Friday, January 12, 2018

On darkness and brightness in fiction

So, a pet peeve of mine lately is people will when describe a series will describe it simply as bright or far more often dark and say nothing else on the matter as if it's self-explanatory. The reason why this is a pet peeve of mine is because I literally do not know what they mean because the terms have been used to describe a variety of unrelated things. 

Let's get this out of the way first, bright and dark are not synonyms with good and bad. I like series that are bright and I like series that are dark and I like series that are both. Likewise I dislike series of both. I generally prefer bright series to dark series, but that's just my preference. However the thing is that when I say series that bright and series that are dark, I am using my own definition which seems intuitive compared to the general understanding which seems confused and not demonstrable.

Originally it seemed like people were using bright simply to mean comedic and dark to simply mean serious. This is very clearly not though what bright or dark mean either literally or intuitively. We can all understand easy the idea of something being darkly comedic, and if you thing of stereotypical "inspirational motivation" videos it's pretty easy to imagine something that is bright and serious.

See when I say a series is bright or a series or dark what I am talking about is the themes and the worldview of the series. A bright series is a series that is optimistic or hopeful in it's themes and worldview. Does it portray humans or other special as generally noble and competent or does it portray them as generally as ignoble and incompetent? When bad things happen, do people act like heroes or unheroic? Does our common humanity bind us or divide us?

To me that seems only intuitive, that a bright series is one with a bright worldview, and a dark series is one with a dark worldview. Some examples with some series that are pretty umabigious between my understanding and the common understanding.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Highly bright, there are no true villains in the series, everyone has a good center deep down, and problems can always be solved

LittleBigPlanet: The Imagination has unlimited power, and our ability to create will and imagine save us from depression

On the other side of things

Cthulhu Mythos: Highly dark, humanity is pointless, everything is the mad dream of a sleeping montrosity at the center of existence that the next strongest beings are trying to keep from waking up, humans are basically selfish irrational weak creatures

Dead Space: Not quite as dark as above because humanity has more control and agency but similar to above humanity is just another species to fall to the Markers and the Necromorphs

Yet I have seen a half-dozen series already that I really love and I consider bright be considered dark, and more specifically bad (and sometimes dangerous) because they are dark and I have no idea what people mean by that. If I was to look into my 6 favorite series, CCS is clearly bright, and 5 of them I consider bright series (the exception being Magicka), but I legitimately have no idea how bright or dark people would consider most of them. Take Sailor Moon for instance. What happens in the Manga of Sailor Moon for instance:

In the ancient past we learn of the destruction of the beautiful peaceful kingdoms of the Silver Millenium. A demon queen of darkness awakens again and causes all of Earth to be plunged into savagery. Also Minako literally kills Beryl by shanking her with a radioactive holy sword. And at one point Usagi is forced to kill her true love Prince Endymion and commits suicide.

That's the first arc! By the fifth arc we have learned of Sailor Chaos who will destroy the cosmos beyond repair and will never be destroyed continuing to plague the universe with evil and suffering for all eternity.

Is Sailor Moon dark? It got called too dark for young girls back in the 90s but is it really?The Themes of Sailor Moon are as bright as you can imagine, that love and the bonds between people will never die, can never be destroyed, and that someone who loves the cosmos can save it from the greatest evils. I take the fact that it was willing to show such events to teen girls as a sign it trusted them to be able to handle mature themes.

It seems like people are using "dark" to mean the depiction of bad things happening to people, just, in general. And to me that seems counter-intuitive. The depiction of negative things is...necessary for story to occur. I would imagine the reaction to negative things, the depiction of people's ability to fight them is what makes something bright not dark. In fact the highest the negative occurrence, theoretically, the greater the ability needed to stop it.

Thing about all this is, bright and dark are not even generally helpful descriptors of what a series is like, and often like here it creates confusion, false assumptions are needless semantically argumentation. If you are going to say something is bright or dark explain what about it makes it bright or dark, but for the most part you don't even have to, just explain why you like or don't like something. I really just can't stand what I view as out-dated criticisms like "cheesy" or "edgy" (which I view as being opposites) because they don't really tell me anything about the series in question. Talk about characters, or plot, or themes, or anything substantial, please.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How they compare: Time Master

Spoilers for Freedom Force. 

A genius doctor from another timeline, Time Master was paranoid of his own mortality and sought to prevent it for as long as possible with whatever he could until he discovered the Celestial Clock, the beating heart of the universe and the source of all time and causation. Gaining dominion over it, Time Master became the greatest threat to reality as he sought to stop the end of the universe, himself included, the heat death of the universe by ending all progression of time. He is the most feared entity in the universe, even the Alien Empire of Lord Dominion which has conquered all the universe but Earth and has mastery over energy x, the source of all metahuman powers, dare not trifle with him. 

Time Master is gargantuan, easily as large as buildings and capable of causing the ground to shake and damage to the street with merely his walking. But his true power is on a cosmic scale.

Time Master's power is great enough to threaten even the Celestial Clock, the heart of the universe that is the cause of all time in all realities and the procession of causation. During the sequel, the Chaos Witch Hero Alchemiss steals part of Time Master's power and the resulting power is so great as to turn her into Entropy, the Embodiment of Chaos in the multiverse itself, capable of warping the multiverse with her sheer presence. 

The Freedom Force, the Superhero Team of this universe desperately summons Time Master to battle Entropy herself, and the two are able to evenly match each other, able to damage each other with their strikes and their power seemingly even, with Time Master seeming to overpower Entropy at the end (though she uses her chaos powers to win by switching the possible and impossible). 

Time Master has a number of powers, mostly related to space and time. He can change his size at will. He can shoot energy beams which freeze what it hits in time, and can freeze beings in time with simply a gesture. He can fire a beam of pure energy X, the highly unstable energy that is the source of all metahuman powers, and can create a spacetime rift at will.

Time Master has also teleported in the Freedom Force base despite it's defenses against that exact thing, has sent a city block back to the Mesozoic Era, and can create clones of himself from other moments of time or from alternate reality versions of himself.

