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Death Prediction: Sailor Moon vs Cardcaptor Sakura

Magic…to most a force mysterious and distant, unknowable. But to a young girl beholding the world and the people that she loves, magic is everywhere, echoing in every place and every moment. She knows intimately the gentlest and the strongest magic, the magic of the heart.

This is the legacy of the Magical Girl. To a young girl with a heart overflowing with love, even the greatest and most impossible feat can be done. And from this legacy came the two lights, rivaling each other, finally to come face to face.

From the line of Queen Serenity, the woman chosen by God to bear the power of Creation, comes Usagi Tsukino, AKA Sailor Moon, The Messiah of Light. From the line of Clow Reed, the sorcerer who merged opposites and shaped the multiverse, comes Sakura Kinotomo, AKA Cardcaptor Sakura, the Mistress of the Cards. These two lines will come into conflict today.

Hi. I am Imperator100. Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura are two of my favorite characters ever. I have considered a meeting and a battle between them since before I knew what vs debating was. I have considered this fight long and hard. Please enjoy the fruits of my labor.
Sailor Moon


Alright so the 60 Chapters of the Manga are canon as are the rest of the writings of Naoko Takeuchi. Because of her involvement with the S-Movie and the Super S Specials, people also think those might be canon although even if they are, it wouldn’t change much.

However, the manga has one canonical alternate dimension at least (Parallel Sailor Moon) and more implied by Nehelenia’s mirror dimensions. Because the events of the manga are implied in Sailor Moon: Another Story, and due to the fact that the events of the 90s Anime are also implied in Another Story and the fact that Sera Myu is an alternate timeline of the events of the 90s anime, and contains several parallel universes with elements of both manga and anime in each timeline…

Basically, it’s often assumed that there is an SM Multiverse and that each canon is an alternate universe in it. Even if that is the case though, the other universes are NOT necessarily relevant to the Manga. The theories that you can scale between canons is unsubstantial and has unfounded assumptions.

Just feats from the Manga.


Back in the ancient times, from a distant galaxy came the Good and Wise Queen Serenity, called to the center of our galaxy by God. God bestowed upon Queen Serenity the Maboroshi no Ginzhuisho, the Legendary/Illusory Silver Crystal, who would one day be born to the Messiah of the Universe. She traveled to the Sol System and created the Great Silver Millenium centered around her Moon Kingdom. From there she looked down upon the Earth to watch over the development of humanity. All the while she raised her daughter, Princess Serenity who had the Silver Crystal as her Star Seed, the essence of her being. But it was not to be!

Chaos, the primordial nothingness, hating existence and wanting to return the time of oneness, spread it’s aspects across the cosmos. One of these, Queen Metallia destroyed the Moon Kingdom, killing the young Princess Serenity. To save her daughter and the cosmos, Queen Serenity reincarnated everyone there to Earth.

In 90s Japan, Usagi Tsukino was running to school, late as always, until she ran into a strange kitty. The Cat soon revealed itself to be no normal cat but a magical cat known as Luna, the previous advisor to Queen Serenity. Luna revealed to Usagi her destiny; that she was the reincarnation of Princess Serenity, and that she needed to become Sailor Moon to save the universe. Together with the guardians of the Moon Kingdom, the Sailor Senshi, resurrected alongside her. Usagi Tsukino proceeded to save the universe from Chaos and it’s machinations, and become the Messiah of Light.

The Silver Crystal:

In the Sailor Moon thing, all things have a star seed, and grow from their star seed. The star represents the concept of the thing. Sailor Senshi possess special star seeds called “sailor crystals”. Sailor Moon’s sailor crystal as stated is the Silver Crystal.

The Silver Crystal is the Crystal of Creation, a force of infinite rebirth. Possession of it gives dominion over the entire cosmos. With it, Chaos planned to create a new universe entirely. Sailor Moon’s primary force of fighting comes with manipulating the Silver Crystal’s. The Silver Crystal relies on Usagi’s heart, and as she develops as a person, her connection with the crystal grows. And the Silver Crystal allows Usagi quite a vast amount of abilities.

The most obvious trait of the Silver Crystal is the energy it generates. It generates what is said often “endless energy”. The Silver Crystal’s energy appears primarily in the light it emanates. The Silver Crystal is called the Ultimate Power of the Universe, and it is the source of all energy in the universe.

