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Mini-Death Prediction: Black Lady vs. Mistress 9

This is a quick one, because neither have that much material to go over. WARNING: Sailor Moon Spoilers.


Sometimes the most dangerous threats to the planet come from the most unexpected cute little girls! An while your average little girl might scream, pout, or cry when things get too tough, some of them.......transform. Like Black Lady, Queen of the Planet Nemesis. And Mistress 9, Commander of the Tau Nebula.

My Name is Imperator100, and this is a Mini Death Prediction.

Black Lady:

In the 30th century Usagi "Chibiusa" Serenity was the princess of the Solar System Wide Kingdom ruled by Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. However being a princess was not all fun and games. Her people insulted and scorned her for being unable to use the magic of her parents, and potentially threatening the Kingdom's safety should she ever come of age. Her only friend was the mysterious guardian of spacetime, Sailor Pluto.

However, all this changed when an aspect of Primordial Chaos called Wiseman found her wandering alone and fed off her insecurity, corrupting her and changing her mind and body into the wicked Black Lady.

Darkness Manipulation:
As the "Queen of Darkness" Black Lady has control over the powers of darkness. Her control over it is so good she can cause large sections of land like the entire crystal palace disappear into darkness, to be replaced with what she chooses. She can also blast from her hands dark energy strong enough to hurt Second Arc Sailor Moon, who by this point had already tanked an attack that destroyed Kunzite's Star Level Shield. 

With the powers of darkness she can also summon a dark crystal pillar. These pillars emit poisonous gas, and eventually erase things from existence entirely.

Mobility/Spacetime Manipulation:
Black Lady is naturally a fairly agile fighter able to move faster then Second Arc Sailor Moon can track. However she amplifies it further with manipulation of spacetime.

Like all members of the Black Moon Clan, Black Lady has Earrings made of the Malevolent Black Crystal. These passively warp spacetime and nullifies positive energy. While the Earrings also allow teleportation, Black Lady can not just teleport herself but others as well. She can also warp people into Black Holes (which she can tank) and to the edge of spacetime.

And as heir to the Silver Crystal, Black Lady's spacetime manipulation grows with her heart's passion. At it's peak, like during the transformation from Chibiusa to Black Lady, she created chaos in spacetime beyond what Sailor Pluto had ever seen. This is the Silver Crystal's power to warp ALL of spacetime. 

Mental Manipulation:
Just as she was brainwashed by Wiseman, Black Lady can brainwash others, playing with their minds and eventually making them into her loyal slave.

While Black Lady's Universal Scale Spacetime Manipulation COULD make her one of the strongest people in the SM-verse, The Silver Crystal is guided by the heart of it's user, and so it can only build up that kind of power if she becomes angry or passionate enough.

Beyond that, Black Lady is a bit of a brat. She is unfocused and plays around which contributes to her inability to use the full power of the Silver Crystal.

Black Lady has the personality of a little kid told she can do whatever she wants and becoming spoiled. She has little patience for others wants and doesn't care about the consequences of her actions. She was perfectly willing to let the Earth be destroyed after she got what she wanted.

Black Lady Summary:
+Large Star Level DC/Durability
+FTL Speed
+Passive Spacetime Warping, Up to Universal at her Maximum
+Spacetime Manipulation
+Darkness Manipulation
+Dark Pillars
+Poisonous Mist
+Existence Erasure
+Minor Energy Absorption
-Full power of the Ginzhushio Requires Concentration and Genuine Passion
-Not a Serious Fighter

Mistress 9:

Hotaru Tomoe was a person beset by life. Fragile both physically and mentally, picked on by her classmates...but it all really went downhill when her house caught fire one day. In the fire her mother died and she herself almost died. Her scientist father, Professor Tomoe, mad with grief, tried to rebuild her body out of artificial parts, but it only was delaying the seemingly inevitable death as Hotaru's mind was not strong enough to maintain her artificial body.

In desperation Professor Tomoe mad a deal with the metaphorical "Devil". He made a deal with an aspect of Primordial Chaos called Pharaoh 90, the alien overlord of the extra-dimensional Tau Nebula. He took the seeds of Pharaoh 90 and implanted them inside himself and his daughter, and in them grew the Daimon, Extra-Dimensional Monsters that would one day take control of them. His was known as Germatoid, the scientific leader of the Daimon.

Hotaru's, her dark savior's, was the Alien Commander known as....Mistress 9.

Physical Power:
As leader of the Daimon, Mistress 9 is the strongest of their number and nearly as strong as their Leader Pharaoh 90. Pharaoh 90 for the record is strong enough to move a galaxy (The Tau Nebula) at MFTL speeds and warp spacetime on an inter-dimensional inter-galactic level.

She has Low Galactic Stats and MFTL Speed by scaling basically.

Astral/Psionic Power:
Mistress 9 can draw on Hotaru's special soul, as bearer of the Saturn Spirit, to attack on other planes of reality.

Most notably she can project astral arms from her being that can affect bodies and souls. These can steal at least 4 souls at once.