He can freely enter or exit the timestream (the linear flow of time) at will, and bring others with him. On the other hand he was also able to pull Entropy, the Multiversal Chaos Warper into a single timeline and lock her inside it and when she haxed him, he was able to escape by "fleeing through time" to the time of her being weaker after being beaten by Freedom Force. He also has slight regenerative abilities.

However he is even stronger in his own domain, the Celestial Clock. Time Master can access it at any time and bring others there as well. There, Time Master has access and knowledge of all timelines at once, complete awareness and control over all realities. The Celestial Clock is also inhabited and generates horrible wraiths which convert most things (though not Time Master) that they touch into horrible chaos entities or drain their life-energy until they are nothing.  

How would Time Master do in other verses?

In the DC Universe, Time Master would be approximately equal to the Lords of Order and Chaos or Anti-Monitor and would fittingly qualify as a Pre-Crisis Crisis Level Event. It would take the Pre-Crisis Justice League all together to fight him. He would be weaker then a high level God like Darkseid or Highfather should they choose to physically incarnate, but especially in the Celestial Clock it's possible he could slow them drastically to allow other entities to stop him.

In the Marvel Universe, Time Master would be roughly comparable to the Celestials or Galactus in terms of raw power and be a viable threat to the Abstracts like Infinity, Eternity and so forth who would be comparable to Entropy in Freedom Force. If he was in the Celestial Clock it is possible he would be able to even overcome them. It would take one of the supreme powers then to stop him

In the Saint Seiya Universe, Time Master would be a threat comparable to the Primordials and which even very high tier gods like Athena, Apollo, or Hades would be unlikely able to defeat. That said the strongest entities of the verse like Zeus or the Primordials would likely be able to evenly fight him one-on-one especially if he is outside the Celestial Clock and if he tries to fight more then one at a time, he would almost certainly lose.

In the Doctor Who verse, Time Master would be comparable to the hyper-advanced civilizations such as the Eternals in both raw power and mastery of time, however it is highly unlikely he could survive the strongest weapons in the verse such as the Reality-Bomb which is capable of destroying an entire multiverse. 

In the Transformers Universe, Time Master would be roughly equivalent to God Entities such as Primus and Unicorn. It would be possible for him to solo anyone in the verse by drawing them into the Celestial Clock, however it would be highly doubtful for him to be able to normally given the number of these entities and number of abilities these entities have.

In the Cthulhu Mythos would register far above the titular Cthulhu in terms of power. He would be stronger then any archetype, a universe-transcendent entity capable of surviving the voice of Yog-Sogoth which has more force then the collisions of universes. He has vastly more power then one of the Great Old Ones, and would likely be comparable to the Elder Gods in terms of power. That said he would be absolutely nowhere close to the Outer Gods and his spacetime powers wouldn't affect them anyway. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The problem of "infinite" in versus debating

This blog is not meant as an attack against any person, or any verse, or any site, though it may be taken as an attack against any of them and is not intended as one of them. This is a plea for a mathematically consistent view of infinity.

There seems to be a misunderstanding that infinity x infinity = something else. In some cases this is hidden more. “A multiverse contains infinite universe, and a megaverse contains infinite multiverses so therefore a megaverse is infinitely larger then a multiverse and a megaversal is infinitely stronger then a multiverse” or “An infinite 5-dimensional cosmos is infinitely larger then an infinite 4-dimensional cosmos and so a 5D being is infinitely stronger then a 4D being”

Ok, let’s go over some basic terms first. “Infinity” is not a number. “Infinity” is an abstract concept denoting a never-ending nature. There is a set of numbers called infinite numbers, which are defined as being larger then any finite number. Next, let me talk about the concept of cardinality. Take the set of [Banana, Apple, Orange]. This set has 3 items and so it has a cardinality of 3. Take the set of [John, Tim, and Drake]. This set also has 3 items. Set Theory also says that two sets with same cardinality are the same size. You can also have cardinality in a set of numbers. [1, 7, 9] has a cardinality of 3. [1, 2, 3] also has a cardinality of 3.

Now let’s take the set [All Counting Numbers] or in other words the set of [1,2,3,4,5…]. What is the cardinality of this set? The cardinality is what is called Aleph-Null. Aleph-Null, or “countable infinity” is the set of “and so on”, the set of things that you can order forever. While it’s endless technically, you can go to any arbitrarily high amount you want in theory. Aleph-Null is in fact a number. It can be used in arithmetic formula, though it has some very unintuitive results. To explain this let me introduce my good friend Hilbert.

Hilbert has a hotel. This hotel has Aleph-Null rooms and every single one is full. Let’s say 1 person comes by and wants a room. Hilbert says “no problem” and moves every single person in every room up 1 and puts the new person in room 1. Aleph-Null + 1 = Aleph-Null. As you might imagine same works with subtraction. If that person leaves everyone is moved to their room down 1.
Now let’s say a bus comes in. This bus is an “Infinity” brand bus. “Infinity” brand Buses boast an Aleph-Null seats, and each one on this bus is full. Hilbert sees this and moves everyone to their room times 2 and puts each person in the odd-numbered rooms. Aleph-Null times 2 = Aleph-Null. This shows that the cardinality of all even numbers is equal to the cardinality of all numbers. I know this is highly counterintuitive. But it is objectively true. Aleph-Null times 2 = Aleph-Null.

What if Aleph-Null of “Infinity” buses comes in, each one full? Surely Hilbert’s Hotel cannot possibly accommodate this right? Well Hilbert, being a clever man numbers each bus and numbers each seat in each bus. Let’s call the Bus number B, and the Seat number S. He then moves each person to room 2^B * 3^S. Each number has a unique prime factorization, a set of prime numbers that multiplies to reach it. Because of that each possible combination gives a unique room number. In conclusion Aleph-Null * Aleph-Null or Aleph-Null^2 equals Aleph-Null.

