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How hax is your verse

This is an attempt to give a way of telling easily how hax a verse is relative to most verses. First you are going to find an A, B, C, and D score for the verse between 0 and 8.

A: Highest Plane Affected: Showing how fundamental a level of reality the verse can affect.

0: Characters have no special ability to control reality
1: Elemental Manipulation. Characters have very specific abilities to control the physical realm like water or earth manipulation.
2: Matter-Energy Manipulation. Characters have broad ability to control matter or energy or both, the fundamental objects of the physical realm. Intangibility would fall here since it's a manipulation of matter.
3: Space-Time Manipulation. Characters have broad ability to control the fabric of spacetime. Sealing falls here since it's a Spatial Lock.
4: Astral Manipulation. Characters can affect souls or the astral plane.
5: Mental Manipulation. Characters can affect minds or the mental plane.
6: Consciousness or Spiritual Manipulation. Characters can directly affect the consciousness or the spirit (either plane since consciousness manipulation is so rare).
7: Abstract or Conceptual Manipulation. Can directly manipulate abstract concepts.
8: Absolute or Metafictional Manipulation. Can affect the nature of reality itself.

B: Hax Breadth. Take the maximum number of abilities from A that a single character possess and that's the score. 1 of the 8 is 1. 2 of the 8 is 2.

C: Scale of Hax: The most large-scale manipulation of the hax known (if greater then, then round down)

0: No Scale at all, ability does not exist.
1: Local Scale (immediate surroundings)
2: City Scale
3: Planet Scale
4: Stellar Scale
5: Galactic Scale
6: Universal Scale
7: Multiversal Scale
8: Omniversal Scale

D: Commonness of Hax: How common is the highest hax in the verse? This is in numbers of people. You can use a lower degree of hax and if you do lower points equal to the difference between the two degree of haxes (for instance if the highest hax is Spiritual Hax (6) but there is a lot of Astral Hax (4), you can take the commonness score of Astral and then subtract the difference between them (6-4=2) so subtract 2.

0: None
1: Only a Few
2: A Small Community Worth (Thousands of people)
3: A Planet's Worth (Millions of people)
4: Numerous Planet's Worth/A Star System's Worth (Trillions of people)
5: A Galactic Civilization's Worth
6: A Universal Civilization's Worth
7: A Multiversal Civilization's Worth
8: Literally Infinite

Take A, B, C, and D score and average them (add them and then divide by 4.) Then divide that by the verse's relative power score. IE the highest dc feat shown in the verse.

1: Local
2: City
3: Planetary
4: Stellar
5: Galactic
6: Universal
7: Multiversal
8: Omniversal

This should get a relative haxness between 0 and 8. (though it rarely goes above 1) This can also be done with a single character just by taking only A, B, and C and averaging those alone.

Hax Levels Examples:
0: No Hax Levels at all.
0.125 (1/8): Very low. Verse is mostly just physical force showings and the characters haxes is at a much lower level that what would be expected normally. Power is pretty much just raw power and haxing people is rare.
0.25 (1/4): Relatively Low. Verse likely has some degree of important haxes in-verse but relative to other verses their haxes aren't very strong.
0.5 (1/2): Hax. Verse hax enough haxes to be competitive in the hax scene against similarly powerful verses.
1: Very Hax. Verse is relatively broken and would be able to stomp most similarly powered verses due to having very hard to counter abilities.
2: Broken. Verse is outright broken and can majorly stomp anything except verses similarly broken  verses or verse much stronger.

There are more specific numbers but those should give a good indication.

This was just a sort of prototype, hopefully it's found interesting. It is likely still flawed but it seems to have basic functionality so far.

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Divisions of FTL Speed

As is common knowledge to anyone with an even barely functioning physics understanding nothing with mass in the real universe can accelerate to faster then light in a vacuum. This is often paraphrased as "nothing can go faster then light" which is not technically true; there are circumstances where you can slow down light in a medium to the point that other things can accelerate past it, there are theoretical particles that are always faster then light, and things that are completely immaterial like say thought, are not necessarily bound to the speed of light. However there is no physical quantity known that can accelerate to faster then light in a vacuum.

In fiction there are obviously entities that can travel much faster then light and so we must define their speed as being faster then light. However if we are to give them abbreviations to quickly reference speed then it becomes a problem if we are giving characters of rapidly different velocities the same speed category since that would be defeating the point of giving them a speed category. The only differentiation that is regular in versus communities however are FTL and MFTL (starting at either 100 or 1,000c depending on person and context). I wanted to propose a sort of easy way to differentiate speed at very high tiers of speed.

FTL: Same as Normal. Anything above the speed of light
MFTL: Same as Normal. I treat it as over 1,000c.

And here is where the divisions come in.

MFTL+: A denotation of being to lightspeed what lightspeed is to humanspeed or in other words it is 299,972,458 (the speed of light) squared equating to approximately 300,000,000c (slightly less since light is 299,792,458 meters per second, so it would be actually 299,792,458c) or above.
MFTL++/MFTL(2): A denotation of being to MFTL+ what MFTL+ is to lightspeed, so multiplying that by another factor of c's velocity. Slightly under 90 Quadrillion C and above
MFTL+++/(MFTL(3): The Trend continues. Approximately 26.944 Septillion C and above
MFTL++++/MFTL(4): The Trend continues. Approximately 8.0776 Decillion C and above.

This trend can be extended to any arbitrarily high finite velocity and gives speed blocks that are easy to denote ("MFTL++" or "MFTL(2)" for instance)

Obviously most speed feats will easily be within the first 2 and most of the rest will be in the third.

If you wanted to go above finite speed, you could have infinite speed. You would actually NOT get infinite speed by crossing a finite space in 0 time. That's a basic divide by zero error. 10/0 does not equal infinity. You could get infinite speed however either by the verse explicitly calling it infinite speed or by crossing an infinite space in finite time.