She can also project psionic force from her hands strong enough to ward away all the Third Arc Sailor Senshi at once.

True Form:
When things can get serious, Mistress 9 can shed Hotaru's body and assume her real form. Daimon's True Forms can absorb energy sent at them, up to and including the energy of two Super Sailor Senshi. Daimon True Form also seem to have some odd malleable/regenerative properties given they can exist in spaces as small as small animals or daimon seed pods and maintain consciousness.

Taioran Crystal:
A gift from Pharaoh 90, the Taioran Crystal is the Power Source of the entire Tau Nebula. It allows for a constant production of energy, moreso then even Third Arc Base Sailor Moon's. It also possesses healing properties. It's vague whether DB would allow Mistress 9 this since it was destroyed during the events of the arc, but it fits the "at their peak" idea so it seems like it makes sense to allow it.

Until she accesses her True Form, Mistress 9 was beset by the soul of Hotaru who regularly pained her and made it hard for her.

Mistress 9 is the narcissistic but serious-minded leader of the Daimon Forces, who seeks to ready the Earth for "vesselization", the process in which Pharaoh 90 their ruler merges with the planet.

Her ultimate goal is to be the alien equivalent of "love" or "bride" of Pharaoh 90, and merge with him again. She is devoted to him above all else. She is disdainful of Earth's native populace, seeking all Earth's life as just a boundary towards Pharaoh 90's vesselization of the planet.

Mistress 9-Summary:
+Low Galactic DC/Durability
+MFTL Speeds
+Astral Attack (Can Steal Souls)
+Psionic Attack
+Light Energy Creation (Via Taioran Crystal)
+Healing (Via Taioran Crystal)
+True Form (Energy Absorption, Regeneration (Likely Low-Mid), Malleability)
-Tormented by Hotaru's Pure Soul

Alright the combatants are set. It's time for a DEATH PREDICTION!

Obscuring Mists floated like the shimers of the soul over the desolate ruin. Mistress 9 moved priskly through the broken landscape. 

"I knew the people of this planet were fools!" She thought to herself "They have brought desolation unto themselves without the master even doing anything!"

Suddenly a soft sound broke the night air. A footstep! Mistress 9 turned around to see who was there. Black Lady stood there, confident and upright as opposed to the hunched defensive position of Mistress 9.

Black Lady spoke in a mocking tone. "Who are you? Why are you here? Don't you know this land belongs to me?"

Mistress 9 grimaced. A disgusting Native! "I am Mistress 9, of the Tau Nebula! I have come to secure this planet for the Master Pharaoh 90!"

Black Lady laughed as if such was an absurd claim. "This world...this would is mine dear. I'll have you know I was planning to destroy it just because I can! My name is Black Lady, and I am Queen of the Black Moon Clan, Queen of Nemesis and Earth as is my birthright!"

Black Lady's grin disappeared into shock when Mistress 9 smiled in return, closing her eyes readying herself. "The Master has claimed this world for himself. All who threaten the master's plan....."

Her eyes shot open. 

"...Must die!"


Black Lady, enraged at this insolence, unleashed a surge of negative energy. But a blink of the eye and the Energy surged to the side, as Mistress 9 shifted her position, swiftly avoiding the attack.

"So slow!" Mistress 9 said before zipping behind Black Lady. Mistress 9, wanting to finish the battle quick projected her astral arm, which clawed forward for Black Lady's torso, towards her unsuspecting soul.....

And grasped at only air.

"What?!" Mistress 9 goggled. "That's not possible!"

Mistress 9 heard a snickering and turned to see Black Lady floating nearby. "From your perspective... But the Black Crystal warps spacetime."

Mistress 9 grimaced and prepared herself for her the inevitable counterattack...and sure enough

Black Lady untensed her hands, so ready to watch this annoying intruder come to an end. All about them the Darkness came swirling in, looking to devour the Daimon intruder. 

Mistress 9 saw the darkness creep in and held aloft the Taioran Crystal. "Such will not stop me, for I have the power of our master!" And from the Taioran Crystal came a great light. The darkness recoiled in pain from the burning insidious light. 

Black Lady spoke with only the most thinly veiled anger "Ooooooh...what a pretty trinket you have there."

Mistress 9 held close to her the gem of her home nebula, it's power overwhelming this ignorant native's darkness. 

However Mistress 9 found herself in pain. "No....Not Now...." she attempted to will the rebellious soul to be quiet but it kept paining her.

"What's the matter" Black Lady said "Having trouble keeping it together?" Black Lady saw her opponent's pain and was confused until she looked down and seeing her Silver Crystal shining.

Black Lady, with a sadistic grin took the Silver Crystal in her hand and approached Mistress 9, holding it to her. "Having a bad reaction to the Silver Crystal? Hehehehe....see this? LOOK AT IT! This is the proof that the planet is mine to do with what I please!"

Mistress 9 looked up at the glowing gem.....somehow it was giving strength to the rebellious soul she had taken the body of. She only had one option....she must shed this body!

