Thursday, October 27, 2016

Magical Girls that have been turned evil

This is my list off the top of my head of every time a Magical Girl has been turned evil, due to a thing that came up in a chat I was in.

Warning, there will be spoilers. Also this doesn't count if they started off evil, just if they were good and then become evil.

All the Sailor Senshi in Sailor Moon except Moon and Chibi-Moon:

were turned into the Galactica Senshi.

In PGSM, Sailor Mercury:

was turned into Dark Mercury:

Sara the Orange Pearl Princess:

turned evil.

Warrior Pudding (NSFW series):

turned into Dark Pudding:


became the Devil:

Cure White:

was briefly mind-controlled:

I think that's it for series I know.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Quick Calc: Crimson Spell Dragon Flame

Crimson Spell is a totally normal Medevil Fantasy Manga ;)

It is said a Dragon can evaporate a whole lake.

To be a lake it needs to be at least 2 acres. That's 8,093.71 Meters Squared. Even if I lowball it to 2 Meter deep average that makes it 16,187.42 meters cubed.

That's 17,187,420 kilograms of water.

It takes 22,570 Joules to Evaporate 1 Kilogram of water.

All together that's 387,920,069,400 Joules or ~92.7 Tons of TNT. High-End City-Block Level. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

DCEU Respect Thread (Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, and Suicide Squad)

Warning general spoilers for the DCEU abound.

I have rewatched all the DCEU and compiled feats for the entirety. Times are approximate.

DCEU Feats
Aquaman’s movements underwater create giant water bursts (BVS 2:01:25)

Batsuit tanks point-blank bullets (BVS 2:17:55)
Batman’s wrist guards block knives (BVS 2:18:05)
Batman deflects bullets off his greaves (SS 13:17)
Batman’s Batsuit protects him and Martha Kent from a flamethrower (BVS 2:19:20)

Batman moving too fast for a police to get a good shot (BVS 23:10)
Batman moves at speed comparable to Doomsdays’ energy pulse (BVS 2:32:33)

Batman has fought crime for 20 years (BVS 1:12:20)
Bruce Wayne training montage, showing how strong he is (BVS 1:38:00-1:39:05)
Batman fights off a bunch of gun-wielding criminals (BVS 2:17:20)
Batman duels with 4 criminals at once (BVS 2:17:40)

Batman Zipline (BVS 2:16:30)
Batman shows more zipline prowess (SS 13:22)
Batman Zipline combat (BVS 2:16:40-2:17:00)
Batman’s Zipline is strong enough to launch wooden crates (BVS 2:17:30)
Batman ziplines away from Doomsday and attacks (BVS 2:35:25-2:35:45)

Other Gadgets:
Batman has smoke bombs (BVS 23:16)
Batman’s electrical turrets are powerful enough to hurt Superman (BVS 2:03:33)
Batman places devices on criminal’s guns to get them to malfunction and knock them back (BVS 2:16:32)
Batman’s famous Batarang (BVS 2:17:01)

Armored Mode:
Kryptonite Weakened Superman throws Armored Batman through a wall (BVS 2:06:50)
Superman throws Armored Batman through a series of Walls (BVS 2:07:43)
Superman throws Armored Batman down to a roof so hard it smashes a concrete wall (BVS 2:05:50)
Superman tackles Armored Batman through a building (BVS 2:04:43)
Armored Batman is strong enough to send someone through a lot of concrete pillars with his zipline (BVS 2:10:10)

Batmobile can send other cars flying via ramming (BVS 1:15:15)
Batmobile tears through a building (BVS 1:17:42)
Batmobile brings down a ship (BVS 1:18:05)
Batmobile tanks bullets (BVS 1:16:10)
Batmobile can tank machine gun bullets (BVS 1:16:40)
Batmobile hooks can yank around whole cars (BVS 1:16:00)
Batmobile has its own guns (BVS 1:18:12)
Batmobile has missiles (BVS 1:18:25)