Since there are Aleph-Null prime numbers you can raise Aleph-Null to as high a power as you want. 2^A * 3^B * 5^C or 2^A * 3^B * 5^C * 7^D etc.

In other words, Aleph-Null^Aleph-Null = Aleph-Null.

There are ways to create higher infinities, but that is not it. Cardinalities don’t work get bigger by adding or multiplying like that.

The thing that took me forever to learn is that space CAN’T be higher cardinalities. Aleph-null is the biggest a physical space can be. If something is arranged into a coordinate of points, then by necessity it is ordered and countable thus Aleph-0. The whole idea of megaverses of infinite multiverses of infinite universes or of dimensions being infinitely larger just doesn’t make sense.

Now I know some smart guy is probably thinking of “what about the ordinals”, fine fine clever guy though if you know about ordinal numbers you really should already know the problem with that.
Ordinal numbers are basically taking numbers that don’t add on to a set because they are not part of a set. It’s like taking the set of [Counting Numbers, Pi]. Counting numbers are an Aleph-Null sized set but Pi isn’t part of it. This is designed as Omega + 1. You can also make other Omega Sets such as Omega + 2, Omega + 3, Omega times 2, Omega^2, Omega^Omega etc. And these are all technically different numbers. That said while there are different NUMBERS they all have the same CARDINALITY, the same VALUE, which is Aleph-Null.

So let’s take the final problem presented, which is that “sure it doesn’t TECHNICALLY make mathematical sense, but come on, fiction breaks rules all the time, how is this different then people moving faster than light?”

To explain that I need to explain the difference between irrational and illogical. “Irrational” means contradictory to reality, while “Illogical” means contradictory to itself.

Fiction is very often irrational, and we can accept that just fine. See the thing is versus debates are hypotheticals, they aren’t arguments about what are but about what if this hypothetical reality was existent.

Something being Illogical is something you absolutely can not discuss. Nothing, not even a hypothetical can contradict logic, because contradicting logic means not meaning anything at all. If you grant an illogical statement then you can prove literally anything:

A logician was famously asked “given 0=1, prove you are the pope” and he said “add 1 to both sides and you get 1=2, the pope and I are two people, therefore we are one person. I am the pope.”
Saying an illogical phrase like “0=1” or “a rock so big an omnipotent can’t lift” or “a triangle circle” isn’t saying anything at all. They are as meaningful as saying glxtbnm. It’s a string of sounds but doesn’t refer to any hypothetical concept. Saying a number is greater then itself is illogical since it contradicts it’s own definition.

Saying that the space this character destroyed is aleph-null times larger then aleph-null is like two characters being able to release 1 megaton of force, but the story trying to insist one megaton is somehow larger. At best it’s unquantifiable and at worst it’s unusable.

If a character destroys an infinite area, then you should be very cautious that it is actually infinite and not a hyperbole because an infinite area of space is as large an area of space as you can possibly have.

Expanded 10-Point Rating System

Revised 10-Point Schedule:

So, I generally rate things out of 5, and I will still continue to use that system, but I wanted to create an expanded 10 point system so I can give greater specificity people want.

I want to say quickly people don’t seem to understand that average is middle. Most things rate a 5 or 
6. Those are average. Average is not 8, and 10 is not just really good. That’s not using the scale to full efficiency.

Let me start by re-iterating my 5 point scale.

1/5: Terrible. I wish I didn’t see this. This actively puts me in an unpleasant mood. I would never recommend this. If someone I know really likes this then I will try and never bring it up because I would have trouble finding good things to say and I don’t want to hurt their feelings.

2/5: Poor. Usually this happens when I find a series just boring or dull. If I find something blandly not offensive, am not unhappy that I saw it but wouldn’t want to see any more, then it would be here. I would only recommend this if I think it’s REALLY up someone else’s aisle. Can also happen when there is a series that is often pretty decent but has some really bad parts.

3/5: Average. Most often this is a series that is enjoyable enough to watch once, and that I might consider myself a casual fan of, but that won’t make that much of an impression on me. The alternative is when a series has some really good parts but is seriously mixed with parts that are just hard to get through to get to the good stuff. I would recommend this to someone who enjoys the subgenre this is part of.

4/5: Good. These series I generally consider myself a fan of and am in the fandom of. They are enjoyable to watch once and I will think about a significant amount afterwards. I might watch them again later after some time has passed or I am watching with someone else. If a series is fine for the most part but has at least a few things it does REALLY well it can get here. I would recommend this to someone who enjoys the genre this is part of.

5/5: Amazing. Absolutely wonderful, I want to watch again and again, I think about them a lot afterwards and they change my view on what is good and enjoyable. This actively puts me in a good mood. I would recommend to anyone.

So, let me give an expanded 10 point scale in case it’s helpful.

1/10: Atrocious. Almost no series ever gets this, and the worst series almost never have a single instance of this. This is the level where I feel physically angry, that makes me actively upset. Can only really happen when there is nothing even remotely to be redeemed about it.

2/10: Irritating. Generally, things here are just annoying. Like it doesn’t make me angry, but it’s just irritating or sometimes just gross. Generally, there is nothing good about a 2/10, but unlike a 1/10, it’s not harmful or otherwise distasteful it’s just unpleasant thoroughly. Again, this is pretty rare, you have to almost be trying to be bad to have such little good about it.

3/10: Boring. Most series here are super forgettable or dull. I generally don’t think about these at all afterwards because they are just so…generic or otherwise dull. It’s not irritating to me like a 2/10 but it’s not something I particularly want to watch even to get closure.

4/10: Eh. Things here tend to be very much not to my taste but unlike a 3/10 will have some parts I actually do like. They are not things I think about a lot after, but they are not so dull or cliché to watch because there is at least parts I find interesting, usually the parts where they actually try and have a genuine heartfelt message.

5/10: Poorer side of Average. Series is decent enough to hold my attention but it’s not particularly good at anything, just basically competent at enough to be a decent series. Different from a 4/10, these series are not boring enough to make me want to turn it off at any point, but it is hard to make myself continue the series.

