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Sailor Moon vs Cardcaptor Sakura Quick Thoughts

This is not a Death Analysis. This was made because I was alerted by a friend that this fight, my number one fight wanted, the fight I have considered since before I even knew what the versus community was, was being made on Death Battle Fanon. If you are not Hoot Freeman, the person making that blog, I ask that you don't read this lest you be surprised. This blog will not have citations or any bells and whistles, just all my many thoughts on this battle.

If you are Hoot Freeman, welcome. Hope you don't mind my making this blog but it was somewhat asked of me.....hopefully it will be of some use to you.

Stats Notes:
  • Sakura has Multiversal Level Magic, since she was stronger then Clow Reed who's imperfect clone could reality-warp the entire Multiverse. She can also resist Magic of that Level with The Shield, The Hope, or her Natural Magic. Sailor Moon in canon is only Universal Level due to the Lambda Power restoring and warping the entire cosmos (as well as many other universal feats). That said, this is very much a "hax" fight due to their extreme versatility.
  • Sailor Moon is way way faster. Cardcaptor Sakura is MAYBE lightspeed with Anime Card Combinations like Light + Dash (Or Dark + Dash, Shadow + Dash, etc...). Sailor Moon is conservatively in the Billions of Times Lightspeed, plus has spacetime powers that negative physical speed advantages anyway
  • Cardcaptor Sakura has her natural magic and all her Sakura Cards. Sailor Moon has the Lamba Power and thus the Power of all the Sailor Crystals.
  • Sailor Moon is much more experienced fighter
  • Sakura is naturally more clever (thought Sailor Moon can boost her intelligence with Mercury Crystal)

Sakura Cards and Sailor Crystal Interactions:
  • Sakura can overcome Usagi's regen by warping her concept out of the multiverse, though such would be strenuous for her, and Usagi can semi-protect from that by creating a separate dimension with "Hyperdimensional Spatial Emerge" and Sealing it off with the "Dark Dome Close"
  • Usagi can remove the Star Seeds of the Spirits of Sakura's Clow Cards, and thus bring them under her control instead.
  • Sakura's Time + Loop could be countered by Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal linking up with Silver Crystals of other time periods, as it did when Usagi was trapped in Time Purgatory in Second Arc
  • Usagi's Flower Hurricane can be countered by Sakura's The Flower
  • Usagi's Darkness Powers from Chaos Crystal can be countered by The Light + The Dark or by The Glow
  • Mercury Aqua Mist can also be countered by The Glow
  • Sakura's The Maze can be countered by Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack or it's upgraded version Rainbow Moon Heartache, both of which can break Usagi out of artificial dimension as shown in third arc.
  • The Erase and The Void would both slow Usagi down, but she can regen from it due to her Lambda Regen which regenerated her from nothing within the Galaxy Cauldron
  • Sailor Moon's Time Warping would be countered by The Time. If Usagi tried to send hr to a time purgatory, Sakura can use The Return to go back. 
  • Usagi's Henshin Power (which transforms her from state to state) can counter The Little turning Usagi small and weakening her magic, as it did in the 4th Arc.
  • The Jupiter Crystal and The Power gives Usagi and Sakura comparable physical strength if they come to physical blows
  • The Silent would be very dangerous to Usagi since it would stop her from casting spells, though she could still use the Power of Destruction, which can be utilized by pointing one's finger.
  • Both Usagi and Sakura can put people to sleep, Usagi via the Silver Crystal, Sakura via The Sleep. Both can also control dream Worlds, Usagi via the Golden and Sapphire Crystals, Sakura via The Sleep and The Dream
  • Moon Twilight Flash counters The Shadow
  • The Create is dangerous but it's also kind of unknown in it's limits. 
  • Usagi has the ability to exist on the Astral Plane with Saturn crystal and attack souls on that plane. Sakura has no major counter to that, though The Hope should protect from that to some extent. 
  • Usagi's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss can attack through dimensions and outside of Multiversal Reality-Warping, Sakura doesn't. However she can use The Lock to keep Usagi from doing so
  • Usagi's Mirror Powers from the Chaos Crystal (Nehelenia's Powers) can be countered via The Mirror and vice versa. Both can reflect attacks. 
  • The Mist counters Silence Glaive Surprise and Mercury Aqua Mist
  • They both have Sword Powers for a sword-duel (Venus Crystal can summon the Holy Sword, Sakura has The Sword)
  • They both have Archery Powers (Mars Flame Sniper, The Shot)
  • It is unconfirmed if Sakura can survive in space, though The Water and The Bubble allows her to breathe underwater and should work in space
  • The Watery, The Fiery, and the Windy protects against The Mercury, Neptune, Mars, and Uranus Crystals.
  • The Wood + The Thunder protects against the Jupiter Crystal 
  • Mercury Crystal allows Usagi to sense Sakura's water powers
  • Mau Crystal gives Usagi 9 Lives, which will be tricky to beat
  • The Change can be nullified by Guardian Cosmos
  • Usagi's Golden Crystal gives her Trans-Time Telepathy which gives her information from the future and helps her towards victory. This would give her a massive initial advantage though Sakura could theoretically stop it via Time + Lock


  • New Stuff could come out....Sakura has Clear Card Arc coming out currently and all.....I am judging Sakura based on Manga + Anime + Movies (Clamp has weird canon so it's what I would do) and Sailor Moon based on original canon Manga
  • Both can create new powers if needed. Usagi can create new attacks via channeling her Planet Power through physical objects, as Venus did in Codename Sailor V and Mercury seemed to in the First Arc. Sakura can create new Sakura cards via her natural Energy. Sakura's is more versatile but Usagi's is much quicker and is not energy-intensive like Sakura's. It's possible Sakura could make a "Cosmos" or "Lambda" card to replicate Usagi's powers. It's also possible that Usagi could replicate Sakura's powers by channeling her planet powers through Sakura's cards

Usagi's Advantages:
  • Much Faster
  • More Experienced Fighter
  • Mercury Crystal can give Larger Intellect
  • Far More Powers in General
  • Powers are more Fast-Paced and Combat Oriented
  • Better Soul, Mind, Spirit, and Conceptual Manipulation
  • Lambda Regen protects against most of Sakura's powers
  • More Esoteric and Hard to Fight Haxes

Sakura's Advantages:
  • Much Higher DC
  • Much Higher Durability with The Hope and The Shield
  • Reality-Warping CAN overcome Lambda Power Regeneration
  • Powers can be combined on the fly
  • Higher Starting Intellect
  • Can theoretically trap the Silver Crystal or Cosmos Crystal in cards
  • Sakura Cards are sentient beings and can independently act to protect Sakura
  • Individual Sakura Cards have much wider scope of power then Sailor Crystals which use specific techniques

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