Batplane (BVS 2:15:10)
Batplane keeps pace with Doomsday’s Heat Vision (BVS 2:29:05)
Batplane Gatling gun (BVS 2:15:20)
Batplane has drone mode (BVS 2:15:45)

Captain Boomerang
Captain Boomerang survives the Lightning movement of the Flash crashing into him (SS 15:00)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)
Captain Boomerang physically beat up some ES (SS 55:40)
Suicide Squad can dodge the tendrils of Incubus (SS 1:35:55)

Captain Boomerang robbed every bank in Australia at least once (SS 14:43)

Captain Boomerang’s knife slices through an ES’s head (SS 55:45)
Captain Boomerang can remotely spy with his boomerangs (SS 1:29:45)

Diablo survives being kicked across a room by Incubus (SS 1:37:20)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)
Suicide Squad can dodge the tendrils of Incubus (SS 1:35:55)

El Diablo got jumped in a prison riot and incinerated half the yard (SS 15:30)
Casual Wall of Flame from El Diablo (SS 15:34)
El Diablo’s Wall of Flame in more detail (SS 24:08)
Angered El Diablo mass-incinerates ES (SS 1:04:48-1:05:00)
Diablo’s fire works on Incubus (SS 1:37:15)

El Diablo creates a picture of a woman out of flame in his palm (SS 15:20)
El Diablo made a floating crown of fire for himself (SS 24:12)
El Diablo makes the word “Bye” in flame (SS 25:00)
El Diablo creates an image of the Devil (SS I think) in flame (SS 57:52)

Demon Form:
Diablo’s Demon Form wrecks Incubus (SS 1:37:45)
Diablo’s Demon Form melt a hole through Incubus (SS 1:38:25)

Deadshot takes a brief beating from Batman without much ill effect (SS 8:15)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)
Deadshot hurts Enchantress with a punch (SS 1:41:30)
Suicide Squad can dodge the tendrils of Incubus (SS 1:35:55)

Deadshot regularly trains physically while in prison (SS 0:33)
Deadshot is lethal from 4,000 meters (SS 5:18)
Deadshot is proficient in all manner of guns, including Muskets (SS 5:20)
Deadshot is the most wanted hitman in the world (SS 5:22)
Deadshot with 1 second casually pulls off a trickshot, ricocheting a bullet into a target’s head (SS 6:40)
Deadshot is the man who never misses (SS 8:58)
They say Deadshoot has never missed a shot (SS 25:30)
Deadshot is so precise that he can fire bullet after bullet and keep hitting the same shot (SS 27:10-27:25)

Deadshot’s eye goggle increases his sight (SS 54:00)
Deadshot blasts dozens of ES to death, without missing once, generally killing each with just one bullet (SS 56:42-57:17)
Deadshot’s arm-gear holds against the Blades of Enchantress (SS 1:41:25)
Deadshot’s arm-gear holds against the Blades of Enchantress again (SS 1:41:59)

Doomsday can leap city blocks (BVS 3:23:30)
Doomsday began moving almost immediately after being hit by a nuke and then falling back down to Earth from Outer Space (BVS 2:27:50)
Doomsday was still going after being hit by a kryptonite gas grenade by Batman and then being stabbed by a kryptonite spear (BVS 2:38:00)
Doomsday regrows his hand (BVS 2:36:50)

Energy Manipulation:
Everytime you hit Doomsday, you make it more powerful (BVS 2:28:35)
Doomsday’s Awakening causes Metropolis to go dark (BVS 2:21:05)
Doomsday unleashed a multi-city block scale energy pulse (BVS 2:25:00)
Doomsday Created an energy pulse that covered a significant portion of the planet as to be seen from space (BVS 2:28:20)
Doomsday’s Heat Vision overcomes Superman’s (BVS 2:34:29)

General Nature
Enchantress is a “sorcerer from another dimension” (SS 16:35)
Enchantress is a metahuman stronger than any Waller has encountered (SS 17:15)
Enchantress is an extra-dimensional entity (SS 17:20)
Enchantress is age 6373 (SS 17:20)