Time Travel via speed is only as good a speed feat as the verse itself says. If you try to apply a velocity formula to traveling backwards in time you'd get a negative speed because it would be a positive numerator (positive change in space) over a negative denominator (negative change in time...going back in time) which would make the fraction negative. Or you're not moving in space at all at which point the time travel speed is exactly 0 since the numerator is 0. The argument some people try to make is that time travel means you can change the denominator at will making it take as long or as short as you want it too, and it's true but what you're talking about then is essentially a form of teleportation. Assuming you have infinitely fine control of the denominator this basically gives you the ability to go to any point in an arbitrary amount of time however this doesn't necessarily buffer your reaction speed at all, like teleportation, since reaction speed though it's often explained as a speed, it's actually not. Reaction "speed" is really reaction time since there is no spatial component, merely a temporal component of how fast you can react.

Anyway this was merely a suggestion on how to make very high speeds more immediately legible and understandable.

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How they Compare: Biara

Image result for biara heroes of might and magic

Biara is the main succubus general of The Demon Sovereign in the land of Ashan, as well as infiltrator and assassin. She is sent by the Sovereign to infiltrate and sow chaos and discord throughout Ashan and allow the demon-worshippers to get a greater foothold in the world.

Image result for biara heroes of might and magic

Biara's first line of defense is her ability to disguise herself body and voice as any person she desires which she uses to infiltrate mortal empires.

Beyond that she has a number of powers native to her demonic race. Like all powerful Demons she has the power of "gating", able to summon other, usually weaker or lower ranking demons from the Hell of Sheogh to serve her. Biara has noted skill in this area. Even Pit Fiends and Devils powerful enough to contend with Dragons made of Magma and Storm Titans able to create micro-thunderstorms serve Biara, strongly suggesting her raw power is in the City Block Range at least, though she lacks defensive showings. Like all powerful demons she is capable of teleporting at will between Sheogh and the Mortal World as well as between places in the Mortal World as well.

Like all Succubus Biara has the capacity to shoot a blast of fire at her enemies, able to chain and hit each of her enemies within range. Her fireblast range is large enough to encompass a large building or a city block.

She also should scale to powerful Inferno Units like Nightmare and Hell Stallion which can move at the same subsonic speed as the Wind Elementals.

Image result for biara heroes of might and magic

In addition to all this, Biara is heavily knowledgeable in seduction and magic, which seem to be related for Succubus. She has solid knowledge of elemental chains and can utilize elemental weaknesses. 

She possess fire manipulation beyond her fire blasts able to magically call a wall of fire to appear where she wills. She also possess magical earth manipulation including shaking the ground and calling down a meteor shower. 

Beyond that, Biara has the ability to absorb energy and mana to feed her powers. 

So how would she do in other verses?

Image result for DC Universe

In the DC Universe, Biara would classify around the power of a demon grunt, having higher attack power and versatility but lower defenses and speed. she would likely if incarnating on Earth be a moderate threat on a local level most powerful metahumans would be able to beat her handily. That said if her gate allows DC-verse Demons to be summoned she would quickly become a global threat. 

Image result for Marvel Universe

Biara would be similarly unsuccessful in the Marvel Universe, as her powers would only make her a mid level street tier fighter. Her infiltration abilities may actually serve her better in Marvel then DC since heavily enhanced senses to be able to notice the difference seems somewhat rarer in Marvel then DC but any mind-reader or super-genius would likely be able to figure out her scheme. Also if her gate allows her to summon Marvel Demons, she would quickly become a global threat.

Image result for Berserk

In the Berserk universe Biara would be very powerful, much more then most monsters, and her versatility and indirect method would allow her to be more dangerous then some "divine" entities like the Sea God. That said any Apostle or powerful Demon Hunter like Guts would destroy Biara if they are aware of who she is. 

Image result for Dungeons and Dragons

In the Dungeons and Dragons universe Biara would be well below Epic Threats but would be an upper level threat. She would be comparable to a Young Dragon having higher raw firepower and better mobility but only comparable versatility and worse durability. She would be an immediate threat to almost any part of the mortal plane but would most likely be slain by a heavily powerful magic-user able to counter her teleportation and blast her.

Image result for Doom

Biara would fit very well into the Doom verse, having firepower just on par with the verse's strongest members but being a glass cannon and having speed basically on par with most of the verse, though slower reflexes and attack speed. Her special abilities would give her an added boost of versatility to make her heavily dangerous and she would likely be a notable boss that would be hard for Doomguy to beat.

Image result for Dresden Files

In the Dresden Files-verse, Biara would be in an interesting scenario. She has the firepower to match the verse's strongest earthbound characters is more faster and more mobile then them, however they are often much more versatile and can put up actual shields. She would be an extremely dangerous threat however, especially if she used subterfuge to attack when they didn't expect it. That said any of the verse's cosmic powers would eradicate her.

Image result for Devil May Cry

In the Devil May Cry verse, Biara would likely die quickly in any direct assault due to her low speed and defenses though if she can get a surprise attack in with her stealth she can one-shot a lot of low to mid tier demon bosses. That said she would need to attack them early in their timeline to be able to do any kind of significant damage to people like Dante. 

Miss Dream's Translation of Sailor Moon

In versus debating, and really the internet as a whole, Miss Dream's English Translation of the Sailor Moon Manga is the one most often used for convenience.

I want to make it clear that I have nothing against Miss Dream as a person, she seems really sweet and her translations and uploads make talking about the Sailor Moon Manga online soooooo much easier. She's not a bad person, I don't wish anything negative onto her.

