Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Desires for our RP Group

As we come to the end of our first "arc' I want to clarify my personal preferences for the DM's usage.

Gonna use this Survey for Basic Structure:

Game Style:

What Happens:
Action & Fights 2
Building 2
Character 4
Character Power 4
Destroying 1
Exploration 3

How it's done



Note here your favourite
Movie: Sailor Moon R Promise if the Rose
TV series: Sailor Moon
Fiction book: La Commedia
Non-fiction book: None

More Detail: I got way more time then expected because the DM announced he was leaving literally the minute I finished this!!!

But regardless I'll write up more stuff. 

Further Notes (for more Specific Feedback):
  • Internal Conflict>External Conflict (Interesting Possibilities)>External Conflict (Generic)
  • I don't like Random Encounters, I don't like sidequests, I don't like this diverting from the plot. It's basically filler
  • I don't like difficulty actually. There is no such thing to me as being overpowered as a player. If could I could play an omnipotent character that would be just fine to me. The only reason I don't munchking is roleplay is way more important then the mechanical
  • I HATE basic physical fighting. It's SO boring. It's "punch something till it's dead"
  • I enjoy building characters and character advancements. If you let me gain 10 levels and a ring of wish I'd be perfectly happy with that. I would spend all session every session rping with any usage of rules being an unfortunate necessity if I could. 
  • I think EVERYTHING mechanical should be immediate reflected in thematic descriptions. Every roll should be described in-universe. The staleness of purely numerical combat must be avoided
  • I absolutely LOVE when a character's backstory is important to the plot. That's thematic resonance and should be encouraged.
  • I don't really like mysteries very often because usually it takes absolutely forever to get anywhere with them and it involve a lot of clues that don't help lead one to the conclusion in a timely fashion.
  • I greatly prefer being in civilization to being in nature.
  • Give me Magical Items. Lots of em. It's my jewelry. 
  • I want to make a positive impact on the world
  • The Best Villains for most adventures are things I can kill with no moral ambiguity, like undead, constructs or evil outsiders. 
  • I honestly don't care about the mechanical rules to any extent more then other people do. It is the thematic rules that should be more important.
  • I want the world to be have thematic resonance. Religion, Magic, Philosophy, Civilizations, Species, etc. should reflect each other and parallel each other so that the world comes from the same axiom. 
  • I don't like "fiddly bits". AKA small things that distract you for way longer periods of time. Try and keep things focused. 
  • Give the world some Grandeur and Dignitas. Have there be stuff that feels important. If you spend all session doing stuff that will never matter then you've wasted a session. 

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