Because all spacetime is merely manifestation of energy and will, The Silver Crystal grants dominion over spacetime to Usagi. The Silver Crystal warps all of spacetime with it’s power and can “light up” a timeline. The Silver Crystal can turn back time in accordance to Usagi’s nostalgia wish. In the Sailor Moon universe nothing is supposed to be able to meet itself from another or it will cause an unstoppable time paradox. The Silver Crystal can ignore this at will. Sailor Moon’s been able to meet her future self, Neo-Queen Serenity, supreme queen of the solar system, without causing any problems. She’s even kissed an even further future self, Sailor Cosmos. This trait of the Silver Crystal allows Sailor Moon to duplicate herself in time, by going back in time to help her past self should she be in danger. This is precisely what happens in the 5th arc with Sailor Cosmos returning to the past to protect her past self. Of course besides that she can also channel her future self’s spirit or call down power from her future self. Queen Serenity has sealed an entire planet off from the rest of spacetime. She has unsealed the Amazons from their rock prisons. Even greater she reincarnated Hotaru through dimensions closed off by the Dark Dome Close. The Dark Dome Close is supposed to close off two dimensions from each other forever, but the Silver Crystal overcame it. And if Sailor Moon ever finds herself in a time purgatory, outside the timeline, the Silver Crystal will teleport her away to safety. And the Sailor Crystal grants immortality to it’s use and all under their reign, so Usagi will someday make the solar system a great utopia of immortals.

Also well known about the Silver Crystal is it’s healing abilities. Even in the first arc, the Silver Crystal had the ability to restore the entire world from devastation. It’s power can restore sight, and can restore magical powers even in a place meant specifically to nullifying the Silver Crystal’s power.

The Silver Crystal has a few other abilities. It can seal a being inside of it, it can put someone in a “deep sleep” for millenia, and if Usagi is ever threatened or dying, the Silver Crystal will grow to encompass her to protect her.

Of course, Sailor Moon’s most famous use of the Silver Crystal is none of the above. Like all Sailor Crystal the Silver Crystal gives off planet power, the power of the celestial bodies. Planet power is used for amount other things tapping into “Henshin” or Transformation. Henshin can be used to restore one’s body if it’s altered, and to change one’s position such as teleporting through dimensions, or using its raw power to tunnel from the center of a planet to the center. However, Henshin’s most known function is that it allows for the transformation of one from their normal state to their Sailor Senshi form. This Sailor Soldier form is used for the endless war of the Senshi against Chaos and its minions.


Usagi has transformed into 3 states of Sailor Moon during her adventure.

Base Sailor Moon is the first state, attained simply by accessing Henshin. This form removes her need to breath, greatly increases her physical capacities, and allows her access to the most basic abilities of the Silver Crystal. It also grants her enhanced senses, such as being able to hear the distant cries of Naru.

Super Sailor Moon is the second state, allowing her access to more of the Silver Crystal’s capacities. She attained this state after she felt the unity of her hearts with her friends, and channeled this power through the Holy Grail. In this state she is more then 10,000 times more powerful and has more magical abilities.

Eternal Sailor Moon is the final state, allowing her complete mastery of the Silver Crystal’s capacities. In fact when she first attained this state her power was directly compared to Queen Serenity’s. She attained this state after all her friends channeled all their planet power with hers in the Holy Grail, as well as the power of the Power Guardians and their Planetary Castles. In this state her stats multiply again, and she gains the full range of the Silver Crystal’s abilities at her disposal. Eternal Sailor Moon’s power was so great, that it was suggested at her strongest she could actually destroy Chaos and the Galaxy Cauldron, the source of all possibilities.

Physical Form:

Her Sailor Senshi form drastically increases Usagi’s physical capacities.

Base Sailor Moon was strong enough to leap into orbit and walk around on Planet Nemesis, a Black Hole. Despite her crybaby status, she was also quite tough. She survived within Queen Metallia, a being capable of absorbing planets into darkness and Death Phantom, a being capable of fading away planets from existence. She has survived attacks from Dark Prince Endymion boosted by the Silver Crystal, Death Phantom attacking her with the Black Crystal, the evil equivalent of the Silver Crystal, and Mistress 9 attacking with the Silver Crystal. Without any forcefields at all, she survived an attack that destroyed Kunzite’s forcefield, which was durable enough to survive up close to the power of the Silver Crystal briefly.

Super Sailor Moon was much stronger. Pharaoh 90 was a Chaos-Spawn who moved a galaxy far faster than light and had the Taioran Crystal, a crystal capable of powering an entire galaxy. Yet Super Sailor Moon just transforming for the first time, released 10,000 times more power than the Taioran Crystal and its peak and scared Pharaoh 90 as an unbeatable force. She took no recoil damage from it at all, absolutely shocking Professor Tomoe.

And stronger then even this is Eternal Sailor Moon. In the 5th arc, Civilian form Usagi tanked force from Galaxia stronger than anything in the first 4 arcs. Enough energy to destroy the Holy Grail. She also survived a powerful animamate using her ultimate attack, again in civilian form.