That said there are a bunch of translations that I disagree with. A lot of them are really small things and really just a matter of opinion because Japanese and English are really hard to translate between. Some of them are goofs that I think really should have been checked like this scan:

Viluy says she's gonna use her nanomachines to dissolve Sailor Mercury's body to nothing....and then says she's going to take her body as a host? What?

In the original, Viluy said she's going to take Mercury's "Hoste" meaning Holy Body, or Soul, something the Death-Busters have been taking for Pharaoh 90 throughout arc 3. Miss Dream translates this as "Host" which leads to goofiness like Viluy saying she's gonna destroy her body and then use her body as a host body. 

Most of the time this doesn't really impact the plot too severely, however there's one quote I had to make a specific blog post on because it's one of my favorite lines of the entire series and it was somehow morphed into meaning the exact opposite it's original, turning one of the most powerful lines in the series core to it's message into a completely standard uninteresting line of dialog:

Throughout the 5th Arc, Usagi sees her friends gets killed by Galaxia and near the end, Galaxia sends their star seeds into the Galaxy Cauldron, which erases things forever. However Usagi still saves Galaxia who, unable to understand Usagi asks why. Here is the Miss Dream Translation of Usagi's response:

This is an incredibly conventional line about how you went through a lot of trials and so on. But the original contains a complete opposition to this. Usagi's line in the original and one of my favorite lines in the series is:

"All this time, I've never fought for peace and justice. Only for my loved ones and friends, were the reasons I came to fight."

This is actually EXTREMELY important to understand. Usagi is a subversion of the Classic Hero, she doesn't fight for any great ideal, something abstract that she can't relate too. This has been the point of her character since chapter 1 where she cried and freaked out at a monster but went to fight it anyway because her friend was in danger.

For all the talk of Peace and Justice in Sailor Moon, there are not actually what Usagi is willing to fight for, abstractions that she can't emotionally relate too. Rather Usagi fights for her beloved friends, who in this way bring the best out of her. This is the idea of Cosmos in Sailor Moon, a great inter-connected whole where each part brings out the best in another. Just as Usagi helps us see the greatness in ourselves, we through her love bring her into being her best self.

What was so groundbreaking about the character of Usagi was despite being the reincarnation of an alien princess and the messiah and all of that, she was as she protested just a normal girl, no hero. That is central to the story of the Sailor Moon manga, that she isn't a perfect hero who can stand absolute for her virtues, but that's she a normal flawed girl who just wants to make her friends happy. That any of us, no matter what we felt about us, could be a hero like Usagi was.

So ummm yeah, that is the translation I really have to take issue with. 

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Death Prediction: Grimnir vs Abigail

(Warning: Spoilers for Magicka and Bastard!!)

The Dark Wizard is an archetype almost as universally known as the Wizard in general. Yet what truly lies behind the difference between the two? Perhaps the only difference is their level of ambition, the forces they are willing to barter with to achieve their vision. And some Dark Wizards, with such ambition as to shape the world, are willing to barter with forces strong enough to destroy it.

Grimnir, the Dark Lord of Knowledge

Abigail, the Prophet of the Netherworld

I am Imperator100, and this is a death prediction.



Since ancient times, humanity has harnessed the power of nature for it's own purposes; we use fire for heat and light, we use water for motion and energy, we use stone for our walls and we use electricity to power our machines. From this perspective, Wizards in the Magicka sense are merely the extrapolation of this impulse to the ultimate; the channeling of the mana of nature through the self. This led to the world of Midgard, a world of chaos, natural spontaneity and magical change.  

To this world was born Grimnir. Grimnir hated the silliness and the chaos of this world, the imbalance of it all. Grimnir wanted to change the world, to make it orderly and serious. Grimnir worked incredibly hard to master the power of magic, and eventually become the strongest mage in Midgard. Grimnir sought to control the power of all the magickas so he could control the world and create a world of eternal peace and order.

The other wizards joined together to stop him. They chained him up at World's End, possibly because at such magical power he could have escaped Death as Wizards before him had. From World's End, Grimnir made a barter for power with the ethereal eldritch entity known as Assatur, the King in Yellow and began his plan to escape and remake the world.

Non-Magical Abilities:

Becoming a Wizard boosts one's physical capacities a notable amount. Magicka Wizards are durable enough to briefly survive each others' magic, and Tuotenar, Grimnir's old traveling companion weaker then him was capable of surviving falling from Midgard into the Underworld Niflheim. Their strength is also enough to damage to each other.

Magicka Wizards much weaker then Grimnir have also shown lightning timing, including being able to react to and fight lightning elementals. Moving even close to this would also suggest that they are hypersonic, which is consistent with how the Player Wizards traveled across the whole goblin civilization, including up and down long caverns fighting the whole time in only minutes and how the Player Wizards can move comparable to "Falling Stars" from Dagon

Grimnir is also a powerful psionic able to give telepathic instructions to his Disciples while restrained at World's End. He is also seemingly immune to the effects of the fear and charm magicka. Grimnir's psionics are so good that he can, and often does start fights with drawing his opponents' minds into his mind for a "mind duel" where he summons other enemies throughout the game to fight his opponent for him. 


Image result for Grimnir magicka

Grimnir is among the strongest mages in all of Midgard. Mages of Midgard have the ability to combine up to 5 of the 8 basic building blocks of mana to create unique spells. They do this by channeling the mana through "notational space", the abstract-mental space where pure mana resides. Grimnir has trained himself to mentally channel the direct experience of each mana rather then some representation of them and so gained a greater connection to each. The 8 Magical Elements are

Life: By itself fires a "verdant beam of pure life". Life Mana heals the living and harms the dead, even able to hurt the abstract concept of Death itself.

Death: Described as the entropic energy of Death, able to peel back order and causation itself. Opposite of Life, by itself fires a beam of death energies.