Black Lady was mere steps away when it happened. A Horrendous roar emerged from Mistress 9's body, and a soul's yelp was silenced, as Mistress 9's mortal flesh simply....fell away. Black Lady took a step away in horror. This...this wasn't funny. The Daimon stood, angered at the being that pushed her to her true form.

"Urgghh I'll kill you now."

Black Lady stuttered a response "N...Not if I kill you first!"

Black Lady teleported quickly all about Mistress 9 launching quick attacks, but to her shock it didn't work at all. If anything, Mistress 9 seemed to be getting stronger.  Mistress 9 closed her eyes and waited for an opportunity before...

"HIYAAHHH" Mistress 9 yelled as she blasted her mental energy. Black Lady shrieked in fear, curling up before realizing that, once again, Mistress 9's attack had deflected off her spacetime warping and hit nearby.

"Give up struggling lesser queen! It's hopeless now."

Black Lady, felt fear for her existence and yelled in fear and rage "You can't have this world! It's MINE! I'll destroy it to keep you from having it!"

Black Lady warped away. Mistress 9 looked around before noticing that it seemed the entire surroundings had gone dark. She looked up and immediately moved as fast as she could out of the way.

For Black Lady had brought down a Dark Crystal Pillar down onto the Daimon. 

Mistress 9 did not clear the area. She felt immense pain as she felt her lower body pinned under the massive pillar. The Pillar began releasing a purplish-mist. Mistress 9 did not need to breathe, but she could feel the poison seeping into the her extraterrestrial cells. How disgusting this dimension was!

She grasped as the Taioran Crystal, feeling it's light soothe her pain...though she was taking damage quicker then it could heal her she knew. With a grunt of pain she tore herself from the Pillar, her lower body literally tearing off. The sudden pain was immense but almost immediately subsided from the Taioran Crystal. 

"Not so high and mighty now!"

Mistress 9 looked up at the mocking face of her tormentor. Black Lady stood up at her weakened foe. Mistress 9 tried to raise herself to attack the foe, but Black Lady waved her arm and spacetime swirled and distorted in front of Mistress 9's face.

The next thing she knew, she was in the place beyond place, the moment beyond moment, the apex of Black Hole Nemesis, outside spacetime. She felt herself buffered and blasted by the primordial forces of spacetime and felt her hold beginning to slip.

There she saw flashes of her. Black Lady appeared only in brief flashes and whispered directly into Mistress 9's mind.

"Why do you want to fight" "Come on" "You don't need to fight ME" "Come play with me forever" Mistress 9 felt the attacks on her mind and in the back of her mind she knew what this was but the exertion was wearing her down quickly.

"No!" She internally yelled "Master Pharaoh 90 needs me! I can't betray him! I won't betray him!" 

Black Lady smiled just outside of help. She recognized this, this desperate struggle of resistance...the brain's feeble attempts to maintain composure. She guessed human and whatever this thing was didn't have such different brains. In truth she didn't want a friend from her....she might accept one of these things as a pet....but this thing had to die. It had insulted her too much to live.

She saw the moment it happened. The Daimon's limbs slouched, no longer resisting. She darted in ready to apply the finishing blow.

Mistress 9 saw the enemy fall into her desperate surprise attack and pounced.

"FOR THE MASTER!" She yelled covering the tiny human with her monsterous frame, her four astral arms all reaching to find her in the warped spacetime. 

Black Lady gave a Yell in fear as she was engulfed by the disgusting bug-monster. 

Mistess 9 felt the shuffling, felt the spacetime shifting digging into her cellular structure, her molecular structure. Blood aging in her veins and bursting, organs shifting just slightly to the wrong position, she felt herself dying but she felt in one of her soul's hand something more important. The soul of the native. And with that, all the pain ceased. 


Hours later Mistress 9 painfully slouched on the planet again, her regenerative properties already beginning to correct her broken body. She called out to her master's great telepathic mind "Resistance Neutralized. You may commence Vesselization."


Black Lady had more tricks then Mistress 9, but was significantly below her in stats, and while the Black Crystal Earrings could hold off Mistress 9's superior stats for a time, if Mistress 9 got into close enough range, it would be all over for Black Lady. So the question is cold Black Lady somehow kill Mistress 9 before she got into close range.

And while Black Lady has ways of defeating Mistress 9, such as mental control, poison, and existence erasure...none of these have been shown to be doable very quickly. Meanwhile she would likely mess around a lot while Mistress 9 is far more likely to go straight for the kill. Plus Mistress 9 has at least partial counters to many of Black Lady's abilities, and is a far more experienced and intelligent soldier, as Black Lady basically never had a serious fight while Mistress 9 is the commander of the Alien Forces.

The Winner is Mistress 9.

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  1. is it safe to say that either of these two during time could have put an end to the scouts without plot armor and scripted events to save them? Because from what I can remember about black lady is that she seemed to be dominant when facing off again the scouts and in their final fight from what I remember is she was able to incapacitate the scouts after a lengthy fight with ease and was only really defeated because of Pluto interferening and sacrificing herself mainly mourning her friends death and after that she used her healing power to turn her back into Rini. Beyond that I see no way Usagi could have realistically won