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What Character Ratings mean

I can give fictional characters out of 10 ratings just like I do series. If you want to know what this mean, it's not a very complex metric. There are three things I rate each character on. These three are:

Potency: How impactful and entertaining they are to watch in a base sense. Simple characters tend to have a disadvantage at the other two ratings, but do have an advantage here as their simplicity often gives them an ability to be exaggerated and forceful. Basically potency is how much presence a character has, how much they steal the show when they are on screen. A character with a lot of potency makes every scene they are in larger then life by their presence. A character with a low amount of potency can be kind of dull and can't hold attention alone. An example of a character with A LOT of potency in my view is Panty Anarchy from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, who has a very entertaining forceful personality that causes a big impact. Can also be seen as how well-done the character archetype is expressed.

Versatility: How many situations can this character be a part of? Can they fit into a large variety of plots and settings? Can they interact with a large amount of characters? Versatility is a measurement of how well the character to a large amount of possible milieus, how many different moods and atmospheres they can pull off. Characters with a lot of versatility are more archetypal and can shift to a suit a variety of contexts. Characters with a low amount of versatility only make sense in the very specific context of a singular story and thus can't be reinterpreted or don't offer much to think about. An example of a character with A LOT of versatility in my view is Aku from Samurai Jack, who is a very archetypal character that can fit in a large variety of moods, settings and plots. Can also be seen as how good the character's archetype is and is expressed.

Compelling: Often, but not always this is the same thing as "Depth" but a character can be not very deep but still be very compelling. Compelling is a measurement of both how well-realized and how sympathetic a character is, often which goes hand-and-hand. A very compelling character is a character who is very understandable in their desires, who has a lot of good reasons for what they do, and have goals that make sense given their personality and story. An uncompelling character comes across as flat, stereotypical and often either irrational or just unpleasant to watch. An example of a character that is VERY compelling in my view is Duck from Princess Tutu who has clear very sympathetic goals and motivations and which you greatly want to see succeed. Can also be seen as how well-integrated the character archetype is into the story.

If you imagine that each character starts with 1 point and that I give additional points (0 for Bad, 1 for Boring, 2 for Good and 3 for Great) for each of these 3 you can see how I rate them out of 10.

1/10: Bad in every category. A Boring confusing mess of a character. 
2/10: Mostly Bad. Character is not fun to watch at all but is no longer as painful to watch.
3/10: Worse then Dull (Unpleasant). Character generally is inconsistent or has one area of weakness but otherwise is just boring.
4/10: Dull. No strong feelings towards the character
5/10: Better then Dull (Fine). Character is just alright, usually has one particular category I think they are good in. Is fine for a minor character. About 45% or higher of characters are here.
6/10: Worse then Good (Mostly Good). Character is good in at least two categories generally. Generally the character has definite strong points but is not usually my favorite in a series, unless it's a poor series.  About 45% or higher of characters are here.
7/10: Good. Character generally is good in all categories, the character is consistently enjoyable to watch in all 3 ways. I think the character is cool and admirable. Often one of, if not my favorite character in a series.
8/10: Better then Good (Really Cool). Character is good in two categories but has one specialty where they are great in (or has two areas they are great in but one they are dull in, which is surprisingly often). Characters here are real-stands out for a series generally, not just in the character department but in general one of the best parts of the series. Some of the characters in my top 100 characters were here so it's really getting into the top tiers of fiction quality-wise imo.
9/10: Mostly Great. Character is great in two categories and good in the final. Character is a joy to watch and is easily one of my top tier characters of all time, something to be replicated. 9/10 characters I get really excited to talk about and can easily be a good main character of their own series if they aren't.
10/10: Fully Great. Awesome. Character is great in all 3 categories, a nigh-unprecedented achievement. So far there have been 6 characters I consider 10/10 (1 of which is a villain). Such characters are great enough that they could and should in my opinion change fiction as a whole, and set a model and precedent to be imitated. 