Enchantress tanks Harley’s bat (SS 1:41:45)
Enchantress tanks bullets from Deadshot (SS 1:42:15)

Enchantress can create convincing illusions (SS 32:23)
Enchantress can sense presences (SS 1:33:32)
Enchantress can show people illusions of their heart’s desires (SS 1:34:30-1:35:00)
Enchantress telekinetically grabs Suicide Squad’s weapons away from them (SS 1:42:30)

Enchantress teleports to Tehran and gets secret documents (SS 21:20-21:30)
Enchantress Teleport spam (SS 1:40:30)

Enchantress can possess people (SS 17:25)
Enchantress can convert people into one of her spawn (SS 59:28)

Enchantress summons a machine to wipe out the humans (SS 40:45)
Enchantress’s darkness will spread across the world (SS 1:39:45)
Enchantress creates lighting so fast is almost immediately hits a space satellite (SS 1:40:05)
Enchantress’ Darkness spreads across the world (SS 1:40:10)
Enchantress’ Storm creates lighting bursts so powerful they one-shot military complexes (SS 1:40:15)
Enchantress’s storm was laying waste to the whole world (SS 1:41:00)

Weak Point
Enchantress’s heart is her weak point (SS 21:53)
Despite it being her weak point, Enchantress survives multiple stabs to her heart (SS 39:50)

Enchantress Spawn
Physical Status
Bullets were having almost no effect on Enchantress-Spawns (SS 54:36-54:40)
Close Range Pistol Shots were not affecting ES (SS 56:04)
ES can take a headshot and still fight (SS 1:09:25)
ES are agile enough to swing down into an elevator (SS 1:01:45)
ES can fight underwater (SS 1:36:40)

Mental Status
ES are smart enough to use weapons (SS 1:03:25)
ES are capable of using guns (SS 1:04:25)

Faora hurls Superman far (MOS 1:33:45)
Faora is stronger than Superman (MOS 1:33:30)
Faora leaps through a plane explosion (MOS 1:33:00)

Faora is faster than Superman (MOS 1:33:23)
Faora Blitzes (MOS 1:36:10)
Faora slide-dodges Superman’s jump-charge (MOS 1:34:10)

The Flash appears in a streak of lightning (SS 14:54)
The Flash moves so fast camera have a hard time picking him up (BVS 2:00:50)
The Flash creates electrical surges with his movements (BVS 20:00:50)
The Flash’s movement creates lightning (SS 14:59)

General Zod:
Zod casually hurls a car (MOS 1:29:25)
Zod kicks a Lexcorp Gasoline truck at Superman (MOS 2:03:33)
Zod punches Superman far into the air (MOS 2:04:05)
Zod flings Superman through multiple buildings (MOS 2:06:00)
Zod gets the upper hand on Superman in a fist fight (MOS 2:03:45)

Zod and Superman fight into Space (MOS 2:06:15)

Heat Vision:
Zod has Heat Vision (MOS 2:02:47)

Zod was bred to be a warrior, and trained his entire life (MOS 2:04:45-2:05:00)
General Zod forcibly gets control of his senses (MOS 1:47:45)
Zod learns Flight despite less than 24 hours on Earth (MOS 2:05:10)

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn can seemingly break limbs with just her natural strength (SS 36:42)
Harley outmuscles an ES (SS 1:01:55)
Despite being in a car that nose-dives into water and hits rock underwater, and being crashed through the front window, seemingly unconscious underwater, Harley Quinn still tries to kill Batman with a knife (SS 13:55)
Harley falls quite a distance and is fine (SS 1:15:23)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)
Joker and Harley Quinn can survive a vat of acidic chemicals (SS 1:07:47)

Harley Quinn moves in the same shot as Machine Gun Fire. (SS 1:12:30)
Suicide Squad can dodge the tendrils of Incubus (SS 1:35:55)
Harley grabs Katana’s sword and blitzes her taking her heart (SS 1:43:55)
Harley Quinn is acrobatic (SS 1:37)
Harley Quinn fights 3 ES acrobatically (SS 1:03:45)