As Eternal Sailor Moon she blocked the attacks of all 4 Eternal Guardian Senshi together powered up by Galaxia. Also while it broke her wings, she not only survived the attacks of the 8 Sol Senshi powered up by Galaxia together, she then while still kneeling on the floor destroyed all 8 of them with one attack. Just one chapter later Eternal Sailor Moon tanks a point blank collision of her own strongest attack with Sailor Galaxia, the soldier of destruction’s second strongest attack, a collision so powerful that Chibi-Chibi had to protect Eternal Sailor Chibi-Moon, an Eternal Sailor Senshi, from.  

Physical Movement: 

Sailor Senshi all have cosmic level speed as it befits their job description. Minako before even transforming accidentally knocked herself out to Venus from her planet power. Hotaru flew from Earth to Charon Castle orbiting Pluto in the time it takes to point. Sailor Chibi-Moon has moved fast enough to fight star-beings who travel dozens of lightyears in less than a year. How does Usagi compare to these beings? Good.

 Usagi without even transforming was able to surprise Prince Diamond with her movements. And Prince Diamond is fast enough to conquer all of space within a human lifespan. In her Senshi form she was able to move fast enough to fight Princess Snow Kaguya who was gonna freeze the entire universe in a seeming short timeframe, at most the span of a normal human’s lifespan. She was even able to impress Sailor Uranus, the senshi of speed, with her speed. She was able to teleport out of Metalia, despite Metalia’s spatial warping. And an Eternal Sailor Senshi like Eternal Sailor Moon can travel at least to the center of the galaxy in but a moment.


Not known very often is Usagi’s psionic abilities. She can sense energy, and was able to sense her friends deep within Planet Nemesis, before telekinetically busting open the Ground of Nemesis down to them.

She was able to resist the hypnosis of Dark Mamoru and of Queen Metallia, and she was able to recover her memories in the River of Oblivion.

And while people like to make fun of Usagi for being dumb, not only are these accounts exaggerated, but at her peak of Neo-Queen Serenity/Sailor Cosmos, Usagi has vast experience as a Soldier and great wisdom.

Base Equipment:

Usagi doesn’t rely on her physical form. She uses objects to increase her combat effectiveness. In her hair, she has two hairpieces. These can hear distant sounds, and gave her first attack. Her first attack is not exactly a spell, but her own crying magically amplified by her hairpieces. These ultrasonic waves shake everything nearby, threatening to destroy an entire pocket dimension, and can even hit ghosts.

She also has her tiara. If Usagi takes off her tiara, she can throw it for the “Moon Frisbee” where the Tiara transmutes whatever is hit by it into moondust. She can also use the jewel in her tiara to reflect her moonlight for a “Moon Twilight Flash” attack, an attack that burns away darkness and shadows, and was able to beat Nephrite’s Shadow. Her Tiara can also trap people and she can make a new one if she loses it.

She also had the Disguise pen, which allowed her to change into whatever she wanted to look like. This was a throwback to early mg series, who often had a power like this.

Of course, this was before she even got her wands.


The Moon Stick is Sailor Moon’s first wand. With it she can cast “Moon Healing Escalation”. This spell caused waves of purity to come from her wand. Moon Healing Escalation can restore power to a city, restore a city’s worth of people back to life, or restore a planet to life. She used the Moon Stick against Metalia, the goddess of darkness. The power of Moon Healing Escalation there burned Metalia, planet-sized darkness to dust, and restored the Ancient Moon Kingdom as a side-effect.

Sailor Moon’s second wand is the Cutie Moon Rod, made from the love of Usagi and Mamoru. The power of it can warp someone to the edge of the solar system as a side-effect of using. With this Rod, Sailor Moon can use the spell “Moon Princess Halation” which creates a blast of light from the front. Two of these were able to destroy a Black Hole the Size of the Solar System that was warping the entire universe and also destroy the evil spirit possessing it.

Sailor Moon’s Third Wand is the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, given to her by Neo-Queen Serenity. With it she can cast the spell Moon Spiral Heart Attack, which creates a string of heart-shaped projectiles. This attack was able to destroy an entire illusory dimension and harm the spirit Princess Snow Kaguya. Super Sailor Moon has a stronger version of the attack called “Rainbow Moon Heart Ache”. The attack destroyed an illusory dimension large enough to contain a distant star. It destroyed Snow Princess Kaguya who created a nebula, as well as Daimon Leader Germatoid, strong enough to tank the power of a Talisman. It can also apparently reduce an enemy to particles.

Sailor Moon’s Fourth Wand is the Kaleidomoon Scope. Originally an ordinary kaleidoscope, it was blessed by Helios and now it is sapient. With this wand, Super Sailor Moon can cast “Moon Gorgeous Meditation”, which shoots out rainbow light which shatters an enemy’s spacetime locking them in a mirror dimension. She can also use it to get people out of mirror dimensions.