For Villains specifically there is a separate 3 categories, though compelling remains. They are Threatening, Entertaining, and Compelling, which seem relatively self-explanatory by now. That said the scoring works in a similar way.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Random Harley Stuff I found

Just some stuff I noted down when going through Harley's Comics for Feats that I thought would be fun

Harley’s Likes:
Is a Patriot:

Harley likes slumber parties:

Harley’s slumber parties include all the villainess of Gotham:

Harley watches a parody of Animaniacs:

Harley always wanted to be a crocodile handbag:

Harley likes toy rooms:

Favorite word is Marzipan:

Harley likes children and wanted to have some by the Joker some day:

It IS every girl’s dream:

Harley is a Wonder Woman fan:

Harley got excited to adventure around as Wonder Woman:

Harley and Zatanna are friends:

Harley and Zatanna hanging out:

Saving Earth is Harley’s second favorite thing to do:

Red is Harley’s favorite color:

Harley Quinn really enjoys hitting people with her mallet:

Harley’s Dislikes:
Harley doesn’t like sports:

Harley doesn’t like men who don’t take “no” for an answer:

Harley hates lying about love:

Girlish Fun:
Girls understand each others’ hearts:

Harley is a girl:

Shopping Fanservice for the Girls:

Harley can do the puppy eyes:

Harley definitely has estrogen in her system:

Remember Kids: Tossing your beaver feels great:

No one touches Harley’s beaver:

A Harley Quinn drug-induced fantasy:


The Yuris:

Over Harley’s dead hot body:

Harley, you nymph:

Harley Quinn doesn’t mind if other girls watch her change:

Harley has a good guess why they call Superman the Man of Steel…:

Harley and Ivy Fanservice:

Hello, Gorgeous!

Harley fanservice:

Ivy Fanservice:



Ideally, you:

I’d accept those two points as well:

One-Panel Harley Beach episode:

Harley kisses a parallel version of herself, for no real reason:

Pretty Plant Lady:

We get it Harley, you have a cute behind:

Harley x Ivy Shipping:

Harley x Ivy Shower:

Harley x Ivy smell shipping:

Harley x Ivy Shipping 2000:

Harley dressed Ivy’s wounds:

Harley x Ivy Beaver Shipping:

Harley x Ivy Shower Shipping:

Despite her enjoyment of the Rain Forest, Poison Ivy tells Harley they will leave for Gotham soon purely because Harley doesn’t like the Rain Forest:

Harley x Ivy Hurt Shipping:

Harley x Ivy Handshipping:

Harley x Ivy Banana Bread Shipping:

Ivy is not jealous for Harvey’s love:

Harley x Ivy sitting in a tree shipping:

Harley Quinn has…seen the Sam Raimi Spider-Man Films?:

Harley Quinn references her animated counterpart:

I like pics of the two Harley versions together:

Harley references the DCEU?

Ghost-Buster Harley:

Random Misc. Achievements:
There is a Harley constellation made by Emperor Joker:

Harley goes to a demonic pool party:

Harley and Poison Ivy saved the Rain Forest:

Harley is a major reason Joker has been able to escape Arkham so often over the years:

Harley Quinn almost manages to kill Adolf Hitler:

Harley saves Wonder Woman from The King of Tears:

Random Harley Things:
Harley quotes the Bible:

Harley is red-pilled:

Thanks, Obama:

Scared Harley:

Harley gets into 3 hour battles with Red Master, Lady Cataclysm, and Killbot 7…

Harley doesn’t fight on even playing fields:

Harley’s Superhero Outfit:

Harley is inconsiderate in movie theatres:
But she learns from her mistakes:

When Harley fixes something, it stays broken:

Harley eats a lot:

Harley is ready for oddly specific situations:

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Death Analysis: Harley Quinn

Death Analysis: The Maid of Mischief, The Cupid of Crime, the Clown Princess, Harley Quinn

Dr Harleen Quinzel grew up in a rough perpetually chaotic family, where she began to develop strange fascinations with the criminal mind alongside a hidden instability within her. Harley graduated Psych School top of her class and was assigned where she desired to go, Arkham Asylum. Believing she could be the one to finally crack the greatest psychological mystery of the modern age, The Joker. But as she began to psychologically interview him, he spoke to her deeper instability that she had and she began to fall hopelessly in love with him. It wasn't long until she donned her new identity as the Harley Quinn to break him out of Arkham and entered an ever-turbulent relationship with the Clown Prince of Crime, assisting him on his crime sprees. 

