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DCEU Respect Thread (Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, and Suicide Squad)

Warning general spoilers for the DCEU abound.

I have rewatched all the DCEU and compiled feats for the entirety. Times are approximate.

DCEU Feats
Aquaman’s movements underwater create giant water bursts (BVS 2:01:25)

Batsuit tanks point-blank bullets (BVS 2:17:55)
Batman’s wrist guards block knives (BVS 2:18:05)
Batman deflects bullets off his greaves (SS 13:17)
Batman’s Batsuit protects him and Martha Kent from a flamethrower (BVS 2:19:20)

Batman moving too fast for a police to get a good shot (BVS 23:10)
Batman moves at speed comparable to Doomsdays’ energy pulse (BVS 2:32:33)

Batman has fought crime for 20 years (BVS 1:12:20)
Bruce Wayne training montage, showing how strong he is (BVS 1:38:00-1:39:05)
Batman fights off a bunch of gun-wielding criminals (BVS 2:17:20)
Batman duels with 4 criminals at once (BVS 2:17:40)

Batman Zipline (BVS 2:16:30)
Batman shows more zipline prowess (SS 13:22)
Batman Zipline combat (BVS 2:16:40-2:17:00)
Batman’s Zipline is strong enough to launch wooden crates (BVS 2:17:30)
Batman ziplines away from Doomsday and attacks (BVS 2:35:25-2:35:45)

Other Gadgets:
Batman has smoke bombs (BVS 23:16)
Batman’s electrical turrets are powerful enough to hurt Superman (BVS 2:03:33)
Batman places devices on criminal’s guns to get them to malfunction and knock them back (BVS 2:16:32)
Batman’s famous Batarang (BVS 2:17:01)

Armored Mode:
Kryptonite Weakened Superman throws Armored Batman through a wall (BVS 2:06:50)
Superman throws Armored Batman through a series of Walls (BVS 2:07:43)
Superman throws Armored Batman down to a roof so hard it smashes a concrete wall (BVS 2:05:50)
Superman tackles Armored Batman through a building (BVS 2:04:43)
Armored Batman is strong enough to send someone through a lot of concrete pillars with his zipline (BVS 2:10:10)

Batmobile can send other cars flying via ramming (BVS 1:15:15)
Batmobile tears through a building (BVS 1:17:42)
Batmobile brings down a ship (BVS 1:18:05)
Batmobile tanks bullets (BVS 1:16:10)
Batmobile can tank machine gun bullets (BVS 1:16:40)
Batmobile hooks can yank around whole cars (BVS 1:16:00)
Batmobile has its own guns (BVS 1:18:12)
Batmobile has missiles (BVS 1:18:25)

Batplane (BVS 2:15:10)
Batplane keeps pace with Doomsday’s Heat Vision (BVS 2:29:05)
Batplane Gatling gun (BVS 2:15:20)
Batplane has drone mode (BVS 2:15:45)

Captain Boomerang
Captain Boomerang survives the Lightning movement of the Flash crashing into him (SS 15:00)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)
Captain Boomerang physically beat up some ES (SS 55:40)
Suicide Squad can dodge the tendrils of Incubus (SS 1:35:55)

Captain Boomerang robbed every bank in Australia at least once (SS 14:43)

Captain Boomerang’s knife slices through an ES’s head (SS 55:45)
Captain Boomerang can remotely spy with his boomerangs (SS 1:29:45)

Diablo survives being kicked across a room by Incubus (SS 1:37:20)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)
Suicide Squad can dodge the tendrils of Incubus (SS 1:35:55)

El Diablo got jumped in a prison riot and incinerated half the yard (SS 15:30)
Casual Wall of Flame from El Diablo (SS 15:34)
El Diablo’s Wall of Flame in more detail (SS 24:08)
Angered El Diablo mass-incinerates ES (SS 1:04:48-1:05:00)
Diablo’s fire works on Incubus (SS 1:37:15)

El Diablo creates a picture of a woman out of flame in his palm (SS 15:20)
El Diablo made a floating crown of fire for himself (SS 24:12)
El Diablo makes the word “Bye” in flame (SS 25:00)
El Diablo creates an image of the Devil (SS I think) in flame (SS 57:52)

Demon Form:
Diablo’s Demon Form wrecks Incubus (SS 1:37:45)
Diablo’s Demon Form melt a hole through Incubus (SS 1:38:25)

