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Death Prediction: The Blonde Magical Girl Gunslingers! Mami Tomoe vs. Panty Anarchy

Warning: Spoilers for both Puella Magi Madoka Magicka and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. I have done my best to minimize, but there is only so much I can do.

Mami Tomoe

Mami Tomoe was an ordinary girl until that fateful car accident. One bad event robbed her of her parents’ lives, and almost robbed her of her life. Bleeding, trapped, and dying the young girl refused to give up hope. Then an alien creature named Kyubey approached her and offered her an option. He would grant one wish of hers, and in return she would become a Magical Girl and hunt down Witches for him. Her wish was simple…. “Save me”.

And so it began. Mami became the Magical Girl Champion of Kyubey, the scourge of witches far and wide, so powerful that hostile Magical Girls dare not tread on her territory. Mami is a hero to some of the other Magical Girls in-verse for her prowess and coolness.

Mami’s Signature weapon. Mami uses Magical Muskets which she can create out of nothing. She is a very talented gunslinger girl. A single bullet from Mami and a single arrow from Madoka can create a gigantic explosion. That’s just one of them, if needs be she can create and fire dozens of them at once. This was all pre Rebellion. After the Rebellion upgrade, She is so accurate with these that she can hit Homura’s Magical Submachine gun rounds with her own rounds. After time unfroze, this was the result of the cascade of bullets from the two of them colliding. Whole Buildings collapsed.

These are just her normal bullets. To finish off powerful opponents, Mami will amp it up even further with her Special Move “Tiro Finale”. Tiro Finale creates a giant cannon capable of vaporizing Giant Witches capable of maintaining decent-sized dimensions. This was pre-rebellion upgrade. In Rebellion, her Tiro Finale was capable of replicating a nuclear explosion and destroying dozens of copies of one of the strongest witches.

Mami has control over magical-enhanced ribbons. Primarily she can use them to bind foes, even multiple foes at once. She can also use them to form structures, including bridges for her to travel through the air, shields to protect people, and ….entire duplicates of herself which captures people upon death?! She can also make them razor-thin and hard so as to use them as a weapon.

Like all Puella Magi, Mami can move at drastically superhuman speeds and is able to leap from building top to building top. Other Puella Magi, Sayaka and Kyouko were able to leap long distances without even using their Magical Girl Forms. Even a newborn Magical Girl Sayaka is fast enough to blitz a Witch and her minions and fight faster than the eye. Mami is fast enough to dodge Magical gunfire from Homura at point-blank. There is also the argument that in Rebellion, a nightmare was seen dodging Arrows from Madoka. Yet Sayaka and Kyouko were keeping up with the Nightmare. Because Madoka’s arrows can quickly travel to other countries, there is an argument that Puella Magi are Higher end Hypersonic to Lower End Massively Hypersonic.

Physical Prowess:
So long as her soul gem remains intact Mami can regenerate from any wounds. Comparable Magical Girl Homura got a Building slammed into her by Walpurgisnacht, and survived.

Mami is not a melee fighter and doesn’t have any significant arm strength feats. That said her legs are strong enough to launch her from building to building, so there’s that.


Soul Gem:

The Essence of Mami’s powers, like all Puella Magi, is her Soul Gem. As long as her soul gem remains intact, Mami can naturally regenerate from any damage she takes so quickly that it is tactically advantageous to take the blow and use the momentum to hit the opponent, rather than avoid the hit. She can also choose to temporarily or permanently not feel pain, although such takes her away from her humanity. She can also directly infuse her magical essence into normal objects.

Like all Puella Magi, Mami is dependent on her Soul Gem. If that gets hit it’s immediate death.

Beyond that Mami is an idealist, and kinda naive. She can be tricked by people who are more ruthless and pragmatic. Her idealistic nature bleeds into her nature as a planner, she assumes her plans will go off without a hitch. They usually do, but she can be caught off guard by chaotic things or beings that she did not predict and does not adapt well on the fly...