Sailor Moon’s Fifth Wand is the Eternal Tiare. This weapon had 2 attacks of it’s own. The first was Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. This attack used all the power of all the solar system. It created a great vortex of light and energy that exudes electricity. This attack hits through dimensions, and was strong enough to destroy Queen Nehelenia and Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi the strongest animamates. It was also accurate enough to hit Sailor Lead Crow without hitting Eternal Sailor Mars in front of her. The other spell is Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss. This attack creates a powerful aura flash. This attack was powerful enough to one-shot all 8 of the Galactica Sol Senshi in one flash and perfectly countered Sailor Galaxia’s “Galactica Inflation”, the collision of the two being so strong that Chibi-Chibi had to shield Eternal Sailor Chibi-Moon.

The Lambda Power and Sailor Cosmos: 

While Eternal Sailor Moon is the highest form of Sailor Moon, Usagi herself can attain a state even greater then this when she needs to. By drawing on the power of all the Sailor Crystals, Usagi can assess the power known as the Lambda Power, the power of the Cosmos Crystal, the Sailor Crystal of the entire universe.

The Lambda Power is so mighty that even a burst from it destroyed Chaos, the primordial evil itself, even without Usagi trying to. It also has other properties. When Usagi was melted down into nothing in the Galaxy Cauldron after her battle with Chaos, the Lambda Power regenerated her fast enough that the timestream didn’t shift, a process nearly instant. A Lambda powered being has the ability also to take other beings, even Chaos, within themselves, essentially absorbing them.

The Lambda Power allows for one to exist if wanted in “Perfect Heavenly Form”, a pure state capable of existence within the Galaxy Cauldron itself, which is the source of all possibilities and destroys even star seeds. Beings with Perfect Heavenly Form have the ability to start new “histories of the stars” at will. Chief of these beings are Guardian Cosmos, aka GOD, power guardian of the Cosmos Crystal who looks over the cosmos and its crystal. However, it seems that a being of Perfect Heavenly Form cannot leave the Galaxy Cauldron.

The Lambda power also gives one an even more notable ability. Beings with the Lambda Power can use the abilities of all the other Sailor Crystals, since each are merely a part of the Cosmos Crystal. With this Lambda Form Usagi will eventually attain her highest form of all, Sailor Cosmos, the Sailor Senshi of the entire universe. It is speculated by some that Sailor Cosmos is a Perfected Heavenly Being who has gained the state of being able to leave the cauldron at will.

Sailor Cosmos is so powerful that even Sailor Chaos, the greater form of Chaos, is unable to kill her. Sailor Cosmos possess the powers of all Sailor Senshi including her rival Sailor Chaos as she can draw on the Chaos Crystal. To know what Lambda Usagi and Sailor Cosmos can really do we need to go over what the other Sailor Crystals can do.

As Usagi with the Lambda Power can use the power of all the other Sailor Crystals, we must list what those can do.

Mercury Crystal:    

1: Grants Super-Intelligence equal to an IQ of over 300
2: The ability to sense water
3: The ability to release a freezing fog when threatened
4: A Magical Visor that allows her to see through illusions and track things though dimensions
5: Spell: Mercury Aqua Mist: Creates an obscuring fog
6: Spell: Hyperspatial Sphere Generate: Creates a hyperspatial pocket dimension sphere
7: Spell: Shine Aqua Illusion: Can create a water storm capable of wiping out Droids, advanced robots from the future
8: Spell: Shine Show Illusion: Freezing Variant of Shine Aqua Illusion
9: Spell: Mercury Aqua Illusion: Creates a ball of water from which emerge several streams of water aimed at the enemy. This attack was stronger than an attack that destroy an entire Solar-System Scale Black Hole
10: Spell: Mercury Aqua Rhapsody: Summons the Mercury Harp, a Sentient Harp of Water that releases water with the chords. This attack destroyed the spirit Fish Eye and was used alongside Mars Flame Sniper to knock unconscious 4 Eternal Sailor Senshi

Mars Crystal:

1: Grants 6th Sense (Can sense evil presences, gives a danger sense, energy-sensing, and spatial and spiritual sensing)
2: Can see the future by looking into the flames
3: Akuryo Taisen (Mystical Charm that can dispel spirits and can knock unconscious a living person)
4: Spell: Akuryo Taisen: Akuryo Taisen technique charged with fire, destroyed an entire dimension as a side-effect of its first casting
5: Spell: Burning Mandala: Creates several mystical fire discs fired in pattern, strong enough to incinerate Droids, advanced robots from the future
6: Spell: Mars Snake Fire: Creates a Serpent made of Fire from the forehead. Powerful enough to damage the strongest of the Witches V making it far stronger than an attack that destroyed a Solar-System Wide Black Hole
7: Spell: Mars Flame Sniper: Creates a mystical bow of fire which fires arrows of fire. These arrows destroyed the spirit Tiger’s Eye and along with the Mercury Aqua Rhapsody knocked 4 Eternal Sailor Senshi uncouncious