Harley Quinn put 5, presumably armed, guards in the hospital (SS 2:45)
Harley Quinn procures a Machine Gun and gets it to the Joker before his escape (SS 9:55)

Harley’s Gun was blasting through Enchantress-Spawns (SS 55:08)
Harley Quinn was beating up an ES with her bat (SS 55:35)
Harley easily bats to death some ES (SS 56:20)

Harley Quinn is crazier and more fearless then the Joker himself (SS 13:13)

Physical Power:
Incubus lifts cars (SS 41:10)
Incubus tears through a train without effort (SS 36:08)
Incubus Tendrils tears through stone pillars (SS 39:22)
Incubus tendril easily stabs through a car (SS 40:55)
Incubus tendrils knocks helicopters out of the sky and does massive damage to buildings (SS 41:15)
Incubus presumably destroyed a large bridge (SS 48:44)
Incubus tanks bullets (SS 39:20)

Incubus regrows his hand (SS 1:37:00)
Incubus can absorb people (SS 35:45)
Incubus can absorb electrical energy (SS 36:00)

The Joker has a sh*tton of weapons (SS 30:10)
The Joker via unknown means survive a helicopter explosion (SS 1:15:32)
Joker and Harley Quinn can survive a vat of acidic chemicals (SS 1:07:47)

Jor-El beats up some other Kryptonians (MOS 4:30-4:45)
Jor-El fights well against Dru-Zod (MOS 12:50-13:30)

Katana’s blade was cleaving through Enchantress-Spawns (SS 55:00)
Katana slashes ES in half (SS 1:03:36)
Katana cuts off a hand of Incubus (SS 1:36:55)
Katana can cut the rest of Suicide Squad with one sword stroke “just like moving the lawn” (SS 47:46)
Katana’s sword traps the souls of it’s victims (SS 47:56)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)
Katana dodges a boomerang from Captain Boomerang (SS 51:15)
Suicide Squad can dodge the tendrils of Incubus (SS 1:35:55)

Killer Croc
For Killer Croc, evolution took a step backwards (SS 15:47)

Lifting Strength
Killer Croc can easily knock aside Armed Soldiers (SS 16:17)
Killer Croc threw an Enchantress Spawn dozens of feet away (SS 55:22)
Again, Killer Croc knocks an ES dozens of feet away (SS 55:32)
Killer Croc throws around Enchantress and does damage to her (SS 1:42:20-1:42:30)

Striking Strength
Killer Croc was strong enough to physically damage Enchantress-Spawns (SS 55:20)
A Solid Punch from Killer Croc bursts an Enchantress Spawn’s head open (SS 55:30)
Killer Croc tears an ES’s head off (SS 1:04:03)

The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)

Killer Croc can bite through armor (SS 16:20)

Killer Croc is an experienced Crocodile Wrestler (SS 15:59)
Despite his natural abilities, Killer Croc does train regularly (SS 23:12)

Killer Croc moves in the same shot as Machine Gun Fire. Possibly Superhuman Speed (SS 1:12:25)

Killer Croc’s eyes glow….can see in the dark? (SS 15:57)

Nam-Ek Damages Superman significantly with physical strikes (MOS 1:34:15)

Rick Flag
Colonel Rick Flag is “the finest Special Ops. Agent this nation has ever produced” (SS 18:13)
Rick Flag elbows an ES to death (SS 55:55)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)
Rick Flag moves in the same shot as Machine Gun Fire. (SS 1:12:29)
Suicide Squad can dodge the tendrils of Incubus (SS 1:35:55)

Slipknot…the man who can climb….ANYTHING (SS 43:00)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)

