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Death Analysis: Wonder Woman

Pre-Crisis Theme Song:      
Modern Theme Song:

Themiscyra, the land of the race of warrior women known as the Amazons, who have lived immortal and childless since the age of myth, having forsworn the race of men.  The Amazon Queen Hippolyta wanted a daughter of her own, having no children. The Queen sculpted a child from the clay of the island and the Goddess of Love was so moved that she gave life to the little clay golem. At the celebration of the new Amazon, Diana Prince, named after her godmother Diana the Goddess, Several Olympians came and gifted this young girl with their powers and gifts to herald her great destiny. And so life was good for a time.....    

But one day, a MAN washed up on the island, a man named Steve Trevor. From him the Amazons learned of the impending threat of Global Domination by the Axis Powers. To defend Man's world the Amazons elected to send the best of them to man's world. Diana disguised herself and competed with her sister Amazons, proving herself the best. Leaving the island with Steve Trevor she donned her costume and began to fight evil in man's world, serving doubly as ambassador of the nation of Themiscyra to the outside world.

Wonder Woman battles crime and the forces of the War God Ares using her gifts from the gods, her amazon training, and the holy relics of Themiscyra. However these are all mere tools, for Diana due to the amount of divine intervention used to bring her to life, qualifies as an Olympian and can become a God should she not restrain her inner power. That said she doesn't use her Godly powers the vast majority of the time for reasons that will be explained. When she is using her Godly powers and going all out it's usually presented by her removing her bracelets of submission, though I will still indicate when I think it's Olympian! Wonder Woman versus normal Wonder Woman.

As I explained in my post about DC Rebirth, there isn't a Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis divide anymore due to Convergence and Diana herself confirms the two timelines of New 52 and Post-Crisis have melded.

So yeah, Pre-Crisis Feats, Post-Crisis Feats, and New 52 Feats should all be fair game.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Hercules gifted Wonder Woman with his strength.

Building Level:

City/Island Level:
Wonder Woman has never found an upper limit to her own strength and should she tap into her true Olympian power she can access a far greater power. Her opponents better hope she never takes off her bracelets of submission because they are there for their defense, not hers.
Wonder Woman's power depends on which God she is drawing power from. When is drawing power from all of Olympus, her power is raised far beyond her normal limits. 


A Subset of Super Strength, Wonder Woman doesn't use it much cause it's not very powerful compared to her normal strength, but she does have it.

Building Level:
City Level:
Stellar Level:
Universe Level: 
Multiverse Level:
Healing Factor:
Because of her divine blood, Diana heals quickly. 

Reality-Warping Resistance:

Supersonic, Subluminal:
Speed of Hermes:
Hermes gifted Wonder Woman with his speed, and when she fully uses it, though she rarely does for the same reason she rarely uses her full strength, she enters into a mythic level of speed. You see in Greek Mythology, the God Hermes would escort each and every soul that died from the mortal universes down to the Underworld. If you know DC Comics and their idea of Speed you know what that entails. 

Wonder Woman has the Wisdom of Athena


Diana was given the Eyes of Artemis the Hunter. These generally give her vision comparable to Superman's with such specific feats as:
As the God of War, Wonder Woman has gained the ability to summon, primarily weapons. 
Lasso of Truth:

The Lasso of Truth is the fundamental concept of truth for the universe and the one time it broke, all subjective truths became true (it didn't go well). Wonder Woman can use it to bind her foes at which point they must speak the truth and they must follow her commands. Of course it doesn't need to bind them to work, it works on people who are just touching it  and is strong enough that Pre-Crisis Superman can't resist it's effect. The Lasso can expand and contract, to the point that Wonder Woman has called it "infinitely elastic" and suggested it can cover an entire island.  The Lasso in a sense represents Diana herself, representing the binding power of truth.

Bracelets of Submission:
The Bracelets of Submission are forged from pure Amazonium, reforged from Aegis, the invulnerable shield of Zeus. Most people purport the Bracelets are invulnerable, and NLF though that that might be, they are the closet metal I have ever found in fiction to being actually invulnerable. The Bracelets of submission represent Diana's submission to the laws of mankind, and to the Gods, and so preserve her humanity in exchange for limiting her divine power. The Bracelets exude a small forcefield that is amount the hardest thing in DC Comics to be broken. 
It has deflected so many things, basically if it hits those Bracelets, it's not going any further. 

Lansinarian Morphing Disk (or as you probably know it, the Invisible Jet):

The Morphing Disk was a gift from an advanced alien race called the Lansianarians that is designed to assist and work with the assigned partner and is very adaptable. 

Other Weapons:

Beauty/Love of Aphrodite:
The Lady Aphrodite's gift, Diana was given exceptional beauty, and exceptional love. She loves all and she is beloved by all. It was a plot point in the New 52 that when Hades asked her if she loved him in the Lasso of Truth and she replied yes, she was truthful. Because Diana loves all people and all creation.


Wonder Woman, though very powerful, has a few flaws. First of all, her power besides her innate Olympian power, is derived from the Gods and should they be unable or unwilling to give her their power, then she will lost the vast majority of her power. She is also generally unwilling to use her own Olympian powers, like the True Might of Hercules or Speed of Hermes for fearing of losing her humanity. 


