Friday, March 3, 2017

Venom Feats in Amazing Spider-Man

First Batch of feats I have compiled for either of these two. Mostly to be convenient to the Death Battle Research Blog. 62 issues worth:

General Power
Venom is the deadliest foe Spider Man has ever faced! :

Peter’s only plan on how to counter Carnage, is Venom:

For Scaling Purpose, Carnage slashes through glass meant to stop any weapon known to man:

Carnage tanks thousands of volts:

Venom battles well against Anti-Venom, who was created to counter Venom specifically:

Venom can bite straight through bone easily:

The stronger Eddie’s strength, the stronger Venom becomes:

Venom rips through a wall:

Venom bursts through the wall like the Kool-Aid Man:

The force of Venom’s blow indirectly breaks steel:

Weakened Venom holds up a ferris wheel:

Venom is explicitly the physical superior of Spider Man:

Venom knocks Spider Man unconscious with one punch:

Venom beats up Spider Man and Human Torch even after being blasted with a sonic ray and a flame blast:

Venom physically contends with Carnage:

Venom tanks a head on tackle from Spider Man:

Takes an angered beating from Spider-Man:

Human Torch’s Nova from underwater is able to “tingle” Venom:

Hit by a sonic Attack from behind, is angered:

Venom voluntarily takes a heavy dosage of sonic damage, risking himself, in order to finally defeat Carnage:

Symbiote Biology
Venom can breathe underwater:

Symbiote can emulate any substance (possible NLF), also does not need to breathe at all

Reactive Evolution:

Venom can emulate water:

Venom’s body can emulate clouds:

Venom shapeshifts into Spider-Man:

1% of Venom regenerated into a full suit:

Possible NLF Alert: Only Fire and Sound can hurt the symbiote:

Stick-Em Powers (Webbing/Symbiote Movement)
Venom can remove the oxygen from his webbing:

Symbiote Suffocation:

Venom’s webs are just as strong as Spider-Man’s:

Can use pieces of the symbiote as a distraction:

Venom can create traps where part of the Symbiote spring up from underground and ensnare a target:

Physical Movement
Venom, while not as agile as Spider Man can certainly keep up in raw speed:

Can Stealth behind Spider Man for hours:

Mental State
Venom Symbiote can hypnotize:

Has a sense of morality:

Venom can’t stand the death of innocents:

“You’ll pay for every innocent drop of blood….with a gallon of your own!” –Venom:

Venom has a much more limited supply of webbing compared to Spider Man

Venom doesn’t have a Spider Sense:

yaaaaggggggggggggggggggggg WOMAN lol:

PETA lobbied for rights for Venom:

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