Jupiter Crystal:  
1: Grants Super-Strength equivalent to the planet power of her form
2: Can physically affect Ghosts and Astral Beings (user destroyed the ghost bride with physical might
3: Can sense electrical manipulation
4: Can charge her body with electricity
5: Can read bad omens in the wind
6: When sufficiently angry, can punch through dimension
7: Spell: Flower Hurricane: Creates a hurricane of distracting flower petals
8: Spell: Jupiter Thunderbolt: Calls down a powerful thunderbolt from the heaven
9: Spell: Sparkling Wide Pressure: Creates ball lightning in the palms and throws it at the enemy. This attack destroyed droids, and threatened an enemy Second Arc Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus couldn’t
10: Spell: Jupiter Coconut Cyclone: Creates a localized wind storm, with the scent of coconut. Was directly stronger then Third Arc Sailor Moon, a version stronger than a version that destroyed a Solar-System wide Black Hole
11: Spell: Jupiter Oak Evolution: Creates a crown of leaves atop the user’s forehead from which comes omnidirectional electrical energy capable of harming Eternal Sailor Moon

Venus Crystal:
1: Can use the “Sailor V Kick” an enhanced kick able to harm Dark Agency Member Luuga, inside her own dimension where she controls the rules
2: Can break the Fourth Wall
3: Can gain more power due to being the protagonist
4: Can make up new attacks by charging planet power through an object
5: Can jump in and out of video games
6: Basically gives gag powers
7: Can fire energy blasts that physically erase someone from existence
8: Crescent Boomerang: Boomerang attack that can make someone’s head explode, or cut them at several areas at once like it did to the Heavenly King Zoicite
9: Holy Sword: Can Summon the Holy Sword of the Moon Kingdom to her hand. This sword is tougher then diamond and highly poisonous. With this, Sailor Venus shanked Queen Beryl.
10: Spell: Crescent Beam: Fires a Beam of Light that burns away what it touches
11: Spell: Crescent Slender Beam: Focuses the Beam of Light like a laser, intensifying it
12: Spell: Crescent Shower: Creates a mystical rain that purifies negative energies and people
13: Spell: Venus Sulphur Smoke: Creates a sulfuric acid that replicates the environment of the planet Venus
14: Spell: Ten Billion Volt Rock n Rouge: Summons the Venus Mic, from which creates soundwaves charged with immense lightning, suggested to be 10,000,000,000 volts.
15: Spell: Love Megaton Shower: Shoots an ray of light from the body that ripped a large building clean in half and continued on without stopping. This attack should be comparable or superior to the Akuryo Taisen Spell which destroyed a dimension.
16: Spell: Rolling Heart Vibration: Creating a glowing magical heart projectile capable of threatening foes with star level defenses
17: Spell: Venus Love-Me Chain: Creates a golden chain which can be used for offense, defense, grappling, or even purification. The Love-Me Chain can harm even high-ranking Black Moon Clan Members like Esmeraude
18: Spell: Wink Chain Sword: Conjures a floating sword of light with stabs in conjunction with the Venus Love-Me Chain. The attack was stronger than an attack that destroyed a Solar System-Wide Black Hole.
Spell: Love and Beauty Shock: Charges the Venus Love-Me Chain with far more power, comparable to Eternal Sailor Moon’s first attack using all the power of the Silver Crystal which can create a universe and warp all of spacetime. 

Golden Crystal:
1: Psychic Dreams
2: Psychometry (Can see the flow of energy and can tell the history of an object by touching it. Has planetary range.)
3: Healing
4: Can maintain someone without their soul
5: Can deliver a shock
6: Can bestow courage and strength
7: Can give information to his past self
8: Can sense when Usagi is in danger
9: Enhanced Courage and Will (Can break out of a nightmare dimension through force of will)
10: Light Creation (The Silver and Golden Crystal emanating their lights together harmed Queen Nehelenia)
11: Shares powers and abilities with the Silver Crystal
12: Spell: Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber: Shoots a smoke-y energy beam, of comparable power to Second Arc Sailor Moon’s Star+ Power

Pink Moon Crystal (The Future Evolution of the Silver Crystal):
1: Can perceive through dimensions
2: Can Resurrect beings, even spiritual beings
3: Spell: Pink Sugar Heart Attack: Creates a Stream of Heart-Based Projectiles capable of threatening Mistress 9, stronger than a Daimon that tanked the power of one of the talismans. It destroyed two stars that had taken human form and it can destroy spirits.