6/10: Better side of Average. Series is enjoyable and was engaging enough that I did want to watch each episode after I finish one. It’s different from a 5/10 because either it does someone thing particularly well to distinguish itself or it’s at least more unique and unlike other things, even if it wasn’t that much more engaging. 6/10 is the dividing line between don’t want to pay for it versus would pay a diminished amount for it (like a rental or a sale).

7/10: Pleasant. Series is enjoyable for most of the time, has some strengths, but also has significant problems and weaknesses that would need to be talked about. Series is perfectly watchable but not something I’d want to marathon. Series is something I would pay for full price. 7/10 is different from 6/10 because it goes from generally mixed, to good with some significant bad parts.

8/10: Very Good. Series has parts it excels at, and is something that I want to keep watching one episode after another. I would consider myself a serious fan of an 8/10 and would use it as example of good writing at parts.  An 8/10 is different then a 7/10 because a 7/10 is thoroughly enjoyable but an 8/10 is that and also has something that it specifically excels at and has a strength compared to all of fiction as a whole.

9/10: Great. One of the Greats. A series that is a modern classic. There has been a total of 5 franchises that average at 9/10. Most series are lucky to have a single episode, or chapter, or level that is a 9/10. A 9/10 is good enough that I want to model my own writing on it at part. It’s different then an 8/10 because while an 8/10 excels at a few things, a 9/10 excels at many things. I think about 9/10s often and they change my opinion of what makes a work good.

10/10: Life-Changing. I think about this all the time. A 10/10 isn’t something that changes what I think about what makes a work good, it changes my whole view on life. 9/10 series’ best moments are generally 10/10, and so far, there has been exactly 1 series that has ever been a 10/10. To me a 10/10 isn’t just good, it’s something that I have big emotional breakdowns towards, that I want to not just write like, but think like, be like. These are even more rare then 1/10.

So yeah, I can assess anything on this 10 point scale if you want. I can assess series, or instances, or moments or experiences, etc. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Who would win Death Battle Royale of the Anime Guardian Senshi

This is my attempt to gain some outside opinions on who would win in a DB fight Battle Royale between the 4 Guardian Senshi; Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. You may recall that I made a battle royale death prediction however that was meant to be a realistic depiction of their canonical selves.
It is very clear that DB will be using a strange composite and most likely focusing on Sailor Moon Classic, the first anime. This is…. unfortunate given the lack of consistency in the 90s anime, although if you ignore scaling, the Sailor Moon Classic Guardians are fairly low power, closer to consistently street level then on the cosmic scale of their manga counterparts. Given the sheer complexity of this fight I thought I’d get some outside opinions. Of course, most people haven’t seen the 200 episodes of the anime and the 3 movies. As such I wanted to quickly list some of the best feats of the Classic Anime Senshi. However, because DB doesn’t use scaling I won’t including scaling which REAlly nerfs them. This is basically their best personal classic anime feats. This is what DB would likely use and what casuals would probably think of as their best feats.

Joint Feats:

Let’s begin with what powers and feats the Senshi possess collectively. This brings up a certain problem, the Senshi together have durability feats way above their personal feats. This includes surviving within some kind of black hole (72), described as a tear in space time and a hole between dimensions. They also survive an attack that was describing as lifewiping the Earth (88) and in their super form were able to take a city-sized explosion from the Golden Crystal (165) which literally 4 episodes go was described as being able to destroy stars and violently destroyed a planet on screen (161). Given their attacks would have no chance of scratching that and yet they do anyway…

It’s kind of a problem. I suppose the way DB would try and justify this is by saying it’s their personal forcefields that they can briefly maintain and so a fight between the senshi would be in part a test of stamina as they try and wear each other down. If that sounds really weird, it is. It’s kinda like scaling is actually important or something. They were also able to survive outer space (44), absolute zero temperatures (39) and resisted the knockout gas of Telulu (121).

In terms of speed, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus were able to get inside a market faster then people there were able to notice suggesting subsonic speed in order to help Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars (66). In their super forms the Senshi were able to dodge a cannonball at close range (130), suggesting supersonic reflexes, possibly movement speed.

1: Survives dark energy bolt in civilian form (71)
2: Survives powerful dark lightning for 44 seconds (170)
3: Resists a nanobot swarm capable of turning a normal person to dust in less than a minute (122)

1: Outruns a plane early in the civilian form (13)
2: Moves as a blur to Dark Endymion (41)
3: By far the fastest swimming speed, matching an Olympic class swimmer while holding back to avoid conflict (97)

1: Supergenius IQ of 300 (27)
2: Determines the exact percentage of Seijuro being the Moonlight Knight without a computer (55)
3: Ami runs across a boy named Hiroki who has made plans to create a flying-bike that never works. Ami takes one look at the schematics and instantly tells him how to get the thing to work. (157)

1: Holds open a portal between dimensions with willpower (10)

Mercury Computer:
1: Mercury Computer-Locates the area of a Heart Crystal (94)
2: Mercury Computer-pinpoints the location of the Xenian Flower (Movie 1)
3: Mercury Computer-Determines the rules of a pocket dimension (9)
4: Mercury Computer-Finds a way out of a constantly shifting dimension (35)
5: Mercury Computer-Plots out alternate dimensions in flux (118)
6: Mercury Computer-Determines the composition of Jadeite’s minions (13)
7: Mercury Computer-Deduces the DD Girls’ illusion (45)
8: Mercury Computer-Compares two energies to find they are the same (Movie 1)

Attack: Shabon Spray:
1: Cold enough to cool down lava and create a lavaproof shield (45)
2: Obscure vision
3: Neutralizes energy (22)
4: Can knock people unconscious (15)
5: Can be used despite being paralyzed and can break out of being paralyzed (22)
6: Variant-Shabon Spray Freezing is much colder and can attack illusions (80)

1: Can create huge pillars of water, at least into the building range (Movie 1)
2: Freezes the Xenian Flower which can tank the cold of outer space (Movie 1)
3: Freezes nanobot swarm (122)
4: Deflects a cannon from the fairy warship Marzipan (Movie 3)