Teenage Superman pushes a bus (MOS 27:35)
A Casual tap from Superman sends Batman flying (BVS 2:03:45)
Superman holds up a steel tower (MOS 22:07)
Superman crashes through a mountain (MOS 50:15)
Superman smashes Zod through a stone pillar (MOS 1:29:36)
Superman knocks Faora through a building (MOS 1:34:02)
Superman throws Nam-Ek into trains causing them to collapse and explode (MOS 1:37:00)
Superman rams the World Engine with so much force as to cause the whole thing to explode, which he survives (MOS 1:54:35)
Superman Shifts Earth’s Plate, prevents devastating Earthquake (BVS 34:20)
Superman pierces through the Hull of Zod’s ship (MOS 1:56:50)
Superman has the strength to break Zod’s neck (MOS 2:07:40)

Superman is flameproof (MOS 21:25)
Kryptonite-Weakened Superman after being hit in the head with a sink, being dropped down several stories, is then knocked through several concrete pillars (BVS 2:10:10)
Superman gets hit by a train (MOS 1:37:40)
A Weakened Injured Superman fights through the Gravity Beam, a beam capable of terraforming the Entire Earth (MOS 1:53:55)
Superman after being weakened by Kryptonite, and hit with a nuke, survives and is ready to fight after being regenerated by the Sun’s rays (BVS 2:30:10)
Superman and Wonder Woman’s Shield block Doomsday’s Energy Pulse (BVS 2:32:5
Superman catches a person falling from a helicopter close to ground (MOS 1:35:37)
Superman catches up to a falling Escape Pod with Lois in it (MOS 1:26:50-1:27:10)
Superman flies from the Southern Indian Ocean to Metropolis in a few minutes (MOS 1:56:45)
Superman flies from Gotham to Juarez in less than 17 seconds (BVS 52:50-53:07)
You can see Superman’s movement in the same shot as lightning (MOS 1:48:40)
Superman zips into Space and Back (MOS 52:10-52:25)
Zod and Superman fight into Space (MOS 2:06:15)
Superman can take Doomsday up into space (BVS 2:25:45)
Weakened and Injured Superman flies through the Gravity Beam (MOS 1:54:20)
Superman overcomes the pull of a Singularity (MOS 1:59:40)
Superman outpaces Zod’s ship, which should be comparable to his ship which rapidly flew from Saturn to Earth (MOS 1:56:45)

Heat Vision:
Superman Heat Visions a tunnel through the ice (MOS 37:45)
Superman’s Heat Vision works on Nam-Ek and Faora (MOS 1:35:03)
Superman’s Heat Vision works on Zod’s ship (MOS 1:57:10)

Enhanced Senses:
Superman has x-ray vision from a young age (MOS 23:07)
Graphic Depiction of Superman’s super-senses even from young age (MOS 23:25)
Superman uses X-Ray Vision and Heat Vision to cauterize a wound (MOS 41:15-41:25)
Superman has telescopic vision (MOS 1:02:55)
Clark Kent hears Bruce Wayne’s secret transmissions to Alfred (BVS 48:00)
Superman’s Super-Hearing allows him to hear Lois trapped (BVS 2:34:35)

Superman fights tactically, over-exposing Zod’s senses (MOS 1:30:30)
Superman fights Nam-Ek and Faora at once (MOS 1:34:45-1:34:57)

Superman was weaker around the World Engine (MOS 1:46:10)

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is ageless (BVS 1:40:00)
Wonder Woman superleaps (BVS 2:33:05)
Doomsday and Wonder Woman go fisticuffs (BVS 2:33:45)
Doomsday knocks Wonder Woman back, no effect on her (BVS 2:33:53)

At least 100 years of likely combat experience
Wonder Woman has killed things from other worlds before (BVS 2:32:05)
Wonder Woman was enjoying the battle against Doomsday (BVS 2:36:35)

Wonder Woman’s Bracers protect against Doomsday’s Heat Vision (BVS 2:30:50)
By knocking her bracers together Wonder Woman creates a sonic attack that pushes back Doomsday (BVS 2:31:05)

Lasso of Truth
Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth holds Doomsday (BVS 2:37:30)

Wonder Woman’s Shield block Doomsday’s Energy Pulse (BVS 2:32:53)