Mami is a hopeful person, who has an elevated status on what a Magical Girl should be. Unlike some of her contemporaries who would kill new Magical Girls for being “competition”, Mami takes would take New Magical Girls under her wing, protecting them and mentoring them. Mami struggled to take the duty of being a Magical Girl on herself in isolation for a while, and even though she was overjoyed at the prospect of others joining her, she still warned that it was a hard and thankless job. Regardless Mami still does it because she believes it is the duty of a Magical Girl to protect the innocent.

In combat, Mami is a planner using her relatively high intellect to plan and strategize ways of coming to victory. She seeks to trick her opponent into a corner to finish them off with a resounding “Tiro Finale!”

Mami Summary:
Tier 14, 13 with Tiro Finale
+Building Level DC with Normal Guns, Town to City Level with Tiro Finale
+Building Level Durability, Can Regenerate and choose not to feel pain
+At Least Supersonic Speed, Potentially Hypersonic to Massively Hypersonic Speed
+Can Use Magical Muskets which create explosions, up to dozens at a time
+Magical Ribbons for binding, protecting, and deceiving
+Careful, Planning, Deceptive Nature
-Easily overwhelmed by Sudden Change or Chaos, as well as ruthlessness
-Any damage to her soul gem will kill her

Best Fight: “Puella Magi of Light” Mami vs. “Puella Magi of Darkness” Homura. Homura can freeze time and so Mami keeps a ribbon on her the entire fight so contact is maintained and she doesn’t get frozen. Fight starts at about 2:00, but the set-up is good too:

Panty Anarchy:

Panty Anarchy is an angel, as shocking as that may be to hear from those who have just met her. She was originally another Angel in High School in Heaven (though she rarely actually attended classes). She, along with her sister Stocking Anarchy, were kicked out of Heaven for “immoral behavior”. They are only allowed back in by collecting enough Heaven Coins. This is done primarily by hunting Ghosts, which Panty does alongside her long-standing goal of fucking 1,000 men while on Earth.

Panty and Stocking proceeded to hunt ghosts, along the way stopping some demons from unlocking the gate to Hell, and making a bunch of vulgar jokes.

Panty, as per her name, has the power to turn underwear into guns to use. Primarily she turns her on panties into her signature gun, Backlace. These guns have the slight drawback that they can only hurt magical beings, but they make up for it in sheer power and speed. With a single bullet, Panty can blow a massive hole in a ghost, or obliterate a large building like a gymnasium or a processing plant. With Backlace has an absolutely incredible rate of fire. But Panty doesn’t rely strictly on Backlace’s raw stats, she is really skilled with it, able to knock aside Stocking’s blade with a bullet or shoot another bullet out of midair.
And if Panty needs to ramp it up, Panty can use her heaven coins to buy a temporary magical minigun, capable of wrecking Daten City.

Speed and Agility:
Panty is a fast ferocious fighter. She’s fast enough to fight faster than the eye, or play volleyball faster than the eye. She’s fast enough to react to another bullet after it’s been fired, deflecting it with her own bullet.

There is also an argument suggesting she should be as fast as Stocking who can quickly sprint to various places of the world and very casually slice a bullet from Scanty. This suggests her speed is Higher Level Hypersonic to Lower Level Massively Hypersonic.  

After regaining her Angel Nature, Panty can also fly.

Physical Prowess:
As an Angel, Panty is much stronger and tougher than a human. She’s strong enough to create a heart-shaped crater in the ground with a volleyball, can kick a ghost far away, and can hang onto fast-moving vehicles easily, like airplanes.

Panty is durable, not just enough to survive the shock of her own attacks, but also survives an airplane crash, a high speed car-motorcycle collision. A lethal amount of electricity, an even higher amount of electricity, and takes a high amount of damage even without her powers. Her sister Stocking survived being launched to the moon before the moon sneezed her out. She also has significant stamina.

Luck Aura:
The Angels have a passive luck aura, able to win rigged casino games over and over until the demons counteracted their luck.

Panty is impulsive, and can be pretty easily tricked by more level-headed people. She has a massive sex addiction, which can distract her from whatever she was doing.