Saturn Crystal:
1: Healing
2: Low-Godly Regen (Astral Hotaru could regenerate her physical body)
3: Can see distant events and possible futures
4: Can create simulations of the solar system and watch it to see the future
5: Unlocked the power of Super Sailor Senshi for herself, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto despite Nehelenia’s eclipse canceling out their powers
6: Astral Body can perceive events on the physical plane, can directly affects souls and star seeds, and can teleport
7: Can perceive through dimensions
8: Can Summon the Silence Glaive (the touch of which paralyzed and drained the energy of Pharaoh 90)
9: Spell: Death Reborn Revolution: Creates dark ribbon tendrils and a massive negative aura, which sucks in energy to be annihilated in oblivion
10: Spell: Silent Wall: Can create a forcefield
11: Spell: Silence Glaive Surprise: Can create a mist and a vortex to suck up attacks
12: The Power of Silence: Can release the power of death which lifewipes everything, reducing everything to nothingness. Not even the user survives this attack. This attack killed even Sailor Pluto back in the Silver Millennium who was outside spacetime.

Uranus Crystal:
1: Can run at subsonic speeds even in civilian form
2: Generates winds with running
3: Allows civilian-form darting fast enough to blitz the Third-Arc Civilian Form Senshi
4: Can sense energy and suffering
5: Can hide her energy
6: Has the strength of both men and women
7: Can watch events happening on the Moon from Uranus
8: Spell: Uranus World Shaking: Can create a ball of energy which creates winds strong enough to shake the ground. In the Third Arc, it knocked uncouncious Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, and the Guardian Senshi. It can also dispel magics.
9: Spell: Space Turbulence: Creates a seeming spatial warp, generating massive electromagnetic waves capable of harming two Eternal Sailor Senshi
10: Talisman: Space Sword Blaster: A Magical Sword strong enough that Eternal Sailor Uranus could threaten the Sailor Starlights with it. The Sword can shoot sword blasts from it, and with the other Talismans it created a forcefield that held back Pharaoh 90

Neptune Crystal: 
1: Can sense presences and suffering
2: Can see through illusions3: Can create illusions
4: With a Violin can create waves of music that can paralyze and pain
5: Can hide her energy
6: Can watch events happening on the Moon from Neptune
7: Can see events in the future in the water
8: Spell: Deep Submerge: Creates a watery surge of energy capable of destroying all the Witches V at once
9: Spell: Submarine Violin Tide: Creates waves of magical music, comparable in power to the Space Turbulence.
10: Talisman: Deep Aqua Mirror: A Mystical Mirror which can launch energy that can destroy mystical seals. Looking into the mirror can show you a variety of things, including the past lives of people, the future (though it is limited by the amount of chaos in the present), and far away events. It can also teleport you to specific people and teleport you away from danger. With the other Talismans it created a forcefield that held back Pharaoh 90

Pluto Crystal:
1: Can sense any disruption to spacetime, even to the far reaches of spacetime.
2: Spell: Dead Scream: Creates a ball of dark energy powerful enough to one-shot the second strongest of the Witches V
3: Spell: Dark Dome Close: Seals off a dimension from everything else such that nothing can get between them, not even the Power of Silence. Only a miracle of the Silver Crystal can restore something through this dimensional seal
4: Spell: Chronos Typhoon: Calls the Winds of Chronos, which can throw around and damage those they hit. In Base Form it threatened all the Witches V, and in Eternal Form the winds were so strong as to hurt Eternal Sailor Moon
5: Spell: Time Stop: Freezes Time. The User can choose who is unaffected
6: Talisman: Garnet Orb: Can send someone to another point in spacetime at will, even to “Time Purgatories” outside time, which erases someone’s existence. Also created a forcefield capable of holding back Pharaoh 90 with the other talismans.

Asteroid Crystals:
1: Spell: Amazoness Jungle Arrow: Can fire energy arrows from the hands which together destroyed Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion, one of the strongest members of the Animamates.