1: Can freeze but doesn’t have any drastic freezing feats (158)
2: The Senshi get blasted into a computer, Mercury somehow uses it to get them out suggesting she can use it to bfr (151)

1: Mars knocks out beings made of clay without realizing they weren’t normal humans (13)
2: Mars breaks train tracks with physical strength (99)

1: Rei takes attacks from a Droid in civilian form (63)
2: Survives the destruction and explosion of an entire building-sized ice pillar while inside (45)
3: Sailor Mars survives being hit with her own Fire Soul (35)
4: Mars takes the power of Koan’s Dark Flame, and Koan can at least match the heat of her Fire Soul (70)

1: Outruns a plane early in the series (13)
2: Runs at superhuman speed in civilian form across a city in seconds causing a huge dust trail because she though Usagi was in danger (194)
3: Dodges her own fire soul from behind (139)
4: Dodges a rain of dark fire (70)

1: Can see the future in the flames (10)
2: Can sense auras (11)
3: Senses the presence of the fairy warship Marizan despite it’s stealth technology (Movie 3)
4: Minor Probability Manipulation (12)

Hears a whistle across a city in civilian form (194)

Attack: Ofuda:
1: Can use dozens of mystical paralyzing ofuda (mystical sheets of paper with words inscribed on them that can drain energy) (Movie 1)
2: Can paralyze and drain the power of whoever they hit (13)
3: Ofuda Keeps Mars from turning to stone (11)
4: Ofuda can also burn with enough heat to one-shot a droid (69)

Attack: Fire Soul:
1: Incinerates a Youma (10)
2: Evaporates goo monsters (12)
3: Burns clay monsters to gas, not even going into liquid state first (13)
4: Destroys dozens of enemies at once (Movie 1)
5: Incinerates a monster made of snow and ice (Movie 2)
6: Destroys a building sized ice pillar (45)
7: Burns a courtyard sized area at once (22)
8: Implied to be powerful enough to melt a glacier (38)
9: Can be maintained like a flamethrower (35)
10: Variant-Fire Soul Bird: Creates a Phoenix that burns with the heat of the Fire Soul but can act independently and even a water monster can’t douse (54)
11: Variant-Super Fire Soul: Like Fire Soul but with even more heat and power (150)

Attack: Burning Mandala:
1: Creates several burning mystical discs able to each incinerate made of snow (Movie 2)
2: Turns train tracks to dust (99)

1: Creates a flame arrow accurate enough to piece a Mirror Parody of Nehelenia without hitting Sailor Neptune right in front of her (171)
2: Defeats one of the Fairy Enemies in one-shot (Movie 3)

1: Punches Zoisite and damages him, one of the Dark Kingdom Generals, before even getting her powers (25)
2: Throws one of the seven great youma, made of metal a distance before gaining her powers (25)
3: Throws the cardian Minotauron through a stone pillar without her powers (48)
4: Destroys a snow dancer, a monster made of snow and ice, with a punch (Movie 2)
5: Wounds Sailor Uranus, a Sailor Senshi far above the Guardian Senshi, with a her strength (96)

1: Survives electrocution from all 5 DD girls at once (45)
2: Briefly survives exposure to her own Supreme Thunder (45)
3: Takes Dark Lightning from Petz, her Ayakshi equivalent (65)
4: Takes at least 16 dark energy blasts from the real Queen Nehelenia, the fourth season Big Bad, by far the most impressive durability feat for any of the Guardian Senshi

1: Reacts to Petz’s lightning, which DB may or may not think is real lightning (65)

1: Is a martial artist and casually beats up 3 gang members before getting her powers (25)

1: When she was angry, fights and overpowers the Cardian Lion no one else was able to, despite being weak to the point of being faint from giving blood to save her friend’s life earlier that episode (The Lion Cardian had near fatally wounded him) (49)

Rose Earrings:
1: Has Rose earrings which she can throw as a distraction weapon (25)

Attack: Supreme Thunder:
1: Destroys a wall of Kunzite’s dark tower, impressing the other Guardian Senshi (34)
2: Calls down lightning that creates a huge explosion killing 2 DD girls at once and creating an ice pillar from the shockwave (45)
3: Massive lightning blast that destroys dozens of enemies (Movie 1)
4: Variant-Supreme Thunder Dragon: Creates a Giant Dragon of Lightning to eat her enemies (55)
5: Variant-Super Supreme Thunder: Amps up the voltage and power of the Supreme Thunder

1: Takes out a Dragon (84)
2: Destroys dozens of snow monsters (Movie 2)
3: Knocks out all the Guardian Senshi (105)

1: Creates an omnidirectional energy lightning attack, able to counter a powerful Lemure attack (174)

Sailor Venus:
Minako leaps up to the second story in her civilian form (78)
Minako breaks out of metal restraints (141)
Sailor V Disintegrates a Youma with a kick (42)

Sailor V takes a building-busting grenade at point-blank and is only a bit messed up (42)
Sailor Venus Survives Crescent Beam and Supreme Thunder reflected back at her (35)
Tanks being engulfed in magma and then survives her own crescent beam blasting her to the surface of the ground (45)

Minako outruns a car in civilian form (109)
Dodges surprise attack from Youma Papillion (42)
Jupiter and Venus dodge Petz’ lightning (65)

Venus has much more experience as a Sailor Senshi (42)
Minako Stays Semi-Conscious without her Heart Crystal (109)

Attack: Crescent Beam
Crescent Beam blasts Venus from deep underground back to surface (45)
Crescent Beam can cover a WIDE Area (R-Movie)
Crescent Beam Shower-(52)

Venus Love-Me Chain creates golden chain to be used for ensnaring enemies or swinging around like Spider-Man (65 + 84)

Venus Love and Beauty Shock creates a golden heart that blasts the opponent. It is superior to Star Sensitive Inferno attack (192)