Also she can not create guns from nothing. She can be disarmed of Backlace, at which point she is dependent on the underwear of those nearby or paying Heaven Coins to get her minigun.

Panty is a chaotic, vulgar, nymphomaniac with a temper. She cares about basically 3 things: Sex, Not being told what to do, and the lives of those close to her (the order varies).  She lives a hedonistic lifestyle and encourages all other people to defy the rules and get what they want.

In combat Panty uses her chaotic, surprising nature to her advantage to confuse and distract her enemies, and will use her rage to overwhelm them.

Panty Summary:
Tier 14, 13 with Minigun
+Large Building Level DC (Town to City Level with Magical Minigun)
+Large Building Level+ Durability
+Supersonic Speed, Potentially Higher Hypersonic to Lower Level Massively Hypersonic Speed
+Super Strength
+Luck Aura
+Chaotic, Unpredictable Nature
-Impulsive and Easily Distracted
-Potentially Disarmable

Best Fight: Angels Panty and Stocking fight their Demonic Counterparts Scanty and Kneesocks. Fight starts at about 2:45 but the set-up is good too:

Alright the combatants are set. It’s time for a DEATH PREDICTION!
Misty Vapors were broken by two dim lights, lights that might be mistaken for eyes, and indeed might once have been. A low growl pierced the night air, the people nearby began to let out a scream but the silence lay over the city unbroken. Within a minute all normal souls of the city were lost in the dimension of the Witch. Unfortunately for the Witch, in this city were two passerbys who very much did not have normal souls.

From distant parts of the city, two girls noticed the emptiness of the city, and transformed.
“solti ola i...”
“Fly Away now!….”

A Sudden gunshot! The Witch screamed before currently exploding. The Angel looked around expectedly, but instead of a coin she saw only a stylized dark orb.

“What the Hell is this!” Panty said annoyed that she had apparently not gotten any thing worthwhile for killing a seemingly important ghost. “This isn’t a Heaven Coin!”

“It’s a grief seed.” said a voice behind her. Panty turned to see Mami emerge from the mist. “And if you are a fellow Mahou Shoujo, I’d suggest you use it to clean your Soul Gem.”

“Mahou Shoujo? Is that some kind of New Age Hippie Bullshit?”

Mami frowned, displeased at the hostility of this clearly irresponsible, dangerous woman. Hoping for the best she tried an appeal to morality.
“If you are not a Mahou Shoujo, may I please have the Grief Seed. I can use it to better protect the citizenry.”

Panty grinned, already expecting a fight with this prissy uptight “Mahou Shoujo”. “Or What?” She asked “You gonna take it from me?” Panty raised Backlace at her threateningly.

“I wish it didn’t have to come to this.” Mami said sadly. She conjured her musket and it began.


“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” Panty unleashed a quick volley at Mami. Mami saw the incoming fire and dexterously leapt up before conjuring a great number of muskets and returning fire.

Panty swerved to the left, keeping mobile. As she did, she fired with Backlace, shooting Mami’s bullets out of the air. With every collision there was a blue-yellow explosion. A sudden burst of light obscuring the battlefield, a sudden sound that obscured each other’s positions.

Mami propelled herself from building, using her ribbons to swing around, trying to find and keep up with the Angel. Panty launched a few quick shots at Mami but Mami returned fire, knocking those bullets out of the air and created another obscuring wall of smoke.

“It seems like she relies entirely on that weapon….” Mami thought to herself. Mami concentrated on where Panty’s gunfire seemed to be coming from and fired.

“Backlace!” Panty yelled as the gun was shot from her hands.

“Your Weapon is gone. Surrender!” Mami exclaimed, emerging.  Panty zipped up to her and grabbed her. Mami tried to bring her current gun up to shoot but Panty held it down with her other hand. “Big Mistake, Bitch!” Panty kicked Mami, sending her crashing into the adjacent building.

Panty quickly grabbed Backlace and followed her through, expecting to see a weakened opponent.

From the rafters, Mami sent out a ribbon which quickly encircled and took hold of Panty’s legs. Panty felt the ground shift out from her under. She fired some Bullets at the ribbon holding her but to no avail.