Deadshot takes a brief beating from Batman without much ill effect (SS 8:15)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)
Deadshot hurts Enchantress with a punch (SS 1:41:30)
Suicide Squad can dodge the tendrils of Incubus (SS 1:35:55)

Deadshot regularly trains physically while in prison (SS 0:33)
Deadshot is lethal from 4,000 meters (SS 5:18)
Deadshot is proficient in all manner of guns, including Muskets (SS 5:20)
Deadshot is the most wanted hitman in the world (SS 5:22)
Deadshot with 1 second casually pulls off a trickshot, ricocheting a bullet into a target’s head (SS 6:40)
Deadshot is the man who never misses (SS 8:58)
They say Deadshoot has never missed a shot (SS 25:30)
Deadshot is so precise that he can fire bullet after bullet and keep hitting the same shot (SS 27:10-27:25)

Deadshot’s eye goggle increases his sight (SS 54:00)
Deadshot blasts dozens of ES to death, without missing once, generally killing each with just one bullet (SS 56:42-57:17)
Deadshot’s arm-gear holds against the Blades of Enchantress (SS 1:41:25)
Deadshot’s arm-gear holds against the Blades of Enchantress again (SS 1:41:59)

Doomsday can leap city blocks (BVS 3:23:30)
Doomsday began moving almost immediately after being hit by a nuke and then falling back down to Earth from Outer Space (BVS 2:27:50)
Doomsday was still going after being hit by a kryptonite gas grenade by Batman and then being stabbed by a kryptonite spear (BVS 2:38:00)
Doomsday regrows his hand (BVS 2:36:50)

Energy Manipulation:
Everytime you hit Doomsday, you make it more powerful (BVS 2:28:35)
Doomsday’s Awakening causes Metropolis to go dark (BVS 2:21:05)
Doomsday unleashed a multi-city block scale energy pulse (BVS 2:25:00)
Doomsday Created an energy pulse that covered a significant portion of the planet as to be seen from space (BVS 2:28:20)
Doomsday’s Heat Vision overcomes Superman’s (BVS 2:34:29)

General Nature
Enchantress is a “sorcerer from another dimension” (SS 16:35)
Enchantress is a metahuman stronger than any Waller has encountered (SS 17:15)
Enchantress is an extra-dimensional entity (SS 17:20)
Enchantress is age 6373 (SS 17:20)

Enchantress tanks Harley’s bat (SS 1:41:45)
Enchantress tanks bullets from Deadshot (SS 1:42:15)

Enchantress can create convincing illusions (SS 32:23)
Enchantress can sense presences (SS 1:33:32)
Enchantress can show people illusions of their heart’s desires (SS 1:34:30-1:35:00)
Enchantress telekinetically grabs Suicide Squad’s weapons away from them (SS 1:42:30)

Enchantress teleports to Tehran and gets secret documents (SS 21:20-21:30)
Enchantress Teleport spam (SS 1:40:30)

Enchantress can possess people (SS 17:25)
Enchantress can convert people into one of her spawn (SS 59:28)

Enchantress summons a machine to wipe out the humans (SS 40:45)
Enchantress’s darkness will spread across the world (SS 1:39:45)
Enchantress creates lighting so fast is almost immediately hits a space satellite (SS 1:40:05)
Enchantress’ Darkness spreads across the world (SS 1:40:10)
Enchantress’ Storm creates lighting bursts so powerful they one-shot military complexes (SS 1:40:15)
Enchantress’s storm was laying waste to the whole world (SS 1:41:00)

Weak Point
Enchantress’s heart is her weak point (SS 21:53)
Despite it being her weak point, Enchantress survives multiple stabs to her heart (SS 39:50)

Enchantress Spawn
Physical Status
Bullets were having almost no effect on Enchantress-Spawns (SS 54:36-54:40)
Close Range Pistol Shots were not affecting ES (SS 56:04)
ES can take a headshot and still fight (SS 1:09:25)
ES are agile enough to swing down into an elevator (SS 1:01:45)
ES can fight underwater (SS 1:36:40)

Mental Status
ES are smart enough to use weapons (SS 1:03:25)
ES are capable of using guns (SS 1:04:25)

Faora hurls Superman far (MOS 1:33:45)
Faora is stronger than Superman (MOS 1:33:30)
Faora leaps through a plane explosion (MOS 1:33:00)

Faora is faster than Superman (MOS 1:33:23)
Faora Blitzes (MOS 1:36:10)
Faora slide-dodges Superman’s jump-charge (MOS 1:34:10)