Mercury Tactical Analysis:
+Ultimate Attack can bfr which none of the others can protect against with their manga teleportation
+Can still act while paralyzed
+Shabon Spray can obscure her position
+Mercury Computer lets her track the position of all the others
-Freezing is gonna barely slow the others down since they resisted the absolute zero of Kunzite’s winds
-Shabon Spray’s Knockout ability wouldn’t work since the others resisted the knockout gases of Telulu
-Physically Weakest
-Timid and more easily intimidated

Mars Tactical Analysis:
+Paralysis can one-shot Jupiter and Venus and cripple Mercury and she can use lots at once
+Psionics and Intuition can guide her through the chaos (and hearing)
+Extremely accurate ultimate attack could be a one-shot if it lands
+Seems to have the greatest range in the anime
-Her Anger is exploitable by more cool-headed opponents
-Not as good at close range as Jupiter and Venus

Jupiter Tactical Analysis:
+Most Durable and Most Stamina
+Best at Close Range
+Long-Range Attacks are at least comparable in danger
+Most skilled fighter
-Most direct in both powers and mindset
-Doesn’t have any guaranteed one-hit KOs

Venus Tactical Analysis:
+Has the best spammable attack, Crescent Beam Shower, which can attack lots of protectiles at once, with the only comparable power being the Rei’s Ofuda and Rei can’t spam those like Minako since she has a limited amount
+Kick Strength would be heavily dangerous
+Technically most experience
+Most Unpredictable
+Most Agile
-Attacks don’t seem to have as much raw power as Jupiter and Mars

So yeah, who do you think would win? I really don’t know.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Top 10 Strongest Sailor Moon characters

Hi, this is Imperator creating a blog on the top 10 strongest characters in the Sailor Moon Universe,inspired by similar videos for other universes on youtube such as this. Some quick parameters:

Everyone is assumed to be their maximum strength of their own accord.

Related to that no one is allowed to use someone else’s power. Meaning none of the Lambda Senshi since they are technically using Usagi’s power and none of Galaxia’s Palace Guardians since their power comes from Galaxia.

And derived from THAT, no characters who are merely part or aspect of another meaning no Guardian Cosmos. I also won’t use the Chaos-Spawn, though it’s likely everyone on this list would defeat the Chaos-Spawn regardless.

Number 10: Setsuna Meiou (Sailor Pluto)

Sailor Pluto was born countless millennium ago during the time of the Silver Millenium. Born with the blood of the God of Time Chronos, she was chosen to protect the spacetime door, a door which gives the user access to all of time and space. This is a job of universal importance as anyone who could gain the power of the door can use its power to conquer all the worlds of spacetime. She is very powerful and wise, her wisdom and experience praised by King Endymion, as she stood watching over the cosmos for many millennium, though she also exists in the gap between space and time.
However, it’s not Base Sailor Pluto that is her strongest state. Like all the Senshi of the Solar System, she was gifted with the ability to henshin first into the higher holy state of Super Sailor Senshi, in which Pluto’s capacities are boosted at least 10,000 times over. After that they were able to attain an even strongest state, realizing the full power of their sailor crystals by merging their power with their Planet Guardian, the fairy self that guards their spirit, and their planet castles where their power lay dormant. This allowed Sailor Pluto to turn into Eternal Sailor Pluto, capable of using the full power of the Pluto Crystal, the Sailor Crystal of Space and Time.

As Eternal Sailor Pluto, Setsuna has power almost unmatched in the universe. Sailor Galaxia’s false Sailor Senshi, the sailor Animamates, were able to use part of Galaxia’s power to become a threat to Sailor Senshi across the universe, yet Galaxia attacked the Eternal Outer Senshi herself suggesting Eternal Sailor Pluto is far stronger then the Animamates. With complete control of the Pluto Crystal Setsuna has complete control of space and time. This is aided by her talisman, special items given to them to boost their capacity to stop threats from beyond the Solar System. The Garnet Orb allows Sailor Pluto to send opponents to anywhere in space and time, even to the beginning or end of time or to time purgatories, the spaces between moments of time where existence is physically erased and turns things into ghosts in time. Sailor Pluto’s techniques are:

Dead Scream: Sailor Pluto fires an orb of dark energy

Chronos Typhoon: Sailor Pluto conjures up the “winds of time” all about her

Garnet Ball: Conjures a protective forcefield around her

Time Stop: Her Ultimate Forbidden Technique, Time Stop freezes all of time save for anyone Sailor Pluto chooses however given it’s forbidden nature, usage of this ability causes Pluto to die.

Number 9: Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn)

It is rare that the Outer Senshi use the talismans regardless, partially because the power of the three talismans will summon the fabled Messiah of Silence, the Senshi of Death, Sailor Saturn.

Sailor Saturn is the cursed senshi of death who experiences hardship and turmoil to learn discipline. This is because she wields the fabled power of silence, a power capable of ending all life. As the Dark Messiah, the Messiah of Silence, it is her duty to appear in times of imminent destruction and end all things allowing the universe a fresh start. Sailor Saturn’s power is so great that even the power of the three talismans can only barely compare to her power. She is also considered comparable to Super Sailor Moon even in her base state. In her super form, she is far stronger then even this, and in her final form Eternal Sailor Saturn, where she wields the full power of death and life, she is one of the most powerful forms of the universe. The Spirit of Saturn exists independently and can perfectly manipulate her own body and soul in order to better protect the universe. Her techniques include:

Death Reborn Revolution: An attack which creates dark ribbons which emerge from her and drain and crush all energy and matter into her negative aura

Silent Wall: Creates a Forcefield which causes that which hits it to cease being

Silence Glaive Surprise: Generates a dark energy vortex and creates a distracting mist to obscure her enemies’ vision

She can also at any time lower the silence glaive, her weapon, to the ground, which will unleash the silence and end all life in existence including her own (though her spirit can reincarnate her afterwards). This power can kill even Chaos-Spawn.