Eventually the Joker, befitting his insanity, abandoned Harley and tried to have her killed leaving her alone and despondent. Poison Ivy nursed her back to health, initially only sympathizing with her scorned heart and gave her a special concoction giving her low superhuman abilities. She joined the Birds of Prey with fellow Gotham Villainesses Ivy and Catwoman and was forcibly recruited into the Suicide Squad alongside a large amount of villains. In these two groups Harley began to make legitimate friendships with people who didn't want to kill her and she began to reform herself, eventually starting her own gang with the mission to protect people from street crime called the Harleys. That said while she may be fighting for the good guys, she still is as crazy as ever. 


Harley is strong enough to carry this giant bundle of stuff on her back casually. She can well use this strength in combat. She has threatened to tear people's hearts direct from this ribcage and with only a plunger was able to beat up some guards strong enough to hurt Poison Ivy, a metahuman comparably durable to Harley. Harley completely unarmed was able to beat up an alien enforcer wearing armor. She was able to completely beat up The Joker and has managed to out-strength Batman who has managed to move a large boulder after not eating or drinking for a month and kept a building from collapsing with his strength. She is strong enough to knock out Killer Croc who can survive the pressure of deep underwater and who has tanked a train crash and is barely affected by bullets. When the two were under a Red Sun for a short time, Harley one-shot Superman. If you want to be funny about it, feel free to remind people that even in New 52 Superman was able to fight in Krypton's Core under a Red Sun and Krypton's Core is as hot as it's Star Rao or that Post-Crisis Superman fought Superboy Prime through a Red Sun. 

Harley's leg strength is similarly enhanced, able to knock a zombie's head off and knock out one of Joker's tough goons Buster for days with a single kick. Her kick has even knocked the head of the Building-Sized Cereberus away.  Harley can use her leg strength to superleap even able to jump from story to story. 


Poison Resistance:

Harley Quinn was exposed to the same venom that Joker was and so has the same Joker Venom immunity that Joker has. However Harley has a lot more resistance then this. When Ivy boosted her, she also gave Harley general resistance to her poisons, to the extent that Harley can actually kiss Poison Ivy (their first kiss) without any issue when normally that is enough to kill most people. Harley was also able to briefly resist paralysis and later fought through a paralyzing cocktail.

Healing Factor:

Unbeknownst to most but Harley has a healing factor. She quickly regenerated from a bullet wound and a slash to her hand. While the full extent of her Healing Factor is unknown, it is said she bounced right back from being flattened by an eye witness.


Harley is known as "little miss roadrunner" in part due to her ability to leave dust trails where she goes. Harley's speed is very impressive in general. Harley was able to afterimage without hours of first being physically boosted by Ivy. She has afterimaged to an entire audience and fought Catwoman at similar speeds. Harley is called "faster then a speed bullet" and by all accounts this is not at all an exaggeration. She shot three shots before any of the bullets moved at all from where she fired any of them. She also avoids bullets from a close range to point-blank. Like.....A LOT. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6). She's dodged dodged machine gun fire at a few meters away and even done the same while blinded.

Harley is easily fast enough to dart around the batfamily such as moving fast enough to surprise Catwoman and Cassie and managed to evade both Nightwing and Tim Drake Robin. She had even avoided Batman in melee and nimbly leapt from grave to grave out of a graveyard before Batman started to pursue. For comparison Batman is able to move comparable to missiles and outpaced an explosion 

Image result for suicide squad harley quinn gif combat


Harley is heavily flexible, having described herself as "double-joined where it counts", easily able to escape bindings like handcuffs. This helps boost her already highly impressive flexibility.


As Harley puts it, "Me am Stealthy"

Harley is a master of disguises and hiding in plain sight but can also use more traditional subterfuge. She has managed to get the jump on Captain Carrot, leader of the Zoo Crew and his universe equivalent of Superman despite his super senses. She has managed to steal the possessions of a cosmic entity Manos. All while THIS is her idea of not suspicious.

Related to this is her ability to use distractions in combat. Which brings me too...

Harley's Butt

I can not believe I am making this section :P but it's seriously relevant 


Harley is skilled enough to easily take down a large group of armed thugs  or beat up a large group of zombies though that is only really scratching the surface. Harley seems to have a basic knowledge of pressure points and has gotten the edge over heavily skilled fighters like Huntress, Thorn, Strix, and Deadshot.