The Flash appears in a streak of lightning (SS 14:54)
The Flash moves so fast camera have a hard time picking him up (BVS 2:00:50)
The Flash creates electrical surges with his movements (BVS 20:00:50)
The Flash’s movement creates lightning (SS 14:59)

General Zod:
Zod casually hurls a car (MOS 1:29:25)
Zod kicks a Lexcorp Gasoline truck at Superman (MOS 2:03:33)
Zod punches Superman far into the air (MOS 2:04:05)
Zod flings Superman through multiple buildings (MOS 2:06:00)
Zod gets the upper hand on Superman in a fist fight (MOS 2:03:45)

Zod and Superman fight into Space (MOS 2:06:15)

Heat Vision:
Zod has Heat Vision (MOS 2:02:47)

Zod was bred to be a warrior, and trained his entire life (MOS 2:04:45-2:05:00)
General Zod forcibly gets control of his senses (MOS 1:47:45)
Zod learns Flight despite less than 24 hours on Earth (MOS 2:05:10)

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn can seemingly break limbs with just her natural strength (SS 36:42)
Harley outmuscles an ES (SS 1:01:55)
Despite being in a car that nose-dives into water and hits rock underwater, and being crashed through the front window, seemingly unconscious underwater, Harley Quinn still tries to kill Batman with a knife (SS 13:55)
Harley falls quite a distance and is fine (SS 1:15:23)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)
Joker and Harley Quinn can survive a vat of acidic chemicals (SS 1:07:47)

Harley Quinn moves in the same shot as Machine Gun Fire. (SS 1:12:30)
Suicide Squad can dodge the tendrils of Incubus (SS 1:35:55)
Harley grabs Katana’s sword and blitzes her taking her heart (SS 1:43:55)
Harley Quinn is acrobatic (SS 1:37)
Harley Quinn fights 3 ES acrobatically (SS 1:03:45)

Harley Quinn put 5, presumably armed, guards in the hospital (SS 2:45)
Harley Quinn procures a Machine Gun and gets it to the Joker before his escape (SS 9:55)

Harley’s Gun was blasting through Enchantress-Spawns (SS 55:08)
Harley Quinn was beating up an ES with her bat (SS 55:35)
Harley easily bats to death some ES (SS 56:20)

Harley Quinn is crazier and more fearless then the Joker himself (SS 13:13)

Physical Power:
Incubus lifts cars (SS 41:10)
Incubus tears through a train without effort (SS 36:08)
Incubus Tendrils tears through stone pillars (SS 39:22)
Incubus tendril easily stabs through a car (SS 40:55)
Incubus tendrils knocks helicopters out of the sky and does massive damage to buildings (SS 41:15)
Incubus presumably destroyed a large bridge (SS 48:44)
Incubus tanks bullets (SS 39:20)

Incubus regrows his hand (SS 1:37:00)
Incubus can absorb people (SS 35:45)
Incubus can absorb electrical energy (SS 36:00)

The Joker has a sh*tton of weapons (SS 30:10)
The Joker via unknown means survive a helicopter explosion (SS 1:15:32)
Joker and Harley Quinn can survive a vat of acidic chemicals (SS 1:07:47)

Jor-El beats up some other Kryptonians (MOS 4:30-4:45)
Jor-El fights well against Dru-Zod (MOS 12:50-13:30)

Katana’s blade was cleaving through Enchantress-Spawns (SS 55:00)
Katana slashes ES in half (SS 1:03:36)
Katana cuts off a hand of Incubus (SS 1:36:55)
Katana can cut the rest of Suicide Squad with one sword stroke “just like moving the lawn” (SS 47:46)
Katana’s sword traps the souls of it’s victims (SS 47:56)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)
Katana dodges a boomerang from Captain Boomerang (SS 51:15)
Suicide Squad can dodge the tendrils of Incubus (SS 1:35:55)

Killer Croc
For Killer Croc, evolution took a step backwards (SS 15:47)

Lifting Strength
Killer Croc can easily knock aside Armed Soldiers (SS 16:17)
Killer Croc threw an Enchantress Spawn dozens of feet away (SS 55:22)
Again, Killer Croc knocks an ES dozens of feet away (SS 55:32)
Killer Croc throws around Enchantress and does damage to her (SS 1:42:20-1:42:30)

Striking Strength
Killer Croc was strong enough to physically damage Enchantress-Spawns (SS 55:20)
A Solid Punch from Killer Croc bursts an Enchantress Spawn’s head open (SS 55:30)
Killer Croc tears an ES’s head off (SS 1:04:03)