Number 8: Chibiusa Tsukino (Sailor Chibi-Moon)

The princess of the future Chibiusa was first an apprentice Sailor Senshi weaker then any of the other Sol System Senshi, known for her courage, innocence, and impulsiveness. That said her sailor crystal is the pink moon crystal, a transformation of the silver crystal of Sailor Moon. That crystal’s power depends on one’s emotion and Chibiusa was able to become much stronger briefly during times of intense emotion, such as being able to equal Sailor Moon’s attacks and able to outpace Sailor Uranus, the senshi of speed herself.

Chibiusa quickly came more into herself and in her super form was strong enough that Saturn had to transform into her super form to fight alongside her before finally she attained her Eternal Form being able to truly use the awesome power of the Silver Crystal, the second strongest crystal in the universe. Chibiusa is the savior of the world of dreams and in the future she will lead a new team of Sailor Senshi consisting of the 4 Eternal Asteroid Senshi and her best friend Eternal Sailor Saturn, the very messiah of darkness that Chibiusa was able to befriend by showing compassion and empathy towards. Hotaru very likely serves as her second in command and is nearly as strong as her in their eternal forms. Her Techniques include:

Ultrasonic Crying: Her crying is amplified by her earpieces into being an intense sonic attack that can destroy small dimensions and on an astral plane

Moon Princess Halation: Creates a circle of light energy capable of destroying a solar system-sized black hole, and attack through spacetime warping and on a spiritual plane

Pink Sugar Heart Attack: Creates a series of heart projectiles considerably stronger then Moon Princess Halation

Moon Gorgeous Meditation: Creates a blast of rainbow energy capable of shattering an opponent’s spacetime locking them in a series of spiraling mirror dimensions comparable to the inside of a kaleidoscope

Silver Crystal Honeymoon Therapy Kiss: Creates a ray of energy capable of piecing into other dimensions and one-shotting the strongest Chaos-Spawn Queen Nehelenia

7: Princess Kakyuu (Sailor Kakyuu)

When Galaxia launched her invasion to take over the universe with her Sailor Animamate minions, the senshi of the devastated kinmoku system formed a resistance. The three native senshi called the Sailor Starlights acted as the freedom fighters for the universe and are strong and experienced enough battle and best the Animamates, the scourges of the universe and able to avoid capture by the Shadow Galactica. However, they knew they couldn’t defeat Galaxia, they didn’t stand a chance, weren’t able to even beat the Palace Guardians, regular Sailor Senshi given a portion of Galaxia’s power. The Sailor Starlights came to Earth where they proved easily strong enough to match Eternal Sailor Senshi, and rivaled the Eternal Outer Senshi in terms of power. However, they were find their leader even stronger than them.

Their leader was the proud compassionate leader Princess Kakyuu, the famed fireball princess whose magic was so strong that even in her civilian state she was considered leagues above the Sailor Starlights and that’s before she transforms into her even more powerful Sailor Senshi state Sailor Kakyuu. In this state, Sailor Kakyuu was strong enough to destroy in one attack one of Galaxia’s two strongest minions, the two palace guardians Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi who lead Galaxia’s forces. She only died after being back attacked by the soul-destroying attack of the other palace guardian in vengeance and even then, survived long enough to speak to Eternal Sailor Moon. Her techniques include

Starlight Royal Straight Flush: Uses Magical Throwing Cards as as piercing projectile weapons

Kinmoku Fusion Tempest: Creates a Storm fusing elements capable of equaling the power of the strongest Palace Guardians

6: Queen Serenity I

Long ago during the great Silver Millennium, the Solar System was ruled by the wise and compassionate queen, Serenity the first, who’s daughter Princess Serenity would one day be reincarnated into Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon. Queen Serenity was a great and wise queen of such caliber that she was called from a distant galaxy to the center of the Milky Way where Guardian Cosmos herself bestowed upon her the silver crystal and a child, linked together. Using the incredible power of the Silver Crystal, Queen Serenity drove out the malevolent ice spirit Snow Kaguya who created the solar system and created the moon for her people, so they could watch the development of the people of Earth and guide them.

Queen Serenity is also a divine being, called the Goddess Selene by the people of Earth, and guided their development for millennium through the entire process of evolution over which she became a perfect master of the Silver Crystal, and with her wisdom created idyllic kingdom for all people. She was able to defeat the strongest Chaos-Spawn Nehelenia and even after dying from Nehelenia’s curse was able to defeat another powerful Chaos-Spawn threatening the universe, Metalia. She has the ability to seal beings in the crystal or other dimensions, and had such great mental capacities that even a spirit of her is able to detect the presence of Metalia deep within the Earth from the Moon.
Given her mastery of the Silver Crystal, it is likely she also has all the other abilities and techniques demonstrated by the users of the Silver Crystal.

5: Galaxia (Sailor Galaxia)

Galaxia was born to a barren planet, ravaged by sandstorms and raiders before she was awoken as the Senshi of Destruction, bearer of the Saphir Crystal of Destruction. The Saphir Crystal of Destruction is one of the two most powerful Sailor Crystals, along with the Silver Crystal of Creation. Control of both of them gives the user complete dominion over the universe. Galaxia’s ambition for power and desire to recreate the world as perfect led her to make a deal with Chaos.

Galaxia’s most basic form of attack steals the essence of her enemies and causes them to collapse on all planes of existence and allows her to recreate the beings she steals the essence as loyal to her. Her power is so great that normal beings through the universe took a small portion of her power to become Sailor Animamates and kill the Senshi of their home planet, and actual Senshi who join her, the palace guards are so strong that not even some of the most powerful senshi of the universe can defeat them.