Wonder Woman’s Sword Cuts Doomsday (BVS 2:33:25)
Wonder Woman’s Blade sliced off Doomsday’s hand (BVS 2:36:40)


The Kryptonians lasted hundreds of thousands of years (MOS 46:15)
The Kryptonian Archives contains information from a thousand different worlds (BVS 1:37:55)

Battle Armor:
Kryptonian Battle Armor has these Blades which can cut through Kryptonian Battle Armor (MOS 14:15-14:20)
Kryptonian Battle Armor Tanks Bullets (MOS 1:36:03)

Ground Combat Technology:
Kryptonian Energy Guns can vaporize people (MOS 3:15)
Kryptonian Battle Drone hurts Superman (MOS 38:45)

Space Technology:
Kryptonian Technology is so advanced that they can send people into Black Holes without them dying (MOS 16:10-16:17)
Kryptonian Technology….creates a Black Hole to send people to the Phantom Zone (MOS 17:45-18:08)
Kryptonian Space Pod emerges outside Saturn and reaches Earth within a day’s time (MOS 19:30-20:00)
Zod’s ship traveled across an ocean of stars (MOS 1:04:35)
Kryptonians have control over the electromagnetic field (MOS 1:05:30)
Kryptonians can teleport ships through dimensions (MOS 1:18:45)
Zod’s Ship’s Laser harms and knocks back Superman (MOS 1:30:53)

World Engine:
World Engine can move at mach 24 (MOS 1:42:20)
World Engine impact creates huge debris (MOS 1:42:40)
The Force of the World Engine creates a massive shockwave (MOS 1:44:00)
This Diagram suggests the World Engine is massive and also the area immediately affected is massive (MOS 1:44:36)
The World Engine’s Power was creating a storm around it (MOS 1:48:37)
The World Engine automatically protects itself (MOS 1:49:00)

Mind Technology:
Kryptonians can upload their consciousness (MOS 45:00)
Kryptonian Technology allows translation into many different world languages (MOS 1:04:00)
Kryptonians can directly send messages to the brain (MOS 1:17:45)
Kryptonians have mind-reading technology (MOS 1:28:07)

Genetic Manipulation:
Kryptonians can bond genetic codes to individual cells and extract them even if the organism is dead (MOS 1:40:35)
Kryptonians can use their control of genes to create Doomsday monsters (BVS 1:41:25)

General DCEU
The Destruction of Krypton (MOS 19:10)
The DCEU Already has Prisons for Metahumans (SS 0:25)
Spectre Reference? (SS 1:15)

  • ·         Water Manipulation
  • ·         Super-Speed
  • ·         Trident

  • ·         Wall Level Base
  • ·         Superhuman Speed, Likely Relativistic to FTL Reflexes
  • ·         Highly Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Various Gadgets: Zipline, Smoke Bombs, Electronic-Shorting out Devices, Batarangs, Turrens, Batmobile, Batplane
  • ·         Armored Batman is Low Building Level
  • ·         High Intelligence

Captain Boomerang
  • ·         Superhuman Strength, Wall Level with Weapons
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Highly Skilled
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Knife, Boomerang with sensors that can be used to spy, Pink Unicorn Plushie

  • ·         Normal Human Strength
  • ·         Wall to Low Building Level Fire (Fire can be controlled to create images)
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Demon Form-Building Level DC/Durability

  • ·         Wall Level Strength, Wall+ Level Bullets
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Gun, Accuracy-Enhancing Goggle, Arm-Gear
  • ·         Highly Skilled, Especially in Shooting Accuracy

  • ·         Island Level Strength
  • ·         Island Level Durability
  • ·         Likely Relativistic to FTL Speed
  • ·         Energy Absorption
  • ·         Energy Pulses
  • ·         Regeneration
  • ·         Heat Vision