The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)

Killer Croc can bite through armor (SS 16:20)

Killer Croc is an experienced Crocodile Wrestler (SS 15:59)
Despite his natural abilities, Killer Croc does train regularly (SS 23:12)

Killer Croc moves in the same shot as Machine Gun Fire. Possibly Superhuman Speed (SS 1:12:25)

Killer Croc’s eyes glow….can see in the dark? (SS 15:57)

Nam-Ek Damages Superman significantly with physical strikes (MOS 1:34:15)

Rick Flag
Colonel Rick Flag is “the finest Special Ops. Agent this nation has ever produced” (SS 18:13)
Rick Flag elbows an ES to death (SS 55:55)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)
Rick Flag moves in the same shot as Machine Gun Fire. (SS 1:12:29)
Suicide Squad can dodge the tendrils of Incubus (SS 1:35:55)

Slipknot…the man who can climb….ANYTHING (SS 43:00)
The Suicide Squad all survive a crazy helicopter crash landing (SS 49:50)

Teenage Superman pushes a bus (MOS 27:35)
A Casual tap from Superman sends Batman flying (BVS 2:03:45)
Superman holds up a steel tower (MOS 22:07)
Superman crashes through a mountain (MOS 50:15)
Superman smashes Zod through a stone pillar (MOS 1:29:36)
Superman knocks Faora through a building (MOS 1:34:02)
Superman throws Nam-Ek into trains causing them to collapse and explode (MOS 1:37:00)
Superman rams the World Engine with so much force as to cause the whole thing to explode, which he survives (MOS 1:54:35)
Superman Shifts Earth’s Plate, prevents devastating Earthquake (BVS 34:20)
Superman pierces through the Hull of Zod’s ship (MOS 1:56:50)
Superman has the strength to break Zod’s neck (MOS 2:07:40)

Superman is flameproof (MOS 21:25)
Kryptonite-Weakened Superman after being hit in the head with a sink, being dropped down several stories, is then knocked through several concrete pillars (BVS 2:10:10)
Superman gets hit by a train (MOS 1:37:40)
A Weakened Injured Superman fights through the Gravity Beam, a beam capable of terraforming the Entire Earth (MOS 1:53:55)
Superman after being weakened by Kryptonite, and hit with a nuke, survives and is ready to fight after being regenerated by the Sun’s rays (BVS 2:30:10)
Superman and Wonder Woman’s Shield block Doomsday’s Energy Pulse (BVS 2:32:5
Superman catches a person falling from a helicopter close to ground (MOS 1:35:37)
Superman catches up to a falling Escape Pod with Lois in it (MOS 1:26:50-1:27:10)
Superman flies from the Southern Indian Ocean to Metropolis in a few minutes (MOS 1:56:45)
Superman flies from Gotham to Juarez in less than 17 seconds (BVS 52:50-53:07)
You can see Superman’s movement in the same shot as lightning (MOS 1:48:40)
Superman zips into Space and Back (MOS 52:10-52:25)
Zod and Superman fight into Space (MOS 2:06:15)
Superman can take Doomsday up into space (BVS 2:25:45)
Weakened and Injured Superman flies through the Gravity Beam (MOS 1:54:20)
Superman overcomes the pull of a Singularity (MOS 1:59:40)
Superman outpaces Zod’s ship, which should be comparable to his ship which rapidly flew from Saturn to Earth (MOS 1:56:45)

Heat Vision:
Superman Heat Visions a tunnel through the ice (MOS 37:45)
Superman’s Heat Vision works on Nam-Ek and Faora (MOS 1:35:03)
Superman’s Heat Vision works on Zod’s ship (MOS 1:57:10)

Enhanced Senses:
Superman has x-ray vision from a young age (MOS 23:07)
Graphic Depiction of Superman’s super-senses even from young age (MOS 23:25)
Superman uses X-Ray Vision and Heat Vision to cauterize a wound (MOS 41:15-41:25)
Superman has telescopic vision (MOS 1:02:55)
Clark Kent hears Bruce Wayne’s secret transmissions to Alfred (BVS 48:00)
Superman’s Super-Hearing allows him to hear Lois trapped (BVS 2:34:35)

Superman fights tactically, over-exposing Zod’s senses (MOS 1:30:30)
Superman fights Nam-Ek and Faora at once (MOS 1:34:45-1:34:57)

Superman was weaker around the World Engine (MOS 1:46:10)