Earth: By itself launches a boulder at massive speeds. A mage not much stronger then Grimnir is described as using Earth Mana to move an entire hill in combat. When paired with other elements, causes the earth used with it to be supercharged with the energy of the other mana.

Lightning: Shoots a blast of electricity, that can power generators and make machines move without end. Opposite of Water and Earth. When paired with other elements, Lightning charges things with electricity

Water: Creates a spray of water. When paired with other elements, wets things. 

Cold: Used by itself creates "ice beams of of absolute absence of heat." Cold Magic is cold enough to freeze lava and to freeze rivers and lakes. When paired with other elements, cold magic chills anything affected by the other mana.

Fire: The opposite of Cold, Fire heats things up. A mage not much stronger then Grimnir's fire magic was compared to the "heart of Muspelheim" suggesting Fire Magic is comparable to magma in heat.

Shield: Shield creates a temporary magic bubble. Shield can stop the power of Assatur the planetary threat and can stop the power of the Cthulhu, the casual planetary threat. Shield is it's own opposite and will cancel any other forcefields it comes into contact with. When combined with other elements Shield can create a myriad of things including mines, walls, armor and auras that can negate or absorb any the other elements. 

Beyond this, Grimnir is implied to be able to control darkness, as Khan warns that Grimnir will cause eternal darkness for all of Midgard.

Grimnir is so skilled in magic that unlike any other wizard he can cast spells with the slightest movements of his body while tied or at World's End or just with thought. 


Certain combinations of elements can also provide a unique effect, this is called "Magicka" and with all of these together it is said Grimnir could have made Magicka a world of perfect peace and order. 

The Magicka Challenges divide Magicks into categories "basic" "advanced" and "too advanced". Grimnir seems to at least know the "advanced" magicka since he uses ones from that category. Considering his goal was to get ALL the magicka and he was apparently close, this seems like a conservative estimate. 


Revive: Resurrects a fallen ally. This is generally useless to Grimnir has he does not have allies. 

Grease: Shoots a highly flammable slippery substance

Haste: Gives Super Speed potent enough to make the Wizard blurry comparable to other Wizards. Makes the Wizard move nearly as fast as the teleport spell.  

Invisibility: Gives the user invisibility so long as they don't cast anything or make contact with anything

Teleport: Teleports the Wizard at lightning speed.

Charm: Brainwashes someone into being an ally

Rain: Causes it to rain

Time Warp: Slows time, to the extent that Haste-d Wizards look like they are moving normally. Let's do it again.

Summon Phoenix: Calls down a Phoenix whose contact with the ground that resurrects any wizards that JUST died.

Nullify: Counteracts all magic currently around. Does not affect enchanted weapons or auras for some reason.

Corporealize: Turns intangible things tangible. 


Fear: Causes the unresistable sensation of fear in all people who can hear that are close causing them to run away

Thunder Bolt: Calls down a massive thunderbolt. 

Tornado: Summons up a Tornado

Blizzard: Summons up a powerful blizzard capable of covering an entire battlefield or the city of Havindr. 

Conflagration: Shoots a quick-moving flame wave that panics enemies 

Beyond this Grimnir also learned an ethereal magic from Assatur that allows him to create one or two levitating intangible copies of himself.


Grimnir is exceptionally amazing at magic, to the point that as a magic student at Castle Aldreheim he led his classmates through a lethal obstacle course thought by the professors to be impossible and sure-fire death. Grimnir is so good at magic that he legit killed the developers of Magicka over and over. Grimnir has done much experimenting on the basic nature of magic in his laboratory and has special knowledge of the hidden "9th Element", "Imbalance" of which the Wizards are the embodiment off. He once almost reality-warped the entire multiverse to a world of pristine order and peace by taking advantage of a unique item and a rare celestial alignment though was stopped by a brief distraction from Vlad "Davlo". 

Grimnir is also a clever strategist, commanding his minions and forces all the way from World's End. 


Grimnir is, how you might say, a "stick in the mud" and does not have a sense of fun or adventure. His hatred of silliness and chaos, means he can rather not spontaneous and not explore or be creative with his powers, which is the antithesis of what the Wizards are supposed to be (They are literally the 9th Element, Imbalance)

Beyond that Grimnir has a few other weaknesses. He has no capacity to fly or levitate and like all mages in the Magicka World, it is physically impossible for him to swim. That said unlike other mages of Midgard, Grimnir does not need a staff to cast, as he was able to cast with just thoughts or slight movements while chained up at World's End.

Also like all Wizards, he's slightly squishy compared to his firepower. If he's unshielded completely and doesn't heal, magic beams can kill him within 5-10 seconds, depending on power. 


Grimnir despises the chaos and violence and arbitrary-ness that makes up his whole world's physics and seeks to correct things into an ordered and harmonious system by eliminating anything that does not fit the proper order. He is defined by his lust for knowledge and ambition. While he may go to unreasonable lengths, he is not an evil person and has saved the world before. Even the Magic Devs have described him as being "misunderstood". That said, if some force seeks to create chaos in his well-ordered system, he will not hesitate to destroy it.


Image result for Abigail Bastard!!


The discovery of the spiritual realm changed the world, bringing humans in contact with spiritual entities with strange inhuman powers. By attempting to mirror these powers and with assistance from fallen angels, humans gained the ability to wield the power known as magic. Chief among these were the 10 Great Wise Men of Europea, who sought to use the magic they had acquired to create a spiritual and scientific revolution. With hatred of God who ruled from some distant part of the universe the magic they unleashed brought the annihilation of the old world

One of these was Abigail, who after the destruction of the old world, became a dark cleric, and one of the Riders of Havoc under the leadership of the Evil Wizard Dark Schneider. But when Dark Schneider mysteriously disappeared for years, Abigail made a deal with the Demon Anthrax, said to be the destroyer of the old world, to give him the power to bring about the scientific and spiritual revolution he still desired and to create a world without suffering.