Harley's Amazon Training might explain how she is skilled enough to battle beings with far more raw power then her. She had avoided the attack of the New God Big Barda, fought against Wonder Girl without being stomped, and somehow off-panel managed to get the upperhand over Superwoman, the Evil Earth-3 Counterpart to Wonder Woman

Harley Senses:

Oh Hiya Reader!

Hey Readers, it's me your cupid of crime Harley Quinn! I'm here to tell you about probably my least known powa, breaking the fourth wall

It's a popular theory that old Mistah J from the Joker venom gained super-sanity and knowledge that he's in a comic book. While I can't speak for puddin' I am have the real deal no lie sham-wow fourth wall powers! Isn't this fun?

See contrary to them popular beliefs, I know what the script was supposed to be ahead of time and when the artist was being an ol palooka and drew something else in. I know when a cliffhanger's about to show it's face and call it every time. Guess you could say, I'm ahead of the game? I can even tell yas when a page is reprinted or all about the issue numbers. I'm a smart gal, you see and so I read my own comics to get the low-down. And because of that I actually know what's gonna happen next issue! Pretty sneaky sis, amiright?

If I need ta, I can always just stop time and explain to tha audience what's going on, very useful for coming up with a plan on the spot I tell ya. I also have one of those little mes, whatchamacallem to help out, though that loudmouth can really get distractin'. Learned from the best. 

Just like I'm talking to yas all right now, I can strike up a friendly chat with my own writer and artist. Are you there writer? It's me, Harley! I can tell what the artist is drawing me in and I tell ya sometimes the screwballs draw me in tight spot. If they're not drawing your ol' Harley just right I tell em off and pick the artist and writer myself. I actually been to the DC Offices before and those screwballs were messing me up so bad that I sent to them make their maker. It was self-defense, I swear officer, they were drawing me all wrong. I'm innocent. Besides we're all just mental constructions made to approximate hypothetical people but with capacities outside the normal range of everyday people to stimulate the adrenaline and imagination of readers.....or somethin silly like that. Those writers know that even they could not stand between me and puddin'

Of course under tha threat of bashin their skulls in, writers often agree to draw me how I like giving me a fun little source of reality-warping. I can change the art style to somethin more accomomodatin or I can live out one of my fantasies but it's real fun comes in changing my form to somethin cool. I can turn into a Sexy Ninja, just some sketches which I can retain consciousness as or even a Large Building Sized Mecha, the "Harleyzilla". How cool is that? I can also become my Tiny Toons Version, which isn't even a real thing, and it's actually canon (though I never wanna go back there....that world is SCARY with a capital.....everything). Yous all may know my best from my appearances in Batman: The Animated Series. Well believe me or not, that was the same me. Auditioning for that role was not easy, but it was definitely me. 

Standard Equipment:

....sorry about that readers.

Anyway, Harley's standard equipment includes her trademark weapon, her comically oversized hammer which she can use equally well on an assassin, a large robot, or a zombie robot's head. She has accidentally knocked out Deadshot with her mallet accidentally and knocked out Batman with it. It's also been used to knock around Supergirl and the Black Lantern Black Mask. While I wouldn't exactly suggest scaling it to their durability or anything, it does suggest that the hammer is pretty hard to actually break since it didn't break against them.

In terms of standard equipment Harley also has shuriken up her sleeves and her hair tassels double as explosives.

Non-Standard Equipment:

I believe this is a statement suggesting Harley has a hammerspace (either that or it's an innuendo I'm totally missing which means she might actually have access to some of this stuff although most likely it would just be some of the weaker stuff.

Rage Harley:

Deep within side her past the jokes and smiles, Harley has a secret rage and if pushed too far she can lose her comedic veneer. This doesn't necessary make her any stronger but it does focus her completely. 


However her specialty, as befitting her psychological background is in psychology. Harley understands human desires. She is a good actress (1) (2). She is very good at manipulating people (1) (2), and was even able to psychologically manipulate a demon and manipulate a reptile monster into killing itself. She learned from Bugs Bunny cartoons how to make a bad guy untie her and was able to even outwit the insane genius of the Joker. Oh and she was able to manipulate people into a treaty for universal peace!