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is ageless (BVS 1:40:00)
Wonder Woman superleaps (BVS 2:33:05)
Doomsday and Wonder Woman go fisticuffs (BVS 2:33:45)
Doomsday knocks Wonder Woman back, no effect on her (BVS 2:33:53)

At least 100 years of likely combat experience
Wonder Woman has killed things from other worlds before (BVS 2:32:05)
Wonder Woman was enjoying the battle against Doomsday (BVS 2:36:35)

Wonder Woman’s Bracers protect against Doomsday’s Heat Vision (BVS 2:30:50)
By knocking her bracers together Wonder Woman creates a sonic attack that pushes back Doomsday (BVS 2:31:05)

Lasso of Truth
Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth holds Doomsday (BVS 2:37:30)

Wonder Woman’s Shield block Doomsday’s Energy Pulse (BVS 2:32:53)

Wonder Woman’s Sword Cuts Doomsday (BVS 2:33:25)
Wonder Woman’s Blade sliced off Doomsday’s hand (BVS 2:36:40)


The Kryptonians lasted hundreds of thousands of years (MOS 46:15)
The Kryptonian Archives contains information from a thousand different worlds (BVS 1:37:55)

Battle Armor:
Kryptonian Battle Armor has these Blades which can cut through Kryptonian Battle Armor (MOS 14:15-14:20)
Kryptonian Battle Armor Tanks Bullets (MOS 1:36:03)

Ground Combat Technology:
Kryptonian Energy Guns can vaporize people (MOS 3:15)
Kryptonian Battle Drone hurts Superman (MOS 38:45)

Space Technology:
Kryptonian Technology is so advanced that they can send people into Black Holes without them dying (MOS 16:10-16:17)
Kryptonian Technology….creates a Black Hole to send people to the Phantom Zone (MOS 17:45-18:08)
Kryptonian Space Pod emerges outside Saturn and reaches Earth within a day’s time (MOS 19:30-20:00)
Zod’s ship traveled across an ocean of stars (MOS 1:04:35)
Kryptonians have control over the electromagnetic field (MOS 1:05:30)
Kryptonians can teleport ships through dimensions (MOS 1:18:45)
Zod’s Ship’s Laser harms and knocks back Superman (MOS 1:30:53)

World Engine:
World Engine can move at mach 24 (MOS 1:42:20)
World Engine impact creates huge debris (MOS 1:42:40)
The Force of the World Engine creates a massive shockwave (MOS 1:44:00)
This Diagram suggests the World Engine is massive and also the area immediately affected is massive (MOS 1:44:36)
The World Engine’s Power was creating a storm around it (MOS 1:48:37)
The World Engine automatically protects itself (MOS 1:49:00)

Mind Technology:
Kryptonians can upload their consciousness (MOS 45:00)
Kryptonian Technology allows translation into many different world languages (MOS 1:04:00)
Kryptonians can directly send messages to the brain (MOS 1:17:45)
Kryptonians have mind-reading technology (MOS 1:28:07)

Genetic Manipulation:
Kryptonians can bond genetic codes to individual cells and extract them even if the organism is dead (MOS 1:40:35)
Kryptonians can use their control of genes to create Doomsday monsters (BVS 1:41:25)

General DCEU
The Destruction of Krypton (MOS 19:10)
The DCEU Already has Prisons for Metahumans (SS 0:25)
Spectre Reference? (SS 1:15)

  • ·         Water Manipulation
  • ·         Super-Speed
  • ·         Trident

  • ·         Wall Level Base
  • ·         Superhuman Speed, Likely Relativistic to FTL Reflexes
  • ·         Highly Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Various Gadgets: Zipline, Smoke Bombs, Electronic-Shorting out Devices, Batarangs, Turrens, Batmobile, Batplane
  • ·         Armored Batman is Low Building Level
  • ·         High Intelligence

Captain Boomerang
  • ·         Superhuman Strength, Wall Level with Weapons
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Highly Skilled
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Knife, Boomerang with sensors that can be used to spy, Pink Unicorn Plushie

  • ·         Normal Human Strength
  • ·         Wall to Low Building Level Fire (Fire can be controlled to create images)
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Demon Form-Building Level DC/Durability

  • ·         Wall Level Strength, Wall+ Level Bullets
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Gun, Accuracy-Enhancing Goggle, Arm-Gear
  • ·         Highly Skilled, Especially in Shooting Accuracy