Anthrax took hold of Abigail's desires manipulating him, though Abigail eventually escaped Anthrax's hold and returned to the aid of Dark Schneider. 

Non-Magic Abilities:

The 10 Wise Men with their knowledge of magic made themselves like the Elves. This gave them an incredibly long lifespan, resistance to charming magic, and an increase in spiritual power. This increase in spiritual power gives Abigail enhanced physical strength, enough to send a normal soldier flying into a wall cratering it and physical durability on a comparable level. Abigail is fast enough to surprise Arshes Nei with his physical motions who had previously easily reacted to a supersonic attack at close range. He should also be comparable in reaction speed to Gara who CAUGHT a light beam. 

Abigail also has a few other abilities. He has a regen factor, powerful to regen from having his body blown to bits, however this is very slow and impractical in combat as regenering from having his body blown to bits took over 2 years. 

Most famously though, Abigail is a technopath able to merge his mind with machines. He also has backup brains in machines which is likely what he is regenerating FROM.


Abigail is a top tier spellcaster of the Earth and is quite adept at magic. Abigail is a noted necromancer able to raise the dead, to the extent that he had an undead legion at this control. Abigail has a number of very powerful magical spells including

Accursed: A spell that implants a blue nail on the target. If the target doesn't obey the nail turns progressively red until it becomes completely red at which point the victim is turned into a toad. 

Heretic: Causes tentacles to emerge from the ground and tie up enemies. 

Regent Gentle Descent: Slows one's descent into the air and cushions one's fall. 

Thor: Shoots an energy beam from Abigail's forehead powerful enough to go through Dark Schneider who had previously survived the collision of his and Arshes Nei's swords, one of which can cut through a mountain. 

Wasp: Banishes Demons from the Physical Realm, if the demon is particularly weak it can erase the demon entirely. 

Spell Bound: A Spell made as a shadow of the Angels and Demons' "Dispell Bounds", Spell Bounds creates a city level forcefield capable of blocking most powers. That said it doesn't seem as easy to remake if destroyed as Dispell Bounds is, and it's only a single layer rather then the numerous that Angels and Demons possess. 

Forbidden: Summons Starving Spirits and Ghosts to eat the opponent on the physical and spiritual planes. Can summon a lot of them.

Blind Guardian: Abigail's most powerful spell, creates a cage of thorns which tear at opponents and if they do not die sends them into an eternal slumber. Was able to be somewhat effective even against the Demon Anthrax.  


Abigail has and uses a lot of powerful equipment. He wears a tentacle armor that makes him impervious to electricity and will impale enemies trying to attack him from behind.

But his most powerful weapons that he ever had were the Three Cursed Items; The Demonic Armor, The Devilish Hammer, and Satan's Ring. 

The Demonic Armor grants immunty to magical and mundane attack alike, up to even the power of Dark Schneider's spell Halloween which previously atomized a large quantity of stone, calced at country level. The Devilish Hammer is a weapon spiritually embued with the earth element, capable of creating city-busting earthquakes. Satan's Ring allows for the gradual absorption of energy across an entire country to be fed into the Devilish Hammer, and can open a black hole to other dimensions with the technique "Giran Ira". It can also the user to regenerate from being reduced to a skeleton

However the three attain their full power when used in conjunction, and this is the form Abigail used when he became...Omega Abigail.

Omega Abigail:



Abigail, unlike some magic-users in his setting has no ability to fly or levitate. Like most however his spells require hand motions and speech and thus can not be spammed.

Also in his Omega Abigail form, in order to see needs to have his head sticking out of the Armor which gives Omega Abigail a pretty notable weak point

Also his name might sound a touch silly.


Abigail for the most part is relatively calm and stoic but can be over-the-top when angered. He is officially categorized as Neutral Evil due to his willingness to commit atrocities and sins for his goals. He is heavily ambitious and driven to create a better society, though this sometimes overrides his caution. For the most part however he is a fairly results-oriented scientific dark priest and mage. 

Alright our combatants are set. It's time....for a DEATH PREDICTION!

The Procession of the Heavenly Bodies that resides over the material world do show to others different faces, just as we show to different people different faces. A rare celestial event, giving for the briefest second a magical ability beyond normal convention appeared in the worlds to each world showing a different face and a different opportunity .

With the power of the Celestial Event, Abigail broke into this parallel world. A new world wholly of magical elements, what power to be harassed.... With just a bit of this land's magic he could redouble his power many times over.

With the power of the Celestial Event, Grimnir felt his magic overpower the charm on his binds and with a magical burst they broke. The chance for his vengeance was here, and more importantly the chance to continue his quest to end this magical maelstrom. 

As the heavens returned to normal, retracting their celestial power in preparation for the magical duel. Grimnir teleported quickly to the bottom of the hill where he saw another imposing figure moving through the woods.

"Who are you" Grimnir demanded "Do you intend to stop my noble quest to correct the imbalances of this world?"

Abigail stuttered "I am the Dark Cleric Abigail of a far distant land and I can't allow you to do that, the power of this world can fuel my powers to the pinnacle."

Grimnir grimaced under his hood "The cosmos seems to torment me. Why else would the person they send to stop me...have such a silly name?"

Abigail's eyes flared dangerously.


Abigail raised his hands and with a few words cast "Heretic". Tendrils emerged from the ground binding Grimnir's form. Grimnir looked annoyed at this and with a slight gesture the dark for a single moment as a lightning bolt came from the sky in the blink of an eye.

Yet Abigail's form remained unfazed, his Tentacle Armor making him immune. As Abigail prepared another spell he suddenly found himself atop a floating platform

Dead ahead of him was a giant spectral form of his adversary, who had pulled Abigail into his mind for a mind duel. 