  • ·         Multi-Continent Level DC with Prep, Unknown without, Possibly Low Building Level based on Incubus
  • ·         Wall Level+ Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed, Massively Hypersonic Attack Speed
  • ·         Teleportation
  • ·         Illusions
  • ·         Telekinesis
  • ·         Can turn people into one of her spawn
  • ·         Possession
  • ·         Summoning (Summoned her machine)
  • ·         Weak Point-Heart

Enchantress Spawn
  • ·         Unknown DC, Potentially Superhuman
  • ·         Wall Level Durability
  • ·         More Agile then Normal Humans
  • ·         Don’t seem to need to breathe, can fight normally underwater
  • ·         Smart enough to use weapons

  • ·         City Level Strength at Least
  • ·         City Level Strength at Least
  • ·         Likely Relativistic to FTL Speed, Agile Fighter
  • ·         Enhanced Senses but does not have control of it
  • ·         Super-Leaping
  • ·         Can Survive in a Vacuum

  • ·         Potentially FTL Speed
  • ·         Electricity Projection
  • ·         Seeming Time Travel Abilities

General Zod
  • ·         City Level Strength at Least
  • ·         City Level Durability at Least
  • ·         Likely Relativistic to FTL Speed
  • ·         Heat Vision
  • ·         Super Senses
  • ·         Highly Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Can Survive in a Vacuum

Harley Quinn
  • ·         Wall Level Physically Strength
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed, possibly higher (sliced Enchantress and took her heart before she could react), Acrobatic Fighter
  • ·         Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Joker Gun, Bat

  • ·         Low Building Level Strength
  • ·         Low Building Level Durability
  • ·         Likely Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Regeneration
  • ·         Absorption (Can Absorb Matter and Energy)

  • ·         Likely Wall Level Physically Strength
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Likely Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Likely Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Manipulator
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Knives, Guns, Potentially Explosives

  • ·         Low Building Level Blade with Battle Armor, Likely City to Island Level+ on Earthlike Planet
  • ·         Low Building Level with Battle Armor, Likely City to Island Level+ on Earthlike Planet
  • ·         Peak Human Speed, Likely Massively Hypersonic+ on Earthlike Planet
  • ·         Super-Intellect
  • ·         Highly Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Other Kryptonian Powers after enough time on Earthlike Planet

  • ·         Wall Level Strength, Sword ignores Physical Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Highly Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Soul-Stealing Sword

Killer Croc
  • ·         Wall Level Strength
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Peak Human Speed, Possibly Superhuman Speed on Land, Superhuman underwater
  • ·         Can fight normally underwater
  • ·         Can Bite through Armor
  • ·         Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Seems to have Night-vision

  • ·         Likely City Level Strength at Least
  • ·         Likely City Level Durability at Least
  • ·         Likely Relativistic to FTL Speed
  • ·         Enhanced Senses, but does not have control of it
  • ·         Super-Leaping
  • ·         Can Survive in a Vacuum

Rick Flag
  • ·         Wall Level Strength
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Gun

  • ·         Can climb anything

  • ·         Island Level Strength
  • ·         Island Level Durability
  • ·         Relativistic to FTL Speed
  • ·         Flight
  • ·         Heat Vision comparable to Strength
  • ·         Super-Senses
  • ·         Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Can Survive in a Vacuum

Wonder Woman
  • ·         Island Level Strength
  • ·         Island Level Durability
  • ·         Relativistic to FTL
  • ·         Super-Leaping
  • ·         Bracers-Sonic Attack
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Bracers, Lasso of Truth, Sword, Shield
  • ·         Agelessness
  • ·         Skilled Fighter

Rough Tier List
Tier 1:
Wonder Woman

Tier 2:
General Zod (Earth)

Tier 3:

Tier 4:
Diablo (Demon Form)

Tier 5:
Batman (Armored Form)
Jor-El (Battle Armor)
General Zod (Krypton, Battle Armor)
Diablo (Angered)

Tier 6:
Batman (Normal)
Killer Croc
Harley Quinn
Captain Boomerang
Rick Flag

Tier 7:
Enchantress Spawn

Tier 8:

Too Much Speculation: