Wednesday, June 21, 2017

DC Respect Thread (Work in Progress)

So this is a general work of progress of feats for the DC Universe. Whenever I am researching a character I will put the relevant feats here, so that I can build up a catalog of DC Comics feats. I will be separating this into 10 phases. Please note that everything from Pre-War Phase to Satellite Era Phase are one continuity, Early Post-Crisis Phase to Pre-Flashpoint Phase is a second continuity, the New 52 forms a third continuity, but all are merged in the final Rebirth continuity. I am hoping that if there is a feat I will include a feat description, a link to the feat, and a citation of what comic it's from.

Pre-War Phase: Before 1942

World War Phase: 1942-1945

Interregnum Phase: 1946-1955

Sci-Fi Phase: 1956-1970

Satellite Era Phase: 1971-1985

Early Post-Crisis Phase: 1986-2003

Dark Crisis Phase: 2004-2008

Pre-Flashpoint: 2009-2010

New 52 Phase: 2011-2015

Rebirth Phase: 2016+

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