A bunch of Goblin shamans danced around him attempting to be menacing however Grimnir's armor quickly impaled two of them flying their corpses and with a slight burst of his strength he sent the rest careening over the side.

Grimnir scowled and transported him to another floating island, summoning a vast menagerie of mages to deal with this pest. However as they flung towards him, his Spell Bounds held them at bay and Abigail thought hard and deep

Other brains reached our their connection and before the assembled Minions very eyes more Abigail appeared. 

From the ground Abigails' minions, a legion of the dead quickly emerged and overwhelmed Grimnir's servants.

Abigail returned to the realm of the awake. Grimnir was angry at his plan being foiled and prepared for his next counterattack. 

From Grimnir a powerful burst of wind emerged swirling around and around picking up dirt and debris and flinging it with force and directly a wave of fire and steam emerged moving directly for the Dark Priest, but as soon as they came near they nullified from the power of his Spell Bound. Grimnir was unpleased.

Abigail called upon the cursed ghosts from the other realm with "Forbidden" and a myriad of strange astral forms emerged, monstrous and mysterious alike and they flew for Grimnir with a hungry growl, a dark wind whipping alongside them.

Grimnir was stationary as if holding his ground against the dark onslaught before, as they grew close, a magical burst came from him and the ghosts suddenly found their bodies wrapped in flesh as they were forced into material being. Grimnir took a slight step forward and from him came a life-ice wall supercharing life energy causing the dead forms of the ghosts to explode violently in a shower of blood.

Abigail in the meantime had rushed to the side and forward coming up to flank Grimnir, one hand holding his morningstar and the other a bat. Grimnir sensing the death energy on the morningstar quickly shielded himself but the bat still hit his shield form sending him flying. 

Abigail, thinking he had won and wanting to rejunivate himself called a stream of rainbow colored lights and ribbons to henshin himself and regenerate.

However as Grimnir took off however he disappeared in a blink of light before reappearing next to the transforming Abigail.

"How dare you mock me with such a display?!" Angrily yelled Grimnir. 

From Grimnir's form came two intangible levitating copies of himself. Abigail took a defensive stance, before sending a surprise blast of "Thor" at Grimnir. Grimnir hastily set up a bubble while his two copies before floating around Abigail blasting at his Spell Bound with their arcane-lightning beams and their meteors, obscuring the ground with meteor smoke and the lightning's light being splintered.

Suddenly the form of Grimnir disappeared completely inside his bubble as he cast a charm of invisibility. 

Abigail fell into defensive position under the large hill, holding himself and his spell bounds up against the assault. Grimnir stealthily moved towards planning to cancel out Abigail's shield with his own.

Abigail realizing that the invisible main enemy must be around here somewhere felt his body's magical aura burn with power as he used his most powerful spell, "Blind Guardian".

The whole of the area became quickly enshrouded as great thorns emerged from the ground tearing the trees and the ground to bits. The Invisible Grimnir darted around, realizing he would quickly be torn and cast the counter-magic "Nullify".

Nullify ended all magical effects in bounds, including the Blind Guardian, Grimnir's clones....and the Spell Bounds. The Dark Lord of Knowledge, beholding his enemy's sudden weakness launched a quick conflagaration at his position, a burning fire wall advancing at Abigail's position with great speeds. 

Abigail quickly hit the ground, the fire wall burning the back of his cape. Grimnir quickly readied a death ice wall for a quick finish to this fight. Abigail with shaking hands, used his last resource, and slipped the ring of Satan upon his finger, calling the other cursed items to him.

Grimnir beheld as his death en-laded ice wall's energies did not strike a man but a massive machine, unlike anything seen before in Midgard. This mechanical beast stepped and with it the ground did shake beneath his feat. From Grimnir's hands came beams of lightning and steam but they did nothing against Omega Abigail's body. 

Omega Abigail cast the power of Giren Ira and a great black hole began sucking at the surroundings, trees and lakes uprooted into he black hole where neither light nor heat nor air existed, the hill did collapse in on itself as large chunks of it's material were sucked into the black hole, dust and large boulders and hill chunks were sent flown through the air crushing much of the surroundings. 

Grimnir felt his body being tugged towards the vortex and cast a quick nullify, and with that the Black Hole was gone...but to Grimnir's shock the mechanical beast remained unaffected....this was not magic?!

Omega Abigail used the power of the Demonic Hammer and threw it's fist into Grimnir but at the last second Grimnir put up his own shield, and so the assault "merely" launched him far into the horizon. 

Omega Abigail activated the power of his Abigail beam to send a powerful laser into the ground tearing many hundreds of meters to the ground's fragile skin and launching him a great distance to combat his enemy. 

Grimnir saw the mountains above the Jarn Mines as he flew flung through the air and teleported to the ground. He saw the great Mechanical Monster "fly" towards him and quickly prepared the power of the ethereal darkness.

Omega Abigail landed next to Grimnnir, drawing the tiny figure but before he could do anything a great darkness spread out across the land, like a negative sunrise, the darkness covered the whole of Midgard and the whole of the world was plunged into the blind world.

Omega Abigail growled and used his own control of darkness to send the darkness away from him, revealing the area immediately around him. Suddenly a cold wind swept in from the east, hitting his exposed head and a great blizzard fell from the skies, caused by the hiding Grimnir. "W..Where a..are you? He said menancingly his teeth chattering from the cold. His great power caused his mighty arm sweeps to shake the mountain sides. To expose the hiding dark lord he used the power of Satan's Ring, and across the land down even to the Great City of Havindr and the locality of Dunderhaed were drained of their energy. the land was dark and cold and much of the life perished from the struggle.

The land shuddered and recoiled at the dark mages struggle. Grimnir heard the booming voice of Omega Abigail. He heard the slight chattering of his teeth, "His head is exposed...?"he thought to himself before suddenly feeling the drain on his mana.