Wonder Woman provides the classical feminine touch to the DC Universe. It's emphasized from the very first issue that she is like any other girl really and it's in her femininity and her love for people, that she can really summon up her fiery rage and passion that allow her to fight so well. Despite being raised in a warrior society Diana will always try, as fitting of an ambassador, to find a peaceful solution. But if not she is a pragmatic and decisive warrior. 

Diana completes the trinity of Clark and Bruce by providing a straight-forwardness and a closeness to base emotion and reality, an attunement to mother nature that the two boys with their abstract rational thinking have difficulties with. She fights for Truth, Justice and Peace everywhere and for EVERYONE and looks down on people who think it's OK to only serve their own kind. 


Tier 7 Normally, Tier 5 in Olympian State
Low Galactic DC/Durability Normally, Universal+ in her Olympian State
MFTL+ Speed Normally, Unquantifiable/Pseudo-Omnipresent in her Olympian State
Can physically affect energy
Planetary Resistance to Mental Manipulation and Reality-Warping
Corrosion Resistance
Healing Factor
Pressure Point Combat
Enhanced Beauty and Love
Various Speed Based Abilities
Superhuman Skill
Superhuman Intellect
Portal Creation
Enhanced Senses
Mystical Senses
Can command Animals, Robots, and Soldiers (God Form)
Summoning (Weapons and Spirits)
Elemental Manipulation (Lightning, Fire, and Wind)
Water Empowerment (Stronger in Water)
Magic Enhancement or Nullification
Energy Dispersal
Matter Manipulation
Timeline Restoration
Can Kill Immortals
Emotion Manipulation
Soul Destruction (Astral Attack) and Soul Manipulation
Mind-Reading and Mental Probing
Can Command People or Force them to Tell the Truth
Can fight on the Mental Plane
Can redirect attacks up to Multiversal+, as well as mental and conceptual plane attacks
-Dependent on the Gods for majority of power, unwilling to use personal divine power most of the time
-Lack of Long-Range Attacks
-Impulsive and Emotional at times

OBD Style Profile:

Name: Wonder Woman, Diana Prince
Origin: DC Comics (Rebirth)
Gender: Female
Classification: Magical Golem, Spirit of Truth, Goddess
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Enhanced Stats, Various Holy Relics | Super Stats, Likely speed-related abilities, Teleportation, Regen (Low-Mid), Can physically affect energy, Omnilingual, can sense heat and divinity, telepathy, can telepathically control robots and animals, Matter Manipulation, Water Empowerment, occasionally 4th Wall Breaking | Godlike Stats, Abstract Existence, Summoning (Weapons and Spirits), Can telepathically control Soldiers, likely the other abilities that Ares had including Universal Scale Reality-Warping and Dimensional Manipulation
Weaknesses: Power is dependent on the Gods’ Favor in part, No Destructive Long Range Powers, Impulsive, Reluctant to use her God Abilities for fear of losing her humanity
Destructive Capacity: Large Building Level | Low Galactic Level, higher with certain magical weapons | Universal
Range: Extended Melee Range | Extended Melee Range, a few kilometers with certain powers, Inter-Universal with Teleportation | Likely Universal via scaling to Ares
Speed: Transonic, Supersonic Reflexes | MFTL+, Unquantifiable with Speed of Hermes | Pseudo-Omnipresent as Goddess of War
Durability: Large Building Level | Low Galactic | Universal, Possibly Low Multiversal
Lifting Strength: Likely Class 100 | Stellar | Universal
Striking Strength: Class GJ | Likely Class XZJ | Universe Class
Stamina: Superhuman (endured a mental attack that took 117 days in relative time) | Theoretically Inexhaustible 
Standard Equipment: The Lasso of Truth (Can bind enemies compelling them to listen to Wonder Woman and tell the truth, can reveal pressure points, emotion manipulation, healing, can restore timelines, energy dispersal, magic enhancement or nullification, fire manipulation, wind manipulation, soul manipulation), Bracelets of Submission (Can deflect or reflect attacks up to multiversal+ as well as mental and conceptual attacks, can create shockwaves, can create a forcefield that heals nearby people), Lansinarian Morphing Disc (Transforming sentient machine that can absorb low galactic strikes, shapeshifting, air purification, has psychic offenses and defenses, can give Wonder Woman planetary scale mind-reading and fight on the mental plane), Amazonium Tiara, Godwave Sword (can harm universal Gods and kill immortals), Sword of Hephaestus (Magical Sword that can cut atoms, cause nuclear explosions and harm universal level entities)
Intelligence: Superhuman (Has the Wisdom of Athena), large knowledge of magic and mythology, mastery of combat
Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

Godwave: Diana can briefly boost all her stats to Godlike levels but can’t maintain it long without going insane.

Speed of Hermes: Diana can use the speed of Hermes to travel between realms and universes, or teleport herself and crowds across the same. This likely allows her to use heighted speed powers of other DC Speedsters.  

Key: Powerless (without any God’s Favor) | Drawing from The Olympians (Normal) | Olympian Wonder Woman/Goddess of War Wonder Woman

Suggested Opponent:
Normally I'd be against bringing people back but if there were going to bring Wonder Woman back I would suggest her to fight:    

Wonder Woman vs. (Lady) Thor

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