Kinmoku Crystals:
1: Can suppress user’s own energy
2: Can teleport in civilian form
3: Can enter and exit inanimate objects at will
4: Can sense if someone is a Sailor Senshi
5: Spell: Star Serious Laser: Creates a laser powerful enough to damage one of the Sailor Animamates and killed one alongside The Star Gentle Uterus
6: Spell: Star Gentle Uterus: Creates a vortex of air powerful to kill a Sailor Animamate alongside The Star Serious Laser
7: Spell: Star Sensitive Inferno: Shoots a fire orb strong enough to kill a Sailor Animamate alone
8: Spell: Starlights Royal Straight Flush: Shoots a bunch of trading cards
9: Spell: Kinmoku Fusion Tempest: Create a flower storm strong enough to equal the attack of one of the strongest Animamates.
10: Other Spells: The Artbook says they have other attacks including: “Star Fighter Kick”, “Star Fighter Punch”, “Star Fighter Uppercut”,  “Star Fighter Attack”, “Star Maker Relaxation”, “Star Maker Music Box”, “Star Healer Beam”, “Star Healer Tornado”, “Star Healer Worm”

Saphir Crystal:
1: Can Impose the Concept of Destruction upon something by pointing at it, even in civilian form. This erase anything from existence by removing it’s essence, it’s star seed.
2: Can generate energy in civilian form in a league above anything in the first four arcs.
3: Can grant the powers of captured Star Seeds to her own Sailor Senshi, hence the Sailor Animamates with their Galactica Crystals
4: Can see events in the past
5: Can hear thoughts thousands of lightyears away
6: Can enter enemies dreams and attack them there
7: Can step through magical barriers
8: Spell: Galactica Inflation: Galaxia creates a total vacuum around her, from which emanates her own powers as crackling dark lightning. This attack perfectly equaled Eternal Sailor Moon’s strongest attack
9: Spell: Galactica Super String: Manipulation of the cosmic strings, causes Galaxia to release a wave of cosmic energy from her body which Chibi-Chibi protected Eternal Sailor Moon against.

Galactica Crystals:
1: Can sense Sailor Crystals
2: Can take Sailor Crystals
3: Can absorb attacks into Braclets
4: Can control ice
5: Can control people with song
6: Can control rot
7: Can create illusory copies of herself
8: Has 9 Lives
9: Can Summon up the River of Oblivion, which erases memories
10: Can Summon up the River of Memory, which restores memories
11: Immunity to the River of Oblivion and the River of Memory
12: Can sense people from thousands of lightyears away
13: Can remotely teleport people
14: Can call up vines capable of binding Eternal Sailor Moon and Princess Kakyuu
15: Can attack the soul
16: Can control fire
17: Can Summon up Blue Fire which disintegrates the body and which was protected against by Chibi-Chibi herself
18: Spell: Galactica Crunch: Can create a wave of energy capable of threatening the Eternal Sailor Senshi
19: Spell: Galactica Tsunami: User’s hair turns into water which can damage and bind Eternal Sailor Senshi
20: Spell: Galactica Tornado: Creates a dark tornado stronger then Mars Flame Sniper
21: Spell: Galactica Puppet: Creates tendrils of energy strong enough to harm Eternal Sailor Moon
22: Spell: Galactica Myosotis Alpestris: Creates a shining light from which comes electricity
23: Spell: Galatica Scales: Unknown what it does
24: Spell: Galactica Plants Blizzard: An attack of ice and plants capable of threatening even Princess Kakyuu

Chaos Crystal (only available to Sailor Cosmos form):
1: Can Fuse forms with other things, even things such as the Galaxy Cauldron
2: Can grow giant
3: Can do damage not even Sailor Cosmos can restore it
4: Can appear in multiple mirror dimensions at once
5: Can travel through alternate dimensions
6: Darkness Manipulation: Can cover a planet or a star in darkness, creating a darkness barrier closing off its spacetime and giving user control of it
7: Energy Manipulation: Can sense and identity different energy signatures, even from another dimension, passively absorbs energy with presence, and can drain it faster via willing it. Can drain henshin power to prevent transformation. Can emit negative energy, which cancels out normal energy. Can convert normal energy into it’s own negative energy.
8: Matter Manipulation: Presence can cause blindness, can turn people into animals, can rapidly de-age people until they disappear, can trap beings in stone, can resurrect the fallen as superhumans loyal to user, can turn an entire kingdom to stone, can convert large sections of the Earth into lava, and can fade away a planet.
9: Mind Manipulation: Can affect minds on a planetary scale from another dimension. Can hypnotize an entire planet, and can trap an entire planet in eternal dream.
10: Soul Manipulation: Can Steal 4 souls at once
11: Reality Manipulation: Can assimilate matter-energy, rip-apart the spacetime continuum, even from a solar system distance apart, can affect intangible things as if they were physical, seal a planet in a moment of time, can throw things in other dimensions, and can trap things in other dimensions even if they can normally travel through dimension.
12: Evil Eye: Can create a star level energy attack. Can force someone to your control, even if they have planetary resistance to mental manipulation. Can protect against mental attacks, even as potent as the Evil Eye’s.
13: Beast Hands: Creates technicolor stretchy arms that drain energy
14: Curse: Alters the Destiny of something, from a person to a kingdom, fating it to die. It falls apart from the inside. Not even the Silver Crystal can heal the Curse, and if the user dies, it will still kill the victim.