 "No! My energy!" Grimnir thought. Grimnir could tell from his senses that his beautiful world was being devastated and drained. Grimnir yelled at Abigail from behind the wall of ice "I am the savior of Migard! I will destroy you!"

Abigail turned in the direction of the voice and saw emerge from the ice two ethereal forms which fired lightning-death beams at his exposed head. Their lights provided brief breaks in the darkness cutting through it to all those in high places that could behold it. Abigail blocked their beams with his great arms, his movements sluggish from the ice, his mighty steps backwards breaking the hill behind him and causing the ground to cave.

Grimnir at hasted speeds ran across the trembling ground struggling to maintain his balance leaping at super speeds up to the base of the broken mountain casting with his thought the time slow spell and leapt at super speeds up the falling broken pieces of the mountain up to the height of bill. Grimnir charged up a death-energy rock but Abigail felt the time slow pull at his movements, even through Grimnir's attempt to mask it with the blizzard's cold.

Omega Abigail guessed Grimnir's tactics and slammed into the falling hill debris crumbling the fragments even further and taking his morningstar ejected himself in midair reading to slow his own fall with his spell

Grimnir felt the stone under him give way and collapse into tiny fragments and saw the enclosing figure and as the metal ball came down upon him let go of his own magic and quickly mixed life, lightning and fire mana.

The metal ball of the morningstar hit Grimnir's head instantly killing him, at the same time the great rock mana charged his Abigail's torso, tearing a hole through his body and causing the death mana to course through his body and make him explode into a spray of gore.

Down at the ground a phoenix called by Grimnir's magic slammed into the ground, resurrecting him. Grimnir looked upon his world, devastated but still alive.


So this one is really multifacted and involves a lot of smaller points, the long and short of it though is Grimnir can counter all of Abigail's common magics while Abigail would have a hard time countering Griminir's.

While Abigail's Spell Bound would protect him from any magic directly speaking, Grimnir can cancel it out with a nullify or with his own shield power and if that happens Abigail is basically a sitting duck to any of Grimnir's more offensive magics that he can bust out. You'd think Omega Abigail would be able to completely defend Abigail however while Omega Abigail could tank all of Grimnir's offensive based magics initially Grimnir can slow him down a lot using Blizzard, Time Slow, Darkness, and Shield while his intangible flying copies can blast Omega Abigail with beams until he dies. Abigail has no way of countering the Flying Intangible Grimnir except MAYBE with Forbidden. 

Conversely all of Abigail's magics, even the power of Blind Guardian and the haxes of Accursed, Forbidden, and Giren Ira can be countered with nullify and all of Abigail's raw power moves would be countered by a simple Shield spell.

Both have powerful defenses, but Grimnir can much more easily overwhelm Abigail then the inverse. This is because both have reflexes far in excess of the other's movement speeds but Abigail would find it hard to trap Grimnir since his magic requires invocations and motions being only a shadow of the Angels' and Demons' abilities who can do it with only gestures while meanwhile Grimnir actually can cast spells purely with slight motions. With both of their reflexes being so much faster this is a battle of planning more then spontaneity and while Grimnir is not the type of be very spontaneous and creative, he is very talented at planning. 

While Omega Abigail is much more powerful, a death pulse from a death-electricity-ice wall or a death-rock would be able to kill purely from splash damage to his head, and while Abigail's Elf-like charm resistance would resist the Charm Magicka, it's not confirmed it would be able to protect from Fear Magicka. 

The winner is... Grimnir. 

Next Time:

As always, thanks to my friend Thor for proving this epic score and this next time. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Protagonist Versus Game

This is a versus game that I really like, but only rarely comes up so just wanted to make a quick blog explaining it on the off-chance I can get to play it sometime.

Basically you pick two series. The Protagonists of the two verses are switched and have to fight every fight that the other one did.

Rule 1: Each Protag is only as strong for a fight as they were at the chronologically same part in their own series. Chapter 1 = Episode 1 = Level 1. So if Protag A fought X in episode 2 and Y in episode 6, then Protag B only is as strong for their fight with X as they were in episode 2 of their own series and only as strong for their with Y as they were in episode 6 of their own series.

Rule 2: Character gets the same amount of outside help as the other character did in that fight. So any assistance Protag A had for fight X, Protag B will also have, assuming they let them help

Rule 3: Protag has same level of info about enemies that the other character did and vice versa

Rule 4: Fights take place in same area as they did originally

You can also if you want add that they must also complete the same objective that the other protagonist had in their place, like protect x person or whatever

I personally find it really fun since you get a lot more crazy fight variations since some of you see characters fighting at various points in their timeline.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Army vs Army combat in versus debating

Hi! I just wanted to share how I personally conceptualize and break down army vs army combat in versus debating on the chance that it proves valuable. Enjoy.

When it comes to Army vs Army combat, there are sort of three roles that form a fundamental triangle of tactics:

1: Speed
2: Range + Long-Range Offensive Power
3: Defense + Short Range Offensive Power

In the Medieval World there were essentially

1: Light Infantry or Cavalry
2: Archers or Siege Weapons (like Catapults)
3: Heavy Infantry, something like spearmen

In Classical Warfare, Light Infantry or Cavalry could close the distance on ranged attacks and get them at close range where they were vulnerable. Archers or Cannonball fire could take out heavily armored infantry who couldn't move as fast, yet if you advanced a light infantry division into a heavy infantry one, or worse a cavalry into a spear formation, it would be killing them.

In Modern Styles of Warfare, these three do have analogues:

1: Assault: Infantry of all types (Mobility)
2: Artillery: Morters, Howziters etc. (Range)
3: Armor: Tanks and such (Defense)


Infantry can capture artillery platforms easiest due to numbers and speed/mobility. Artillery can destroy armor with their heavy rounds. And Armor can withstand the light arms of Assault and crush them at close range.