Outside of raw intelligence, Harley's mind also has a few neat features. Her willpower was strong enough to overcome the Green Lantern Ring as mentioned before and she was able to finally kick her addiction to the Joker. Harley's insanity gives her a limited defense against mental manipulation. Also she was able to look into the face of the King of Tears which is supposed to cause instant death without any negative effects because...well here's her explanation.

Harley has her own share of weaknesses. She is very bad with money (1) (2) and bad at pronouncing names. Her bladder also gets easily over-excited from frantic fun (1) (2)


Harley at different times is a different person it seems, an innocent childlike personality, a sexy vixen, a violent sociopath, a love-strung obsessed girl, a violent pragmatist, and more...but these are all mental defenses to whom Harley is. Harley's personalities at times are how she adapts to what she sees around her as she tries to hold in her own anger and insanity, her levity and humor used to keep herself sane. She uses her anger, her sexiness, her innocence, her false unintelligence as weapons to disorient and get her way and once annoyed a Demon into sending her back to Earth in less then 24 hours when he was supposed to have her for a week. Despite her inner anger, and her lack of discipline so intense that she was kicked out of the girl scouts, Harley has been reformed into being a rather noble person. She is empathetic, helps people she likes and the Joker has tacitly admitting that Harley does heroic things.

Harley grew up in a dysfunctional home and I think perhaps she fell originally for the Joker because he was the first person to show her love, even if it was twisted. Harley has an inner rage from the absence of love but it is the love that she learns from her new friends and lovers that is able to overcome her rage. Harley is such a force of love, insane though it may drive her, that one of her henchmen said she would do anything for love and even infinite Hell itself could not contain her love.


Italics denotes Non-Standard
Tier 14, Tier 5 with Full Equipment
+Building Level Strength, Large Building Level as Harleyzilla, Higher as Lantern
+Universal Energy Projection with Infinity Rings and Lantern Black Holes
+Building Level Durability, Large Building Level as Harleyzilla, Star Level+ with Amazonian Armor or Lantern Forcefields
+Hypersonic Speed, likely MHS Reflexes, MFTL flight speed as a Lantern
+Regen (At least Low, Possibly Low-Mid)
+Superhuman Flexibility and Agility
+Superhuman Stealth
+Mid-S Tier Skill
+High Tier 4 Intelligence, Higher Manipulative Intelligence
+Seductive Abilities
+360 Degree Vision
+Can sense ghosts
+4th wall manipulation
+Can attack the absolute plane (can attack her own writer and artist)
+Semi-Reality-Warping (can force the artist to draw what she wants)
+Limited Time Stop (Can seemingly stop time but can't do anything while time is frozen)
+Alternate Forms
+Precognition (knows what is gonna happen in future issues)
+Semi-Duplication (can make a little her during time stop to talk to audience)
+Giant Mallet (Building Level)
+A Few Shuriken
+Two Tassel explosives
+Superhuman Willpower and Stamina
+Limited Mental Plane Resistance
+Death Manipulation Resistance
+Rage can focus her
+Potential Resistance to Dimensional BFR (Hell itself could not contain her love)
+Potential Hammerspace
+Various other Weapons and Vehicles
+Projectile Nullification (Building Level with Grenade Gum)
+Elemental Manipulation (Electrical with her yo-yo)
+Laughing Gas
+Mental Manipulation (Hypnosis Gas)
+Acid Attack (Acid-Spraying Flower)
+Lasso of Truth (Energy Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Magic Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation (Fire and Air Manipulation), Restoration and Regeneration, Reveals the Truth)
+Standard Lantern Powers with Lantern Ring (Energy-Matter Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Flight, Mental Manipulation, Sealing, Energy Constructs)
-Impulsive and Undisciplined
-Easy to manipulate
-Needs to breath

Possible Opponents:

All 3 of the opponents were actually suggestions from my friends so thank you for the suggestions. I'm not an expert in any of these characters but it seems like they are thematic and even enough from their descriptions.

Harley Quinn vs Cerebella
Similar Backstory, Similar Personality, Similar living arrangments :P and Loyalty to an Evil Boss

Harley Quinn vs Tira
Similar Mindset, Loyalty to an Evil Boss and Fighting Styles.

Harley Quinn vs Genocider Sho
Both are somewhat erotic-minded and comedic sociopathic killer criminals and secret masterminds and manipulators.

Next Time: 

My Thanks to Thor for making his great next time for my next death prediction