

And thus was I resurrected. I am Flowey, I have will. I have DETERMINATION, but I lack a soul. That means I don't have compassion, or joy, or any of those emotions.....

But I'm fine with that.

Those things only hinder your ability to survive! It's kill or be killed. When the human fell into the underground, It was something I couldn't predict and so with them, I could put into place my plan....

Physical Capacities:

I may look like a normal flower, but you'll find me a little bit tougher then that...hahaha

I can withstand a fireball from Toriel, who similarly knocked aside Asgore, king of the monsters, with just one fireball. For offense, I can cause my massive roots to spring up from the ground and ensnare many people at once. Look at how they pulse with eletricity...hehehehe

SOUL manipulation:

While I don't have a soul myself, I certainly know how to manipulate them, just like all monsters. I can affect the soul directly and in some timelines I have absorbed six humans soul at once, or all the monster souls, it felt goooood to feel them wriggling helplessly. Souls are quite the source of power...even monster souls can maintain our bodies.....human souls.....ohhh the power THOSE have.

If I want to destroy someone's soul I can summon up my signature "friendliness pellets", even completely encircle someone's soul to watch them struggle helplessly. This attack is so powerful it even destroyed ol Asgore's soul. Sure he was weakened by the human, but he wasn't fatally wounded, his soul still had enough power to maintain his body.


The first time I almost died here, I suddenly realized "Wait...what happens to those who die.....who don't have a soul?.....No! No, I don't want to die!"

This awakened something primal within me, my DETERMINATION allowed me to return to a previous point of time. Turns out I could SAVE at any point of the timeline and return to it at a later point. I was immortal!

Until that human came, I could do this indefinitely. Even after the human appeared, I could still remember all the previous timelines. Only I, the human, and that old Bonehead sans did. It's a helpful trait if you are "determined" enough to use it to your advantage.


Confused? This is the game's code name for what my fans refer to as "Photoshop Flowey" or "Omega Flowey".

When I absorb 6 human souls, I reach a much a stronger, I become a god of this world. Upon reaching said godhood, my very power crashes the game the player is playing. And when they start it up again, they find I have made....a few adjustments. I can shape the world to my bidding completely.

In this state I have quite a few more attacks. Locusts, Plant Centipedes, Arm-Mounted Flamethrowers, a rain of many beautiful attacks

I am also stronger in my old abilities as well.....remember my friendliness pellets....they're a bit more friendly this time....they will follow and track the soul I sent them too. My vines are much more numerous for me to attack enemies. Even my ability to SAVE and LOAD are increased.....

If you think you can get beat me in this form, you'll find yourself quite wrong. I can save over other files and load them at will. And if you try and run away I'll break your precious save files to bits. I have direct control over the very mechanics of the game!

Asriel Dreemur, God of Hyperdeath:

My...true form. YOUR worst nightmare. This state requires 7 human souls, or if you are crafty like me you'll remember 1 human soul is equal to every monster soul in the underground and steal 6 humans souls plus every monster soul (or all but one...strangely enough). 

 This me has even more attacks to utilize, these ones named for emphasis:

SHOCKER BREAKER: I rain down lightning on my enemy's soul
CHAOS SABER: Summons up my two blades to slash at my opponent
CHAOS BUSTER: Summons up a giant laser to blade with
STAR BLAZING: Attacks my opponent with a rain of stars
HYPER GONER: I destroy and recreate the universe in my image

This was all using but a small portion of my power. When I want to go full out, I can show my true power as the God of Hyperdeath

In this state I attack with even stronger projectiles. Even my very presence can damage the fabric of spacetime....and will eventually destroy the world. And with all my power I can create an energy blast that can destroy even most game options


I am quite clever if I may say....I manipulated the human along two timelines so that eventually I could become Asriel Dreemur. I have plenty of experience accumulated over my many resets. I have read every book, solved every person, killed every person....all of it


Weaknesses? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH! hehe I don't have such....

Alright I think that's quite enough.

What are you doing? This is MINE!

Yes, well all the above is certainly following the story....but if you are claiming you have no weaknesses then I'm afraid you aren't following the story any more.

If someone with more determination then him appears, Flowey loses his ability to LOAD and SAVE at will. Flowey is a cruel sadistic flower...but his own sadism leads to him playing around with people he should have already killed. 

Beyond that, his flower self is much more fragile then his other selves, and his stronger forms are both subject to the souls themselves turning against him...quite an important story detail to just skim over little Flowey......

Grrrrrrhhhhhhhhh, GET OUT!

I...didn't always used to be this way. When I first came back as a flower, I tried to help everyone. I solved all their problems, became their companion. It was amusing at first....but then it just repeated. What does this person do if I do this? Say this? They just repeat the same old thing. I started killing them...mostly out of curiosity, "Oh, I hate this...but I just HAVE to know"....What an excuse. It's so liberating to act how you want. 

Don't pretend to be shocked at how I act....look at you there, reading about two beings forced to fight to the death for your amusement. What a freak!

My whole philosophy can be summed down into one sentence. "KILL or BE KILLED!" The world is a plaything to make what you want out of it, and if some IDIOT tries to stand in my way....



As Flowey ended his character section, the Narrator cleared his voice and prepared to give the appropriate character introduction.


Once upon a time there was a man named Stanley. A man whose job was solely to push buttons. And he delighted in it. However one day he found that all mysteriously all his co-workers had gone missing. That's of course where The Narrator, that is to say I. come in.

My job was and is simple. I made a very beautiful piece of art, all about the nature of human choice, freedom and slavery, full of deep symbolism....but mysteriously Stanley suddenly started acting....out of character. Disobeying my narration.

It wasn't Stanley. It was a real person. And so, with a stoic grin, The Narrator prepared to deal with this strange anomaly that had messed with his hard work.


I am not a physical entity per se. I am a consciousness, which a rare dialogue says am shaped by the space and time I am in. I can change who I am telling the story about at a moment's notice and contrary to popular conception, I am actually aware of the alternate timelines and alternate timelines selves of myself


Via speaking, I can alter move the plot of the story and alter reality as I see fit. 

Most often this involves manipulation of space and time. I have caused Stanley to float through a magical starfield without ever leaving his office and trap him in a spatial loop. I can seemingly change the flow of time by saying it is moving differently and can add more time to a timer at will. I can also teleport Stanley without actually resetting the timeline. And if someone is cheating I can send them away to The Serious Room for one hundred billion trillion years or infinity years to convey how serious the problem is.

I can also warp reality in other ways, basically any way I can think of. I can cause an building complex to burn to a crisp or sink into the ground. I can spontaneously cause a nuclear bomb to appear or drive a man insane. It was "I" who erased all of Stanley's co-workers.

And of course, if things get too grim, I can play a bit of music to lighten the mood.


Given the importance of my role in the story, I can also manipulate the story more directly as it's Narrator.

Of course I myself am not beholden to the plot should I choose not to be. After-all, the best artists of the world give themselves room to change the script should inspiration hit. I can alter the functions of the game at will, such as adding in a worldwide leaderboard or sending the game into a cutscene. If the player needs instructions on something, I can stop the game to put on an instructional video. Aren't I ever so helpful and generous?

If things are going really poorly, I can shut the game down or restart it entirely. I can also load up new games, like these newfangled popular games like uh....what are they called....Digcart? and Entrance?


Well I certainly like to think of myself as an intelligent fellow. I have remade the timeline ever so many times that I have gathered quite the experience. I am well aware of the fact that I am in a video-game and the relative tropes of the game. That is why I made my game to commentate on relative video game tropes. I wanted to make ART.

Of course even the parable isn't as artistic as my invention of the baby game, which after 4 hours of play, merges the player's essence with the Essence of Divine Art, the strongest being in the multiverse. 


Weakness? I am not some "character" who has various challenge and tribunals in the story, I am the Narrator.

Oh no you don't. It's my turn now!

Oh it's you again. Please, enlighten us on what "weaknesses" I supposedly have.

The Narrator is a pretentious, arrogant tyrant, who doesn't care about anything but his lame story. 


He tortures beings who don't follow him instead of killing them, leaving him open. He never goes for the kill! It's always games, games and more games! He also has no ability to curtail peoples' free will.

Yes, well I can SEE how from your perspective that might seem like a weakness, but you don't seem to understand the importance of that to the larger narrative and themes where did he go?


You know....I once believed the player and I could get along. I was excited to tell them my story, to entertain them and make video games art!

Maybe to you I seem cruel, but I think it's pretty hypocritical to come along to hear someone else's story, and then forcibly break it at any opportunity. I put a lot of work into making a good story, only for someone to come along and selfishly destroy it partway through. Why? Because it was so gosh-darned important to them that they have their own story instead. 

I want them to see what I see. That in this world they are nothing more then observers, passively absorbing reality instead of creating it. That in just sitting there pressing buttons or scrolling down you are doing nothing to make the world better for yourself, just passively accepting it.

I am sorry that I expected the artist and the viewer could get along, could work together for the story. I guess that was asking too much...

Alright, the combatants are set........I think? It's time for a death battle? Maybe

"Oh hey since my game was so awful why don't we play someone else's game just to ease the pain....let's see what do we have here.....hmmmmmm.....what's this....Undertale? It's a new popular game...let's give it a shot, why not?"

Stanley arose from a small patch of flowers to discover he had fallen down some distance. He looked through to find a small corridor. Stanley walked through the corridor to discover...

"Howdy, I'm Flowey the Flower!"

A Small Flower with a smiling face emerged from the ground. He...

Hey, who are you?

Apparently the flower didn't have a single moment to just LET THE NARRATOR TALK. 

What's going on...wait a minute this isn't.......then that means that.....hehehe...if what I think is true then if I beat your two idiots, I am going to have a real fun time!

Huhhhhhhhh....Stanley, this nuisance will only take a moment. Just walk in circles for a second.


Save 1

Save 1

Hmm? What's this thing?

It's your soul...and THESE are my friendliness pellets.

The Narrator looked on in apprehension as his soul was surrounded by projectiles from this Flowey


The Narrator, thinking quickly teleported his soul behind the dim-witted flower

Huh? Urgghh....

Do you think you can beat me? Hahahahaha. The Flower quickly realized the futility of it all as he was suddenly engulfed by a tremendous flame

Ahhhh! Woah! 

The Flower squirmed and dodged, trying to dart around the impending flames

Load 1



The Narrator, thinking quickly teleported his soul behind the dim-

Got you this time! 

The Narrator felt his soul being grabbed by the edges of the Flower's strange tentacles and he....

Shut up! Just die!

Load 1


It seems this could go on forever little flower....what strange game is this that it can go on forever....perhaps we should just leave and go to another game

Oh but the game ends so game shall end so pleasently..........

The Narrator hearing this, created a secret Easter Egg entrance right next to where they were standing to the end-game


Hey, wait where are you going so quickly.

Yes! Yes!!!!! There souls....this isn't my world...there's no Asgore to stop me

Flowey grabbed onto 6 rainbow souls, too preoccupied to notice that....wait....wait what's going on

Reader, begin the game again?

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Other Funny stuff I noticed in Yu-gi-oh! Manga

Just a list of other nonsense I found.

Yeah…I think Duel Monsters will be popular in Japan soon too….


Yami Yugi doesn’t like dirty brats touching his puzzle:

The True Nature of Friendship:

Screw the Rules I have Money:

Nice Figure Anzu!



Yami Yugi is a master of the trash talk:

Mokuba sucks at Duel Monsters:

Yugi summons Holy Elf in defense mode:
Wait, WHAT?! Two pages ago you mentioned his trap kept you from playing Monsters in defense:

Yami Yugi’s rage is not satisfied yet!:

Jonouchi is not a f*cking duck:

No it doesn’t Ryuuzaki! Wasteland powers up Dinosaurs not mountains, no wonder you lose everything!

Bakura where did you come from!? I swear he wasn’t even shown on the island in any previous chapter:

Anzu and Mai have girl talk:

Yami Yugi is gonna beat his fat *ss:

Yami Yugi with the burns:

Yami Yugi somehow launches his Gaia the Dragon Champion into the Castle of Dark Illusions knocking off its floatation ring so it collapses on all the monsters below it:

Das our Seto:

Yami Yugi is so cool sometimes:

“Good Morning Talking Cleavage”:

Those Beautiful Traps man:


OMG a giant rock:

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Gathering:

No one touches Kaiba’s duel disk and lives:

Yes Yugi, please take Marik’s rod:

Jono, that’s fatphobic BabyRage:

teh ironies:

This is like watching a little kid make up new powers on the fly:

You can do it Seto! Make Egypt Great Again! MEGA!

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Death Analysis: Yugi Muto

Death Analysis: The Children's Card Game Winning, Mind Crushing, Ridiculous-Haired Heart of the Cards-Wielding Egyptian Pharaoh, he's the King of Games: Yu-gi-oh!


3,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt, the evil of men's spirits incarnated as horrible monsters who threatened the safety of all the lands. But the Priests of Egypt, led by a nameless Pharaoh with crazy hair sealed them away in stone tablets. That is until one fateful day when the Thief King Bakura, looking for revenge laid siege to Egypt with his forces of darkness. The Pharaoh sealed himself and the Thief King away in Two of the Mystical 7 Millennium Items. During the battle the Millennium Puzzle shattered to never be re-assembled.

Or so it would seem. For in the modern times, a young schoolboy named Yugi, bullied and beaten, with no confidence or strength to call his own but brimming with kindness managed to solve the Puzzle and forever entwine his spirit with the Pharaoh's.

Together these two proceeded to save the world from the dark forces that plagued it, particularly other wielders of the Millennium Items......also, A LOT of card games.


Yugioh Canon is not too bad. Basically everything written by the original writer, Kazuki Takahashi is primary canon and everything approved by him to be within the same canon but not written by him is Secondary Canon, which can be counted so long as it doesn't conflict with the primary canon.

Primary Canon consists of the 343 chapters of the original manga, the Newest Yu-gi-oh! movie, Dark Side of Dimensions which was written by Kazuki Takahashi specifically to be within the Manga continuity, and the two manga chapters written by Kazuki Takahashi to link the original manga with the Movie.

Second Canon consists of the Mangas for every subsequent Yu-gi-oh! series as well as the actual physical Duel Monsters cards which are canon so long as they weren't changed for balance reasons as Kazuki himself mentions.

Millennium Puzzle:

The primary source of Yugi's powers come from his mystical Puzzle, one of the 7 Millennium Items. The Puzzle gives it's user Dark Wisdom and StrengthThe Book of the Dead proclaims the one who has the Millennium Puzzle will dispense justice to all,and judge evilIt's most famous ability is that Yugi can use this to switch between Hikari Yugi (Little Yugi) and Yami Yugi (The Spirit of the Pharaoh) at will. By using this he can take advantage of his two minds to resist telepathy. (1) (2). However it has a number of other abilities.

Twice the Puzzle shows the ability to give Yugi Clairvoyance, the ability to see distant events (1) (2). The Puzzle can curse people to die and will automatically activate to protect Yugi from danger (1) (2). The Puzzle can also bfr people to it's interior dimension (1) (2)

Inside the Puzzle is the endless maze of Yami Yugi's soul containing various traps and pits that can trap people forever.

The Millennium Puzzle, like all the Millennium Items can also initiate a shadow game. A Shadow Game is essentially a normal game brought to life by the powers of darkness. It is also a recreation of the duel of magic done by the Ancient Egyptian Magicians. Anything can be a shadow game; Yugi turns a puzzle into a shadow game, "blood-soaked wars" are a form of game, and indeed an entire world is turned into the final Shadow Game between Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura. No normal human can withstand a shadow game for a shadow game can swallow the body and soul in darkness. While most people can not even observe the nature of a shadow game, they are potent enough to shape destiny. Yami Yugi can control the level of his shadow game at will.

If Yugi's opponent loses or cheats at a shadow game, they will be open to Penalty Game, in which they are afflicted by a horrible ailment usually befitting their sins. However, Yugi does not need to win a Shadow Game to inflict a Penalty Game.  With Penalty Game Yugi can trap his enemies in illusions or alter their senses (1) (2). He can also just make someone outright die from Penalty Game (1) (2). However his most famous Penalty Game is "Mind Crush" which destroys his opponent's mind, leaving them comatose until they rebuild it. 


Along with his Puzzle Yugi carries as standard equipment his duel disk and his duel monsters deck. Duel Monsters is a card game developed by Eccentric and Cartoon Enthusiast Maximillion Pegasus based on the Magical Duels of Egypt. Given it's resemble to the games of his past life, Yugi is most comfortable playing this game over all others.

Given that the point of a Shadow Game is that it brings the game to life, right down to recreating the mechanics, it would seem that the Duel Monsters Mechanics would be completely fair game for any modern shadow game Yugi gets into using his Duel Monsters Deck.


Just some important monster feats, generally from card descriptions, for comparison.

Giant Soldier of Stone (1300 ATK): Destroys the Moon. Konami even released a card referencing it

Megasonic Eye: (1500 ATK): Traveled from the edge of the universe (requires speed in excess of 10,000 c)

Deep-Eyes White Dragon (Alternate Blue Eyes White Dragon, which has 3,000 ATK): Travels to Earth from another solar system in 10 seconds (speed of over 13,000,000 c)

Three God Cards (Varies, usually ~ 3,000-4,000 ATK): Can destroy the world and remake it into a world of darkness

Sun-Eater: (3,200 ATK): Can Consume a Star

Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer (5,000 ATK): Can Destroy a Galaxy

HEAVILY Boosted Blue-Eyes White Dragon: (19,900 ATK): Many times said to be able to Illuminate an infinite darkness

Monster Cards:

Non-Tribute Monsters:
These monsters may be summoned once per turn normally without any sacrifice. (ATK/DEF)

1-Tribute Monsters: 
These Monsters require one monster sacrifice to summon:

2-Tribute Monsters:
These Monsters require two monster sacrifices to summon:

Fusion Monsters:
These monsters are created by fusion of 2 or more pieces:

Ritual Monsters:
These Monsters are created by sacrificing a few monsters with a spell card and a certain monster on the field


Exodia is a series of 5 monster pieces, 4 of which has 200/300 or 300/200 ATK/DEF, and one of which has 1,000/1,000. However if assembled, the 5 pieces form a monster called Exodia the Forbidden One, who has INFINITE attack power, making it easily scale-able to any monster with finite attack power.

However Haga threw the pieces into the ocean, and so he no longer can use this strategy.

Egyptian Gods:

Osiris, Obelisk, and Ra form the trinity of the Egyptian God Cards, monsters with the power of the gods. Yugi acquired these and they form his true powerhouses. To summon they require 3 sacrifices. 

The Nature of the Gods puts him above the other Duel Monster Cards:
The Power of the Gods also is exceedingly great:

With the knowledge of his true name, Yami Yugi/Atem fused the three Egyptian God Cards to form the strongest being in the world, The Creator of Light. Horakthy is able to easily destroy Zorc, the Demon God who was stronger then Exodia and created all darkness. She is the Ultimate God, the Creator. When played, this card immediately wins the game. 

Spell Cards:

Spell Cards are magical effects that can be activated during Yugi's turn. 

  • Monster Reborn: Revives a Monster from Death
  • Swords of Revealing Light: Prevents attacks from the opponent for 3 turns and reveals all their monsters
  • Horn of the Unicorn: Increases ATK and DEF by 700 points
  • Monster Recovery: Takes monsters you control, brings them back to the deck, which is shuffled and you draw 5 new cards.
  • Burning Land: Destroys any field magic
  • Polymerization: Fuses two monsters to form a fusion monster
  • Magic Mist: Surrounds the field with water vapors
  • Mystical Moon: Raises the power of beasts. Increases area of tidal waves
  • Magical Hats: Covers cards with 4 hats forcing opponents to guess where they are
  • Mystic Box: Switch the position of a Dark Magician you control with a monster your opponent controls, their controller doesn't change. The opposing monster is destroyed.
  • Shift: Switches the position of two monsters you control. Can switch a monster on the field with one in the hand.
  • Eye of Truth: Reveals the cards in the opposing player's hand.
  • Multiply: Causes a monster with less 500 ATK to multiply without stop. Usually used with Kuriboh to create a wall of living mines. It can create hundreds of copies, strongly implied to be at least 1,000 based on covering all the eyes of "Thousand-Eyes Restrict"
  • Magic Arrow: Allows the player to use a spell on a target they normally can't. Somehow used to fuse Mammoth Graveyard with Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, decaying it from the inside. 
  • Light-Sword of Card Sealing: Removes one card at random from your opponent's hand from play for 3 turns.
  • Card Destruction: Both players discard their entire hands and draw cards equal to the cards discarded from their deck.
  • Brain Control: Gives one control of an opponent's monster for one turn
  • De-Spell: Negates the effect of one spell in play
  • Defuse: Returns one fusion monster to it's component pieces
  • Magic Cylinder: Negates and Reflects an attack sent by an opposing monster
  • Magic Formula: Increases the power of a spellcaster by 500 points. 
  • Exchange: Each players select one card from their opponent's hand and add it to their own
  • Double Spell: Casts any Magic spell played by an opponent this turn
  • Diffusion Wave-Motion: Pay 1,000 life points and a Spellcaster you control can attack every monster your opponent controls
  • Devil's Sanctuary: Given to Yugi by Kaiba to stop Ra, Devil's Sanctuary special summons a Metal Devil who's ATK is equal to the opponent's life points and when destroyed deals battle damage to the opponent instead of controller. Requires 1000 life points per turn to maintain
  • Dimension Magic: If a Spellcaster is under your control you can sacrifice two monsters to special summon another spellcaster from your hand. The two of them can then combine their power for the turn
  • Marshmallon Glasses: Summons glasses that forces the monster to target Marshmallon for all it's attacks and effects
  • Turn Jump: Moves 3 turns into the future
  • Magic Barrier: Creates a barrier against magic, able to stop not just spells but magical monster effects
  • Rebellion: Causes one of the opponent's monsters to attack them
  • Bond of the Fellowship: Allows special summoning of two monsters of the same type from the deck.
  • Magic Move: Transfers a spell from one target to another
  • Tricky's Magic 4: Pay 1,000 Life Points and sacrifice The Tricky. Summon Tricky Tokens equal to the number of monsters your opponent controls
  • Golden Sarcophagus: Put one card in the great puzzle box. If the opponent plays a magic with the same name, that card is negated.
Trap Cards:

Trap Cards are set facedown and activated on an opponent's turn, usually in response to something.

  • Mirror Force: Reflects an attack back on all of an opponent's attack mode monsters
  • Spellbinding Circle: Traps an opposing monster and reduces their power by 700. Can use the trapped monster as a shield
  • Chain Destruction: When a monster with less 2000 ATK is summoned, Chain Destruction can destroy them and every copy of them from the opponent's deck. 
  • Magical Rift Panel: Activates when the opponent casts a spell, takes control of the spell
  • Soul Rope: Activates when a monster of yours is destroyed, pay 1000 life points and summon a level 4 monster from the deck
  • Stronghold, the Moving Fortress: Activates when attacked by an opponent, turns into a powerful fortress to protect the player with 2000 DEF.
  • Crumbling Axe: Lowers an enemy monster's power by 500 for each turn this was set.
  • Magician's Circle: Triggered when an enemy spellcaster attacks. Both players play one spellcaster monster from their decks. 
Atem's Power:

Yami Yugi, the Pharaoh Atem has certain innate powers and magic as the Pharaoh, the physical avatar of the Gods on Earth.

Physically, Atem is able to superleap since the first chapter. He has tanked the power of the shadow games which no normal man could survive, survived the dark magic of one of the strongest dark sorcerors and he even protects Mai and Jono from a direct attack from Ra! It's not a mechanic of the shadow game either, he wasn't even in that duel. Not really sure how to interpret that.  He has twice displayed intangibility (1) (2). He is fast enough to just materialize behind someone and was able to react Summoned Skull's lightning attack moving through the water at lightning speed over a relatively short distance 

Atem has a number of other abilities. He can create matter from nothing, channel power from his friends, and seal monsters in stone tablets. The Power of his name is strong enough not only to fuse the Egyptian Gods into Horakthy, but also to create a forcefield strong enough to fend off Zorc himself. And then there is his most well known ability. Due to his strong will and his connection with the spirits of his deck, he has the ability to change probability and draw what card he needs, an ability known to most English-Speaking Yu-gi-oh! fans as "The Heart of the Cards". 

Hikari Yugi

Also while he isn't exactly superhuman he has come a long way from being the weakling everybody picked on. He was able to dexterously chase a thief through the city and survived unconscious being engulfed in flames.


Yugi is really, REALLY good at games.

  • Defeated the Three Tests of Shadi, including a nigh-impossible riddle, in a short timespan
  • Twice defeats Mokuba Kaiba, the Champion of Capsule Monsters, at Capsule Monsters despite Mokuba getting 5 monsters of high level and Yugi getting low-level monsters
  • Outwits the Meikyu brother's variation of the truth-teller and liar riddle
  • Catches a criminal the police couldn't with good old fashioned logic
  • In an RPG defeated a Buffed Up Level 15 Monster with Four Level 1 Characters, and One Level 13 Character
  • Figured out the new rules of Duelist Kingdom simply by looking at one of the battlefields
  • Nearly beats Pegasus in their first duel, despite Pegasus using cheating, a time limit, and cards Yugi had never heard of.
  • Easily defeats Haga, who won championship in Duel Monsters Japan's National Competition. 
  • At the end of Duelist Kingdom Yugi defeats Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters, despite him using cheating and completely broken cards exclusive to him.
  • Hikari Yugi defeats Ryuji Otogi, the Creator of Dungeon Dice Monsters, at Dungeon Dice Monsters in his first game of it with a combination of dice essentially picked at random, without Yami Yugi's help.
  • Defeats Osiris, an Egyptian God, and a supposedly unbeatable strategy of 5 invisible cards, by turning Osiris' power against the wielder and forcing them to draw until they lose their entire deck.
  • Yami Yugi defeats Priest Seto's Strongest Monster at the time in ancient Egypt using just Kuriboh and Multiply
  • Defeats Yami Bakura and foils his plan to control the world, despite Bakura have millennia to plan out this exact plan
  • In the Ceremonial Duel, Hikari Yugi defeats Yami Yugi, freeing his soul
  • In Dark Side of Dimensions, defeats Yami Aigami, using godlike monsters from a higher dimension, with just one card and one turn without difficulty

Individually, Yami Yugi and Hikari Yugi both have their own weaknesses. Yami Yugi is proud and competitive to the point of foolhardiness while Hikari Yugi is underconfident and physically weak. However together they generally cancel out each other's weaknesses.

The only really shared weakness they have is that they are bound by the rules of Duel Monsters and never cheat; Hikari Yugi because he considers it immoral and Yami Yugi because it hurts his pride as a duelist and because he considers it to weaken his dueling skills


Hikari Yugi is a sweet, sensitive boy who believes in the power of friendship and tries to develop his pride and strength so he can help his friends as they help him. He represents the future, brimming with potential, which is why his cards like the gadgets and blockman which represent the potential for the future, and why he uses cards like Silent Swordsman and Silent Magician, creatures which start out weak and little but develop stronger with each turn like Little Yugi.

Yami Yugi is a proud regal man who seeks the betterment of his kingdom and later his own soul's freedom. He seeks to gain the empathy to understand why people care for their enemies and what causes this power called "Friendship". He represents the past, full of ancient wisdom and dignity, but inflexible in thinking, which is why his monsters are archaic simple powerhouses like Magicians, Knights, and Dragons. 

The Union of these two souls allows them to learn from and develop from each other, their two opposite styles working to balance each others' weaknesses. 


+Superhuman Strength (Can superleap high into the air), Moon Level DC with Most of his Summons, Planet to Star Level with his God Cards, Universe Level with Exodia, Boosted Obelisk or Horakty
+Superhuman Durability, Higher with Forcefields formed from his name, Can turn Intangible
+Superhuman Speed, Massively Hypersonic Reflexes
+Can attack the mind and souls of his opponent
+Mind and Soul Resistance
+Can Induce Death
+Destiny Manipulation
+Spacetime Manipulation
+Dimensional BFR
+Attack Reflection
+Telekinesis and Telepathy

Potential Opponent:

This match was suggested to me by one of my friends:

Yugi Muto vs. Jace Beleren: Yu-gi-oh! vs Magic: The Gathering. Time to see which nerd card game hobby was truly the best ;)      

Next Time:

Thanks so much to my friend Thor who made this next time that completely blew my mind.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Death Prediction: Hikaru Shidou vs Sayaka Miki

Warning: MASSIVE spoilers for Magic Knight Rayearth and Puella Magi Madoka Magicka 

The Sword, the true weapon of the hero, at least if you ask these two young girls. These two young magical girls are true masters of the blade, and defy even the power of the gods in the pursuit for justice. Which raises the obvious question, if these two crossed blades....who would come out on top.

Quick Note: For this fight, due to Death Battle's rule against outside help, Hikaru will not be able to summon Rayearth and Sayaka will not be able to summon Oktavia, even though both can do so normally. Judging based on the conditions set in Link vs Cloud it seems Death Battle does not allow for conventional summons.

Hikaru Shidou:      

One day a little 5-year old girl challenged her kendo master father to a Kendo match. Amused, he agreed.

She beat him so bad he had to go back to training to improve himself. 

Hikaru has always been a genius with a blade, with a natural passion for justice and heroism. So when the Princess of another world needed 3 young Girls to come and save her, Hikaru was an obvious choice. It was in this world Cephiro that Hikaru would become the Magic Knight of Fire and reach her peak and save the world. 

Physical Stats:

The world of Cephiro is different to the world of Earth. On Cephiro all things are controlled by will, which allows the Magic Knights to enhance their stats to superhuman levels by their great will. Hikaru's will by the end of the series had grown so great that she could use her powers even on Earth. Hikaru's will is her greatest strength, allowing her to power through all levels of pain and magic. It more directly also gives her superhuman stats. 

Hikaru's strength is so great that she can slice apart a monster with a lesser sword, leaving only smoke. Her strength was so great that she matched even Lafarga in combat who is strong enough to vaporize stone with his sword without even touching it. Both of these feats are vastly superior to vaporizing a normal human opponent , a feat which takes 3 gigajoules of energy, well into the building level range. 

Hikaru is so durable that she is easily able to take blows from opponents of her level of strength. When under brain control Hikaru nearly tanked a sword blow from Magic Knight Fuu to her face and throat.  She fought through being bloodied and beaten by Larfarga. And after her final upgrade, she was even able to survive the energy of Emeraude's transformation which destroyed her entire castle.

Hikaru is a naturally agile and quick figher able to avoid the attacks of far more experienced mages. Even greater then her speed is her reflexes. She is able to successfully pilot the Mecha Rayearth, which requires speed to direct it's immense speed, especially in the melee combat that it engages in. Rayearth's speed is great enough to easily fly all around Cephiro, enter and leave it's orbit and match inter-stellar starships.  

Weapons and Armor:

Hikaru's weapon and armor is made of Escudo, a mystical mineral that makes them evolving. They grow stronger alongside their user, allowing them to perfectly compliment their user's physical power as determined by the strength of their soul and their will. 

Hikaru is completely decked out in armor made from Escudo which is far more resistant to damage then even Hikaru's body is. 

Hikaru also uses her broadsword of Escudo. It is stored inside the jewel in her glove and if anyone but her tries to use it, then it turns into flame. 


As a Magic Knight, Hikaru doesn't just rely on her physical capacity but also has magic. In particular Hikaru is an expert in fire magic. If angry or passionate enough she can erupt into flames. She can channel her fire magic through her spell "Flame Arrow". Flame Arrows fire numerous bolts of magic fire capable of bombarding the ground, destroying large chunks of it. It can overwhelm even far more experienced magic-users like the Ice Mage Alcione and it's easily able to tear through a monster.

Hikaru is also proficient in lightning magic, able to cast the spell "Red Lightning" which summons a storm cloud between Hikaru's hands that shoots out lightning bolts. A Heavily Injured Hikaru used Red Lightning to destroy a monster.


  • Defeated Larfarga, the greatest swordsman in all of Cephiro, in a sword duel without using her magic.
  • Destroyed part of the planetary dome surrounding Cephiro put there by a planteary reality-warper to keep out inter-dimensional space armies. 
  • Defeated all competitors in the contest of the Pillar and proved her will to be superior to all in Cephiro and any other nearby world.
  •  When the Godlike entity Mokona who created multiple universes deemed that Eagle Vision would be erased after losing the Contest of the Pillar, Hikaru resisted his will, managing to hold her own in a battle of will and with her friends managed to overpower even Mokona's will

While Hikaru's not an idiot, she is rather impulsive and direct in her thinking. She's also got very strong ethical restraints in combat, such as when she refused to use magic against the swordsman Lafarga since it wouldn't be fair as he didn't have magic.


Unlike her friends Umi and Fuu, Hikaru was ecstatic to become a magic knight. She is a noble leader and always optimistic about her situations. She is a proud warrior and enjoys the thrill of fighting. She strives for justice and desires to be a hero. 

Sayaka Miki:

Sayaka with once just an ordinary schoolgirl, going to school, two best friends, her most usual trait being her crush's unfortunate health, leading him down the path of a crippled life. Then one day she and Madoka found out the local Magical Girl Mami, protector of the area from the witches, and her pet alien Kyubey. Kyubey offered the two girls one wish in exchange for becoming Magical Girls and hunting the witches. Before agreeing the two accompanied Mami on her witch-hunting missions. 

Then tragedy stuck when Mami was killed in action against one of the witches. Sayaka realizing there was no one to protect the city without Mami made a contract with Kyubey becoming a Magical Girl, wishing for her crush to be restored to full health. She then dedicated herself to living up the ideals of her idol Mami, and protecting everyone from the Witches.  

Physical Stats:


(if doesn't upload properly, you can click here to see it)

Being a Magical Girl came with it's own perks. Being a Magical Girl gave Sayaka much enhanced strength, durability and speed.

Sayaka is durable enough to easily withstand strikes from more experienced Magical Girls like Kyoko and Homura. She, along with the other Puella Magi were able to withstand an attack from a Nightmare that caused an entire large building to shake and fall apart and official PMMM stats put Sayaka as nearly as durable as Homura, who was able to survive Walpurgisnacht hitting her with a building.

Sayaka is also quite fast. During her first battle as a Magical Girl, Sayaka moved faster then the eye can see. Later on she was able to evade even the Time Stop of Homura, by blitzing and putting her sword in the time lock manuever and leaving Homura's range of vision by the time it went off. She has managed to move comparable to the stronger Magical Girls Kyoko, Mami, and Homura all of whom are able to outpace real bullets.  She was also able to keep pace with a Nightmare who was able to dodge Madoka's arrows, and Madoka's Arrows can travel to other countries in at most seconds. 

Weapons and Armor:

Sayaka doesn't wear much armor, relying on almost entirely on her natural durability and the protective magic of her soul gem (more on that later). 


Sayaka also has several unique magic powers as a Magical Girl. As her wish was for healing, Sayaka especially has magical powers related to healing. Even in her second battle she was able to quickly patch up small wounds on her body and this only use this to grew in intensity. And with more effort her body is able to regenerate larger amounts fast. In her second battle as a Magical Girl, she regenerated from a strike that was supposed to put her in the hospital for 3 months, and by Rebellion she was able to regenerate stabbing out her own heart to summon Octavia. As long as her soul gem is intact, Sayaka's regeneration can restore her from any manner of injury. 

Sayaka also has several other magical powers. She can summon magical platforms to carry her around quickly, or give her a physical area to stand or leap from, Using the spirit of her witch, Sayaka is able to teleport through water. And her soul gem, the container for her soul, gives her more abilities as well. The Soul Gem can detect residual magic, and can turn off all pain, though this Sayaka takes away from her humanity.


  • In her second fight as a Magical Girl, held her own against Kyoko, a much more experienced Magical Girl
  • Contributed to breaking the barrier the Incubators trapped Homura in, which was creating a false world that contained an exact copy of Mitakihara City.
  • Was chosen by The Goddess Madoka to be one of her Guardians, who were sent to free Homura's soul from the prison of the Incubators, a Super-Advanced Type IV Civilization
  • Even when Homura stole Madoka's power and became Akuma Homura, warping the entire universe so the Puella Magi were all normal schoolgirls, Sayaka retained her memory, at least partially, even against Homura's will and was still willing to fight on for Madoka. 

Sayaka is relatively the most inexperienced and least innately powerful Puella Magi. She had a strict form of morality from Idolizing Mami and was too restrictive as in the original series she wouldn't accept help from Kyoko and Mami and wouldn't even use grief seed to purify her Soul Gem, though by Rebellion she has developed enough to accept help and even tell Homura that she can't fight alone.

Also like all Puella Magi, her soul is located inside her soul gem and if that is destroyed, Sayaka will instantly die. 


Sayaka is confident, tomboyish, and idealistic with romantic black and white notions of romance, justice, and life. She's a loyal friend and always fights to protect or help others. She strives to live up to the ideals of Mami, and later to uphold the benevolent will of Kami Madoka. 

Alright, the combatants are set. It's time....for a DEATH PREDICTION!!!

Outside the shifting ocean of universes, a light emanates her own heaven. The Goddess Madoka, looks down into the world. Near her the souls of her loyal Guardians orbit, ever devoted. From the shifting ocean came a tiny white orb, moving closer at great speed. Nearby it can be made out to be a small white furry white creature with a red gem in it's head, clearly frantic and worried. Madoka brought the scared little creature to her, petting it gently. She always had a soft spot for the small helpless creatures of the world. 

"What is it little friend....why are you frightened? A swordwarrior has emerged, who overpowered you? Who scared you from your universe?" Madoka confirmed, trying to make sense of the small things, terrified speech. 

The Spirit of Sayaka appeared before her. "A Sword-warrior? Allow me to go and investigate, perhaps see if this person is really that tough!"

Madoka nodded her agreement but added "Please be careful Sayaka, Mokona here is of great power, to defy it, this person must be very strong."


Hikaru left her school happily, eager to be out of classes. She waved to her friends Umi and Fuu and hurried off. As she ran off, she suddenly stopped. She could feel the presence of hostile eyes.

Sayaka saw Hikaru stop and emerged from the shadows near her, smiling a big grin. Internally Sayaka was surprised that the danger was so.....nonthreatening looking. 

They looked on each other. 

Hikaru spoke guardedly "You are here to fight?"

Sayaka responded "I was told to investigate the source of a danger to the multiverse...though you seem very child-looking to be such a threat."

Hikaru bristled at this. " about a friendly duel to see if I am capable of such danger?"

Sayaka nodded in agreement.

Wordlessly Hikaru was engulged in flame, as her armor materialized all along her and her eyes burned with the fire of her passion. From the jewel on her hand came her sword which she gripped with readiness. At the exact same time, Sayaka's became a blue silhoutte, duplicating out and out then merging back together to reveal her Magical Girl Form, a sword coming into being in her hand at the ready.

The Two Swordswomen stood at the ready, prepared for the duel of their lives. 


Sayaka charged forth with a upward lunge towards Hikaru's head. Hikaru brought her blade down to deflect the blade, driving Sayaka's body down. 

Sayaka using the momentum, used her legs to knock at Hikaru's legs. Hikaru felt her legs give way under her, and fell upon her knees. Sayaka leaped upwards with a quick downward slash. Hikaru quickly slashed first, clashing against Sayaka's breastplate, sending her flying. 

Hikaru charged at Sayaka, but Sayaka saw this coming and ducked behind a nearby car. sliced her broadsword through the window of the car. Sayaka heard the glass of the first window break and thinking quick brought her sword down over the area of the second window so that as Hikaru's blade emerged from the other side, Sayaka's blade brought Hikaru's arm downwards, slamming Hikaru's body into the other side of the car. 

Sayaka took advantage of the momentary momentum and leaped upwards cartwheeling with a mighty sword swing. Hikaru darted quickly away from the car as Sayaka's blade came down slicing the car in two as Hikaru cleared the area just in time. 

"You're impressive" said Hikaru "There are few who can fight such a hero of justice! But I will prevail"

"Hero of Justice!" proclaimed Sayaka, "You think someone of worthy of such a title."

Angered Hikaru charged Sayaka's position again but in a blue blur Sayaka was gone. Hikaru looked around and say a brief blue burst on a nearby building which rapidly left field of sight. Where could she have gone? Wait....

Sayaka blitzed behind Hikaru, having circled the angered and distracted Magic Knight. Sayaka quickly brought her blade up to stab Hikaru but found it blocked by a blade having been brought behind Hikaru, realizing Sayaka's strategy. 

Their blades entangled Hikaru pulled with her strength and thrust Sayaka over her head onto the ground in front of her. Hikaru plunged her blade downwards but Sayaka rolled to the side and Hikaru's blade became entrenched in the cement below. Sayaka jumped to her feet, quickly bounding upright on the other side of the street. 

Sayaka threw her blade at Hikaru while her sword was stuck in the ground. Hikaru saw the incoming threat and heaved hard, flinging a huge amount of earth outwards as her sword was free, the ground being split and falling harmlessly to Sayaka's sides by Sayaka's sword. 

Hikaru beamed, bringing her blade up and pointing the tip at Sayaka. "You are disarmed! Victory is mine! Surrender!"

Sayaka grimaced for a second and raised her hands in seeming surrender, before grinning with smugness and with a flick of her cape revealing that she was surrounded by blades. 

Hikaru laughed "Well...look this will be more entertaining then I thought"

Sayaka  leaped in the air, a mystic circle forming behind her. "Let's see how you do against this. THE FIVE LILLIANS!"

Sayaka spoke as she launched 5 swords in sequence. Hikaru jolted from side to side, batting at these blades . But they returned to her as if possessed by a will of their own. Hikaru ran behind a nearby building and found she had run into town center, with the buildings forming a ring around the fountain. Hikaru continued to try to evade the 5 blades, glanced them off her blade and gauntlets. But she found herself quickly backed against the fountain wall. Sayaka emerged at the edge of the circle with a bemused expression. But Hikaru suddenly smiled.  

"What's so funny?" Sayaka asked.

"So you're a fellow magic-user? You probably shouldn't have revealed that to me." Hikaru raised her hand "FLAME ARROW!" 

From Hikaru's hands came numerous bolts of inferno which streaked outwards like missiles. These fires repealed from her all of Sayaka's blades and came at Sayaka's position. 

"Woah!" Sayaka exclaimed, quickly  creating a platform in mid-air and leaping off it away from the fire arrows just in time, as the flame arrows burned through all nearby cement and other materials, the ground and whole sections of building burning away in a fraction of a second. It looked like a small meteor had struck had there. 

Sayaka's jump had pushed her above the fountain and Hikaru quickly leaped upwards angling her blade upwards.

Sayaka felt the blade pierce her, and the sudden jolt as Hikaru flung Sayaka downwards onto the top of the fountain. Sayaka threw her blade up at Hikaru but Hikaru blocked it off her gauntlet before throwing her own blade downwards, snagging Sayaka's cape. Sayaka pulled, but found herself pinned to the fountain. Hikaru hit the ground nearby. Sayaka tried grabbing Hikaru's sword but it burned her hand.

Thinking quick Sayaka, conjured another sword and slashed at the water. Hikaru grabbed at the blade but the cape dropped with Sayaka nowhere to be seen. 

"Wha?!" Hikaru exclaimed looking around before being slammed into in the back. Hikaru fell down into the watery fountain, still red with Sayaka's blood. Hikaru's blood mixed with hers as Sayaka slashed her quickly before disappearing. Hikaru jumped up, her sword poised. 

Hikaru saw in the corner of her eye the movement of the blue streak. She pushed her will outwards, feeling the presence of the distant land of Cephiro. Sayaka charged forth and found herself sucked suddenly into a gaping dimensional doorway, as Hikaru and Sayaka entered a different realm all-together.

A doorway opened above one of Cephiro's forests far away from any large body of water. From it fell Hikaru and Sayaka, who both quickly bounded upright, prepared to continue their fight.

"W...Where are we?!" Sayaka demanded

" Cephiro!" Hikaru proudly declared. "The land where one's will decides all. Here I am the strongest of all!"

Sayaka regained her composure and winked " think merely a change in scenery is gonna be enough to beat me? I have seen plenty of strange and distorted lands, this is nothing!"

Hikaru responded "Think you're quick enough eh? Let's see if you are quick as lightning.....RED LIGHTNING!" and saying this a storm cloud appeared in her hands from which came crackling lightning. Sayaka leaped from tree to tree, trying to avoid the quick attack which ripped the trees from ground behind her. 

Sayaka moved in an arc, before throwing a blade and catapulting herself back towards Hikaru. Hikaru quickly blocked the blade coming with a downwards arc strike, but before she could regain default position Sayaka got in with a slash to Hikaru's top. Sayaka brought her blade back, but to her surprise Hikaru's bleeding from the face and throat simply stood upright and slashed back. 

Sayaka gripped her hand to her side, stumbling back in shock. Hikaru raised her hand. "FLAME ARROW!" Sayaka quickly ducked behind a tree, but the flames of the arrows spread intensely, burning all the nearby wood. Soon Sayaka found herself surrounded by flame and smoke.

From the flame and smoke was the figure of Hikaru. Sayaka slashed at it but in the smoke it was gone. 

Sayaka felt her soul gem, and in it she felt Hikaru's magic concentration all around but there was a slight increase to her left. Quickly Sayaka lunged, and felt her body connect with Hikaru's. 

Hikaru yelped in surprise and the two launched forwards, they both yelled in anger and then in surprise as they were launched through a tree entirely into a part of the forest as of yet unclaimed by the fire. They slammed into another tree. Hikaru moved her sword downwards, connecting with Sayaka's back. Sayaka pushed on Hikaru throwing herself away and quickly started healing herself. 

However, Hikaru had other plans. Sword in Hand, Hikaru with the full force of her will burst into flame, the flames leaping from her sword and her armor and back. Hikaru raised her sword in challenge and threw herself into the assault. Sayaka recognized the assault and summoned a new sword and met the challenge flying towards Hikaru, cutting off all sensations of pain.

Hikaru and Sayaka's sabres clashed and their heads hit each other with the intensity of their charge. So close, both of them grinned menacingly. Their blood was pumping, their swords tingled in their hands, the fullness of battle was about to reach it's zenith. 

Hikaru and Sayaka raised their blades and began almost mechanically knocking them against each other and slashing at each other ruthlessly. Slashed appeared, as if by invisible mischievous faerie appeared on their bodies. The nearby trees were ripped in pieces, the nearby dirt was upheaval and flew airborne to fill the air with obscuring smoke, the very air alighted from the energy of their blades meeting, and winds so great as to throw uplift stone and flame threw them forth.

"I won't lose! I am the hero!" Both thought, clashing endlessly like an immovable object and an unstoppable force. 

Hikaru's fist not on her blade landed a hit on Sayaka's stomach. Sayaka recoiled, realizing how close the strike came to her soul gem. Hikaru feeling the enemy position changed, pressed the advantage, her fist aflame still, threw her force into her first sending Sayaka flying. 

Sayaka quickly conjured her swords and telekinetically threw them at Hikaru, approaching Hikaru from all angles. As they approached the heat of Hikaru's flame melted the blades. 

Sayaka was surprised by this but before she could escape, Hikaru was upon her, sending her to the ground with one strike. Hikaru readied the coup de grace but Sayaka slashed at the back of Hikaru's leg, less protected. Hikaru fell and Sayaka quickly pushed on the ground bringing her upwards. A blade appeared in her blade to end the battle.

Hikaru saw the incoming threat and put all her force into one final thrust at the enemy.

A scraping sound was heard as two blades simultaneously pieced into the most vulnerable part of the human body-the heart.

Hikaru tried to stand, but fell entirely. Sayaka felt the non-beat of her own heart, and knew it matched her opponent's.     


This match probably had the highest proportion of indecision on my part relative to it's simplicity. It was really hard to pick a winner but in the end I came to the decision that Sayaka was more likely to win given the conditions. 

See Hikaru vs. Sayaka depends to me almost entirely on the starting conditions and the Death Battle default assumptions all favor Sayaka. They don't have prior knowledge, so Hikaru doesn't know anything about Sayaka or her soul gem. They are in-character and Hikaru is more hampered by her moral code then Sayaka is by EoS. And biggest of all, they don't have outside help. 

If Hikaru has Rayearth, she's legit one of the most powerful Magical Girls protagonists of all time, able to give a decent challenge to Kami Madoka, just as she did to Mokona. But without it, Hikaru is a lot weaker, and very little actual experience fighting superhuman battles without either Rayearth or her friends who balance her weaknesses. 

Hikaru and Sayaka were matched in a lot of areas. Sayaka's superior speed gave her a better long-range game, while Hikaru's better reflexes gave her a better close-range game. However while both are very hard to even damage, Hikaru because of her armor and Sayaka because most of her body is really just armor for her soul gem really, Hikaru's weak points are more evident then Sayaka's.

This also led to a point about dueling. In dueling lunges for the stomach are almost NEVER done. This is because in a duel, it's very easy to protect the lower half of your body with a backstep, and you can even use that to arcsweep their blade bringing their blade to the side and giving you the change to get them. 

Hikaru is highly talented and skilled swordswoman and so naturally she wouldn't go for the stomach, which would be her downfall since her strikes elsewhere wouldn't be damaging. This may seem fantastical but actually reflects a fascinating trend in real dueling where complete amateurs tend to do better then people with only some training, since their strikes tend to be more random and less telegraphed. 

But there is one little thing super easy to overlook that really made me give it to Sayaka. Sayaka can create more swords at will. Hikaru and Sayaka would both be incredibly touch to take down for each other, and so this battle would likely go on for quite the while. Except with swordswomen of this caliber, it's far more likely that instead of wearing each other down, it's more likely one of them would get disarmed. 

Now I actually think Hikaru is more likely to disarm Sayaka then the inverse. But it doesn't matter how if that happens or even if Hikaru disarms or even destroys Sayaka's swords. Sayaka can just make more. Meanwhile if Sayaka disarms Hikaru, she wouldn't be able to use Hikaru's sword cause it would burst into flame, but she wouldn't need to, she could just rush Hikaru and defeat her when she loses her blade.

The Winner is Sayaka Miki

Next Time....

Once again, thanks so much to my friend Thor for the amazing trailer!