Transplanting this to a Fictional Army is not as hard as it seems. All one needs to do is properly divide forces into rough types based on their utility in the forces; as either a close-range mobile unit, a long-rang blaster unit, or a tanky unit.

All Units are going to have some level of all 3, but this is merely a distinction of how they fit into the larger scheme.

Now obviously in some army vs army struggles, one side will simply be completely outclassed, this is an assessment on how to consider it in circumstances where it is marginally even.

A Ground Fight between Two Armies can be seen as a combination of 9 different individual conflicts (abstracted as Red Team and Blue Team for convenience). This includes three mirror matches, and three matches with each division at disadvantage. In each case, the division must do it's best to use the strategy that defeats the type of division it is fighting. These 9:

Red Assault vs Blue Assault: Generally a measure of which can become most "armor-like" since Armor beats Assault. Measure of who has better defenses and close-range capacities and thus can withstand the other's assault.
Red Artillery vs Blue Artillery: Generally a measure of which can become most "assault-like" since Assault beats Artillery. Measure of who has better speeds and thus can disable each other's firing capacities faster.
Red Armor vs Blue Armor: Generally a measure of which can become most "artillery-like" since Artillery beats Armor. Measure of who has better range and long-range firepower and thus can blast the other more accurately from safety.

Red Assault vs Blue Artillery: Red Advantage. Measure of Red's Speed, it's natural advantage, versus Blue's Defense, it's ability to become Armor-like.
Red Artillery vs Blue Armor: Red Advantage. Measure of Red's Range, it's natural advantage, versus Blue's Speed, it's ability to become Assault-like.
Red Armor vs Blue Assault. Red Advantage. Measure of Red's Defense, it's natural advantage, versus Blue's Range, it's ability to become Artillery-like.

Blue Assault vs Red Artillery: Blue Advantage. Measure of Blue's Speed, it's natural advantage, versus Red's Defense, it's ability to become Armor-like.
Blue Artillery vs Red Armor: Blue Advantage. Measure of Blue's Range, it's natural advantage, versus Red's Speed, it's ability to become Assault-like.
Blue Armor vs Red Assault. Blue Advantage. Measure of Blue's Defense, it's natural advantage, versus Red's Range, it's ability to become Artillery-like.

This should yield 9 advantages. Now it's obviously not purely a counting machine. Getting 4 massive advantages would likely beat 5 marginal advantages. That said, it is through number and depth of the advantages that one can understand where each side's strengths lies and who is most likely to win.

In versus debating, these are often biological, magical, or heavily technologically advanced compared to a Real Army, but the same principles, in my mind should apply to any ground combat. Most ground combat is going to come down to, trying to pin down enemy Assault with your Armor, while taking out enemy Artillery with your Assault while your Artillery destroys Enemy Armor.

Some other Points:



There are some units that are very good at multiple roles. Historical Examples would be things like the Heavy Cavalry with high Defense/Mobility or the famed Horse Archers with Mobility/Range. Choose the role that best fits their tactics.

What this means it that they will be very good at being like another role, which means in a mirror match or possibly even against what should be their disadvantage they can take the edge for their side, or at least minimize the depth of the edge.


Terrain. Terrain provides two important things before all else. Cover and Movement Restrictions. Usually but not always, the two are correlated. Cover minimizes effectiveness of long-range assault on the area and Movement Restriction slows down movement. If Mobility becomes 0, the terrain becomes "impassable" to the unit. Heavy Terrain with high cover and movement restrictions, like say a thick forest, favors Assault, since Armor is slowed down heavily to the point of sometimes not being able to move, and Artillery can't fire accurately at range.


Aquatic/Aerial Units:

Aquatic Battles have been a part of warfare for millenia. There is a difference between strictly aquatic units and amphibious units. On a strictly ground combat, Amphibious units are no different from other units. Aquatic Units can do almost or absolutely nothing in strict ground combat. In a fight with Water, Aquatic Units function as any other unit, though water physics dynamics are different enough that they likely use different types of weapons. Amphibious Units essentially get any large expanse of water on the battlefield go from impassable to normal mobility.

Aerial Units may seem a more radical change, since Air Combat is a relatively new type of warfare. However I don't find Airborne Units that difficult to integrate. Being able to fly essentially gives one a large boost to Mobility and thus making the unit far more powerful against Artillery. This means it is least useful for Assault, basically giving them an ever stronger game against Artillery. For Artillery having to fight a mirror match, Flight gives them a big advantage, same as with Armor going up against what is traditionally their weakness.

Their are in real life and occasionally in fiction there are dedicated anti-air units and ability, which completely neutralizes airbone advantages going against them and instead gives an advantage to the anti-air.


More Exotic Options

Fiction has a number of more exotic abilities that can make for interesting tactics.

There are some offensive haxes that ignore defenses. These abilities essentially give the unit an infinite Artillery-Like Potential at whatever range the hax works at against anything without resistance, and work as ideal anti-Armor.

There are some movement options that allow to exist outside the same range of combat, such as orbital units (existing in space), or going into other dimensions/planes and coming out again. When it comes to these there are really two options; that the unit can attack the enemy from that inaccessible area or they can't.

If they can't, then it's actually very similar to flight, in that it provides a big boost to mobility against anything that can't attack into that area. If they can however, then it provides an effectively infinite mobility. Unless the unit is just completely unable to do any damage to what they are attacking and will just die from exertion or the defending unit has some way to attack the inaccessible area, then the attacking unit will always win.


Infiltration/Stealth Units: Certain Special Units specialize in getting behind enemy lines without detection. These are hard to really account for, but the real defense is either anti-stealth abilities or intelligence large enough to detect them.

This is just my way of understanding army vs army and how to break it down and make it somewhat more manageable.