  • ·         Island Level Strength
  • ·         Island Level Durability
  • ·         Likely Relativistic to FTL Speed
  • ·         Energy Absorption
  • ·         Energy Pulses
  • ·         Regeneration
  • ·         Heat Vision

  • ·         Multi-Continent Level DC with Prep, Unknown without, Possibly Low Building Level based on Incubus
  • ·         Wall Level+ Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed, Massively Hypersonic Attack Speed
  • ·         Teleportation
  • ·         Illusions
  • ·         Telekinesis
  • ·         Can turn people into one of her spawn
  • ·         Possession
  • ·         Summoning (Summoned her machine)
  • ·         Weak Point-Heart

Enchantress Spawn
  • ·         Unknown DC, Potentially Superhuman
  • ·         Wall Level Durability
  • ·         More Agile then Normal Humans
  • ·         Don’t seem to need to breathe, can fight normally underwater
  • ·         Smart enough to use weapons

  • ·         City Level Strength at Least
  • ·         City Level Strength at Least
  • ·         Likely Relativistic to FTL Speed, Agile Fighter
  • ·         Enhanced Senses but does not have control of it
  • ·         Super-Leaping
  • ·         Can Survive in a Vacuum

  • ·         Potentially FTL Speed
  • ·         Electricity Projection
  • ·         Seeming Time Travel Abilities

General Zod
  • ·         City Level Strength at Least
  • ·         City Level Durability at Least
  • ·         Likely Relativistic to FTL Speed
  • ·         Heat Vision
  • ·         Super Senses
  • ·         Highly Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Can Survive in a Vacuum

Harley Quinn
  • ·         Wall Level Physically Strength
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed, possibly higher (sliced Enchantress and took her heart before she could react), Acrobatic Fighter
  • ·         Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Joker Gun, Bat

  • ·         Low Building Level Strength
  • ·         Low Building Level Durability
  • ·         Likely Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Regeneration
  • ·         Absorption (Can Absorb Matter and Energy)

  • ·         Likely Wall Level Physically Strength
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Likely Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Likely Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Manipulator
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Knives, Guns, Potentially Explosives

  • ·         Low Building Level Blade with Battle Armor, Likely City to Island Level+ on Earthlike Planet
  • ·         Low Building Level with Battle Armor, Likely City to Island Level+ on Earthlike Planet
  • ·         Peak Human Speed, Likely Massively Hypersonic+ on Earthlike Planet
  • ·         Super-Intellect
  • ·         Highly Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Other Kryptonian Powers after enough time on Earthlike Planet

  • ·         Wall Level Strength, Sword ignores Physical Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Highly Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Soul-Stealing Sword

Killer Croc
  • ·         Wall Level Strength
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Peak Human Speed, Possibly Superhuman Speed on Land, Superhuman underwater
  • ·         Can fight normally underwater
  • ·         Can Bite through Armor
  • ·         Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Seems to have Night-vision

  • ·         Likely City Level Strength at Least
  • ·         Likely City Level Durability at Least
  • ·         Likely Relativistic to FTL Speed
  • ·         Enhanced Senses, but does not have control of it
  • ·         Super-Leaping
  • ·         Can Survive in a Vacuum

Rick Flag
  • ·         Wall Level Strength
  • ·         Superhuman Durability
  • ·         Superhuman Speed
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Gun

  • ·         Can climb anything

  • ·         Island Level Strength
  • ·         Island Level Durability
  • ·         Relativistic to FTL Speed
  • ·         Flight
  • ·         Heat Vision comparable to Strength
  • ·         Super-Senses
  • ·         Skilled Fighter
  • ·         Can Survive in a Vacuum

Wonder Woman
  • ·         Island Level Strength
  • ·         Island Level Durability
  • ·         Relativistic to FTL
  • ·         Super-Leaping
  • ·         Bracers-Sonic Attack
  • ·         Standard Equipment: Bracers, Lasso of Truth, Sword, Shield
  • ·         Agelessness
  • ·         Skilled Fighter

Rough Tier List
Tier 1:
Wonder Woman

Tier 2:
General Zod (Earth)

Tier 3:

Tier 4:
Diablo (Demon Form)

Tier 5:
Batman (Armored Form)
Jor-El (Battle Armor)
General Zod (Krypton, Battle Armor)
Diablo (Angered)

Tier 6:
Batman (Normal)
Killer Croc
Harley Quinn
Captain Boomerang
Rick Flag

Tier 7:
Enchantress Spawn

Tier 8:

Too Much Speculation:

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