Saturday, September 3, 2016

Magical Girl Calcs #1

Don't know if this will be a series but there are a number of MG feats that I will do the calcs for here in series of 5s. 

Mermaid Pregnancies (Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch):
So in Mermaid Melody the mother of the Mermaid Princesses Noel and Karen, who are twins, gave birth to both of them on opposite sides of the Earth

The average time between twins being born is 17 minutes. A Random Mermaid traveled half the circumference of the Earth in that time.

Earth's circumference is 40,075,000 meters. Half that is 20,037,500 meters. In 17 minutes that's about 19,644.6 Meters Per Second or about Mach 57.729. This is a BIG low-ball and definitely scales to everyone in verse.

Mew Aqua Power (Tokyo Mew Mew):
Mew Zakuro with the Mew Aqua broke through a city-wide dome covering Tokyo with a single burst. The Military earlier had no ability to do any damage to the dome whatsoever, to let any kind of air in (since the dome was superheating inside to suffocate the people.)

Tokyo is about 60 Kilometers Across. This means to destroy the entire dome would mean stretching to a sphere of surface area of 11,300,000,000 meters squared. The dome is clearly bulletproof since the Military couldn't make any holes in. An M16 Rifle Bullet is 1,800 Joules, concentrated into a surface area of ~ 5.7 mm squared or 5.5e-6 meters squared.

2.05454e15 * 1,800 ~3.7e18 Joules.

3.7e18 Joules=884,321,322 Megatons. High City Level. All the Mew Mews are on this level with Mew Aqua.

Star throws Ludo (Star versus the Forces of Evil):
A bit hard to tell what's going on, Star throws Ludo threw a dimensional portal and he moves so fast that he passes two similar looking cosmic collections which look likes galaxies sorta and solar systems sort of. (11:36-12:26). I'll use the conservative which is Solar Systems.

Ludo travels between two star systems in "Day 1". The nearest star to our system is 4.24 Lightyears or 4.0113e16 Meters. In one day that means he's moving over 1,548.641c. Star's arm movements are actually faster then he moves in the brief moment you see the two on-screen so this should scale to Star.

This is FTL so no kinetic energy sadly. 

If you use galaxies, which is there is some evidence, then the nearest galaxy is arguably Canis Major Dwarf at 25,000 Lightyears or ~ 2.3652e20 Meters. In one day that's ~ 9,130,000c.

So yeah Thousands to Millions of Times Lightspeed Star Butterfly.

So these last two are Sailor Moon ones. Note I don't actually consider these ones should be taken fully at face because there are some actually ambiguities about them and despite what some people think I don't actually wank the series by using any ambiguities. However they are often mentioned on the Japanese Forums when Super Senshi level beings come up. Soooooo....

Saturn releases the Power of Death (Sailor Moon):
Back in the Silver Millennium, Sailor Saturn released the power of Death destroying all life, save for those in other dimensions. What people bring up in Japan is that it killed Sailor Pluto back then, a being who was guarding the Spacetime Door and outside spacetime, suggesting it life-wiped the entire universe (the entire cycle of evolution had to start over again), the amount of raw energy would be Multi-Galactic+.

So how much energy is actually needed to lifewipe the universe?

Well the radius of the observable universe is 46.6 Billion Lightyears or 4.4e23 Kilometers. Using this site, we can theoretically find the "Near-Total Fatalities" Range.

Turns out to be 2.1e70 Megatons. That is 8.8765e85 Joules or 878.64 TenagigaFoe. This is about 22 QUADRILLION times the energy of the Big Bang. This is what actual SM wank would look like. Super Sailor Senshi are on the level of Base Sailor Saturn.

Even if you use the lowest rating, Thermal Radiation, you'd get 4.8116e70 Joules, or about 12 times the energy of the Big Bang. 

The fact that in the 90s Anime, Hotaru before even getting her powers back created a Big Bang in her hands would probably also be brought up.

Snow Princess Kaguya wants to make a land of Eternal Ice (Sailor Moon):
Kaguya wanted to keep the entire universe in a state of eternal Ice.

This means cooling down the universe so even the hottest parts can have ice there. Galactic Nebulae can reach 10^21 Kelvin. It needs to go down to 273.15 Kelvin to be frozen (the number is so small compared to 10^21 Kelvin, that she basically has to reduce the universe down by 10^21 Kelvin). 

The Universe doesn't have a specific heat capacity given the non-uniformity of it's mass. But even assuming she wastes no energy on the empty void and a comically low heat capacity of 1 joule per kilogram, You have Mass of the Universe * Kelvin Temperature Dropped.

NASA estimates Universe's mass at 4.4506e52 kg. 4.4506e52 * 10^21 is 4.4506e73 Joules. his is 11,125 times the power of the Big Bang.

But apparently I'm crazy for calling Super Senshi Level Characters "Galaxy Level". 

Anyway in the same that Marvel/DC Heralds can have good feats against High Skyfathers, I don't tend to use this so directly.....especially because so much of Kaguya's plans are unknown. I just tend to think of it a generally good feat for Super Sailor Moon.

Hope you enjoyed first MG Calc Compilation.


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