Galaxia’s power in far above her simple minions. When Galaxia in her civilian form attacked Usagi on Earth, her power was stated to be in a league above enemy Usagi had fought so far including Nehelenia who can maintain her own dark mirror universe and the Sailor Animamates and was so great that it scared even the Sailor Starlights transformed. Transformed Galaxia is far above that, capable of using the most destructive force in the entire universe, the power of destruction, and able to equal Eternal Sailor Moon. Galaxia claimed enough durability to survive the explosion of Chaos and Eternal Sailor Moon’s power and given her destructive power would likely be able to destroy even the galaxy cauldron, the source of all existence and all potentials. Galaxia’s techniques include

Galactica Inflation: Galaxia’s body crackles with dark lightning and an expansion of space powerful enough to equal Eternal Sailor Moon’s strongest attack

Galactica Superstring: Creates a wave of powerful cosmic energy that emanates from her body that is maintained for a shorter amount of time then Galactica Inflation but is more intense in power output

4: The Gods

May be sort of cheating to count multiple entities as one, but the Gods in Sailor Moon generally tend to act in concert. In SM, Greek Mythology is confirmed to be true, and its implied Japanese Mythology and Christianity are both also implied to be true. The Gods in Sailor Moon seem to have dominion over the stars and celestial bodies, the highest form of being in Sailor Moon. They are of such power that Galaxia herself respects their power and Queen Serenity is merely a minor deity Selene the Moon Goddess. It is likely their strongest member is Guardian Cosmos, whose power was so great not even Chaos could end it seemingly.

3: Mamoru Chiba (King Endymion)

Mamoru is the bearer of the Golden Crystal of Earth, a crystal bonded to the Silver Crystal of the Moon and which perfectly shares power though eternity. After mastering the power of the Golden Crystal, Mamoru Chiba in the form of Tuxedo Kamen was a being on the level of master users of the silver and saphir crystals. However even this is not his strongest state. However this was not his ultimate state.

When the Cosmos was attacked by Primordial Chaos, it’s opposite and ancient primordial stronger then the Gods, it was defeated by the greatest power of all, the Lambda Power, the power of all the cosmos, all the stars emanating together. A single burst of the Lambda power was so great that without intending to it obliterated Chaos, turning it infinitesimally small within the Galaxy Cauldron.
King Endymion and Queen Serenity, king and queen of the solar system, are perfectly equal in power and are perfect masters of the lambda power channeled through the star seeds of the earth and moon, golden and silver which emanate to protect the solar system forever. In this state Endymion has attained perfected heavenly form and can exist within the Galaxy Cauldron itself, which normally destroys all existence wiping it from history. In this state King Endymion is by far the strongest male entity in Sailor Moon and tied for third strongest in all. His techniques including

Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber: An attack which temporarily releases the energy of the Golden Crystal in the form of smokey energy

Trans-Time Telepathy: Mamoru can gain information and knowledge from his future self so as to always know the correct path to victory

Spiritual Projection: Able to project a spiritual version of himself

2: Chaos (Sailor Chaos)

Before existence there was the void. Upon creation, the Void sought to reduce everything to nothing, to return to the state of peace of emptiness. Chaos infected the Galaxy Cauldron, the birthplace of all potential turning it into Alpha Zero Star, the source of darkness and from there created aspects of himself, the dark stars, the Chaos-Spawn, strong enough to threaten creation, and a mere one of them Nehelenia, capable of maintain-ing a dark universe and threatening Queen Serenity herself. The Gods themselves feared Chaos, and a burst of its power was able to threaten Galaxia and Eternal Sailor Moon.

However, this is nowhere near it’s true power. Chaos after being reborn inside the Galaxy Cauldron attained a far greater and more terrible form known as Sailor Chaos, a form which would destroy on such a scale and depth that nothing could be recreated from it. Sailor Chaos is the greatest evil in all of creation and completely immortal and unkillable in all of Sailor Moon. Yet it is only the second strongest entity in Sailor Moon. Her many techniques include:

Energy Manipulation: Control over Energy

Matter Manipulation: Control over Matter

Mental Manipulation: Control over Minds

Soul Manipulation: Control over Souls

Spacetime Manipulation: Control over Space and Time

Reality Warping: The ability to distort reality at will

Star Seed Removal: The ability to remove the star seed/essence of the enemy destroying them completely

Evil Eye: Gives complete dominion over other being’s bodies should they look into the mystic third eye and allows for powerful energy projection and protection from mental attacks
Curse: Destroys an enemy from an inside and alters fate and destiny to force them to lose

1: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon/Sailor Cosmos)

Usagi Tsukino, bearer of the Silver Crystal started out as only half as good as her teammates. Nobody, herself included, ever expected her to be anything special. But Usagi’s pure love for all creation allowed her to access higher forms of Sailor Senshi no one had anyone imagined and accessed the true power of the Silver Crystal.

Eventually she realized the full potential of the Silver Crystal, proving strong enough to one-shot Queen Nehelenia with her weakest attack as Eternal Sailor Moon. Upon releasing her full power she was able to battle evenly with Sailor Galaxia, the Saphir and Silver Crystals perfectly equaling, and was able to threaten even Chaos and the Galaxy Cauldron.

But this was nowhere near her full power. Upon entering the Galaxy Cauldron her love called out too all the star seeds laying dormant in the cauldron, all those who had come before and all those who would come after, which resonated with her love releasing the power of the lambda energy, recreating the cosmos and destroying Chaos. Eventually this form of Usagi will reign supreme as Neo-Queen Serenity alongside her chosen consort King Endymion. However eventually Sailor Chaos will emerge from Chaos’ ashes and bring devastation unto the cosmos.

But Usagi’s crystal was no longer the Silver Crystal inherited by her daughter, she had merged with the Lambda Power, and using it was able to henshin with all the planet power of the cosmos as Sailor Cosmos, the Sailor Guardian of all creation. In this form she will battle with Sailor Chaos for all time.

Why is she above Sailor Chaos? Chaos wants to destroy all of existence, to break Cosmos’ will to fight and exist. Yet…she can’t. Sailor Cosmos, just as existence will always go. No matter what Sailor Chaos or what devastation she causes, existence will never end, and Cosmos will always exist. Sailor Chaos will forever fail to complete her desire to end existence, and Sailor Cosmos will forever triumph as the defender of existence. In this form Sailor Cosmos can use the planet power of every Sailor Senshi as well as all their techniques.