Mami lept from the rafters over Panty’s form and summoned a new gun.

Panty laughed. “Getting me all tied up. You’re a kinky dyke, you know that?”

Mami, shocked, grew red. “H….Huh?!”

Panty took advantage of the moment and launched a quick bullet with Backlace at Mami, hitting her in the stomach with a sudden explosive “BAM!” She felt the ribbon loosening and got to her feet. Turning she began to walk away when suddenly “Bew!” “Bew!” “Bew!” a slew of bullets hit her and threw through the building’s opposite side of wall.

Panty picked herself off the gravel and dirt, getting progressively angrier. She ran back inside the building, only to see the door to the hallway open. Walking to it she saw a Ribbon Dome with Mami inside it, seemingly prepared to fight.

Panty ran towards her firing all the way. Mami watched, waiting for her to hit the razor ribbons in the room.

Panty suddenly felt the tip of her foot hit the ground and tumbled, some how missing every single razor ribbon.

“Impossible!” Mami exclaimed. She fired a few shots at Panty who darted to the side to avoid them.

“It’s your unlucky day, the day your decided to mess with me!” Panty raised her gun at point blank, ready to fully annihilate this girl. “Repent!”

Panty shot, and the Mami exploded, only to suddenly surge forth in a stream of ribbons. Panty tried shooting at it desperately only to find herself tied up again. This time she was far more bound. She thrashed about, knocking herself out the building, but her hands were still pinned completely at the side.

At the top of the building Mami called down to her. “This is the fate of those with power who refuse to fight for the innocent!” Mami raised her hand and signaled the train “Tiro Finale!” Before leaping to the height of the building.

Panty saw it coming, a powerful explosive, powerful enough to kill even an Angel. Panty sighed and felt her heaven coins drain away. In her hand materialized a powerful minigun. “All right motherfucking bitch, you wanna get serious, let’s do this!” Panty aimed her minigun at the Tiro Finale projectile and fired.

And Everything boomed.

Mami was at the top of the building, ready to evade the fireball when she saw it explode prematurely for some reason, and then realized it was exploding with too much force, shockwaves blasted the area, knocking everything away, a great fireball dozens of meters across instantly melting all things in the area. A Blue blur erupted from the ground as Panty knocked her into the sky above the exploding ground.

Mami tried to create a ribbon bridge but there was nothing to stick it too. She felt the pain of bullets coming from every direction. Panty zipped around Mami blasting her.

Mami was falling now, chaos everywhere. She fired her bullets to nullify incoming fire, explosions around all, sound and heat and light blinding and deafening. On the far right Mami heard “Repent…” Mami turned to the right to face the opponent but then directly from the left.

“MOTHERFUCKER!” and with that Panty shot again, the explosion hitting and destroying Mami’s soul gem. Mami instantly died and Panty flew back to the ground, now devastated.


One reason I like as even as possible Death Battles is no matter who Wizard and Boomstick pick, they can’t be wrong. This is a fight I think is very even and could go either way, if they or anyone else says the side I disagree with I would not at all hold it against them as you could make a strong argument that direction. But I believe Panty would win.

Mami’s fighting style favors an enclosed space where she can control the battlefield with her tricks, and where Panty’s Flight isn’t much of an advantage. Panty meanwhile prefers wide-open spaces where she can outmaneuver and outblast Mami. However both Panty and Mami have an attack that would completely destroy the environment. If Mami uses Tiro Finale she better hope it works because if it doesn’t she’s given Panty a major advantage in the fallout. Conversely at any point if Panty gets angry enough she can just fire the minigun. Even if that doesn’t work it will still give her a big advantage.

Beyond that Panty’s chaotic antics and loud mouth (along with her fighting style and luck aura) are the sort of unexpected spontaneous variables that would take Mami off guard and break her concentration giving Panty an advantage. And even if Mami deduces that Panty can be disarmed of Backlace, that just Panty further incentive to buy the upgrade and destroy the battlefield, pushing things in her favor.

The Winner is Panty Anarchy.

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