Usagi may be the messiah of light and the one who defeated Chaos itself, but she is still….Usagi. She’s a cowardly crybaby, who is lazy, gluttonous, unacademic, and generally unheroic.

The Silver Crystal, Usagi’s power source, is dependent on Usagi’s heart which means she is fully angry or passionate, it’s power will not be at full.

Usagi is exceedingly merciful, even sparing a Chaos-Spawn, Death Phantom.


I have already written much about Usagi’s personality in another blog but to summarize:

Usagi is a girl no one would have ever expected anything spectacular from, but she goes on time and again to do the unite those lost in darkness, and to defeat all of Chaos’ forces and she is so beloved that she will one-day become elected Queen of the World.

The key to this is Usagi’s secret wisdom, Usagi loves all because she recognizes everything, even Chaos itself, feel the same: we are all lonely stars wandering seeking to gather together. She wins her encounters she has love for all things and understanding them, she knows how to do what she needs to do to end the conflict. Witnessing the development of Usagi in Sailor Moon, we are watching the changing of this totally underwhelming girl become a Soldier (Sailor Senshi) and a Hero.

Usagi represents the modern magical girl, and the hero any teen girl could be, heroic not because of what she can do, but simply because she has a gentle heart that accepts the cosmos in it’s entirety. This is what let her defeat Chaos itself, Chaos for all it’s immenseness is still limited by it’s opposition to Cosmos, while Usagi, the Cosmos itself, accepts Chaos itself.

Cardcaptor Sakura


You know I was really worried I’d had to go into the intricacies of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles cosmology to accept why the anime is currently canon to CCS. Turns I didn’t have to. Clear Card Arc, has a picture of Sakura’s Clow Cards and you can clearly see there’s more than the Manga’s 19 cards. So yeah, basically the CCS Anime and Manga are both canon as is the Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles and xxxHolic mangas,

Backstory: The Line of Clow Reed:

Long ago, The East and The West has their own separate magic systems, their mystical systems entirely apart. That is until one day an ambitious Half-English, Half-Chinese Sorcerer by the name of Clow Reed decided to try and unify the two.

The results were revolutionary! Creating a magic system far stronger than the sum of it’s parts, Clow Reed became the most powerful sorcerer the multiverse had ever known. Clow Reed, seeing that his future descendants would require his aid, bound the 52 spirits of nature into a set of 52 cards, which would come to be known as the Clow Cards. These were kept safety in his magical spellbook guarded by his familiar Keroberos. That is until one day, his descendent Sakura Kinomoto uncovered the book and reading The Windy’s name, sent the cards scattered across the land. At Kero’s asking…..or rather demanding, Sakura had to go and collect the cards to keep them safe.

As she collected the cards, Sakura would gain power until the point she even surpassed Clow Reed himself and would become an unofficial protector of the multiverse.  By using the Sealing Staff of Clow Reed, and then later her own Star Wand she transmuted the Clow Cards into her own Sakura Cards!

The Windy + Associated Cards:

The Windy is one of the 4 Elemental Cards, giving it dominion over a number of other cards, and is one of the strongest cards. Windy is gentle and docile. Windy hates fighting and when the cards were blown away Windy returned to Sakura of her own volition. Windy can bind people or other spirits, including the fairy like Sleep and the Watery, another Elemental Card. The cards associated with Windy:
1: The Dash: A very shy card that runs away from conflict but is loyal otherwise. The Dash’s mere presence makes everything run slightly faster. Dash is the fastest Card, making it even faster then The Light. Sakura can use The Dash to attain this speed, though not for extended periods of time.
2: The Float: The Float is a mischievous spirit that makes things levitate. It can levitate a room full of different things at a time.
3: The Fly: A Quiet card that acts chaotic when scared, The Fly allows for flight. It’s Flight speed is fast enough to dodge attacks from The Thunder.
4: The Jump: A feisty, not very bright Spirit that allows it’s use to leap across a city. Jump can also make inanimate objects like toys jump around. Sakura is particularly proficient in using Jump to avoid things.
5: The Move: The Move is a mischievous spirit that teleports small objects from place to place
6: The Song: A shy spirit that listens to beautiful noises and will try to imitate them in another place. It can expertly copy any noises it hears.
7: The Storm: An Aggressive Spirit that creates a powerful storm, and is only vulnerable at the eye of the storm. 
8: The Voice: The Voice is an obsessive spirit that steals beautiful voices it hears.

The Watery + Associated Cards:

The Watery is another one of the four elemental cards. The Watery is a highly aggressive card. It can divide and rejoin itself without any problem just like a body of water. Sakura used the Watery and the Windy together to capture the Fiery (in a scene referencing the climax of Magic Knight Rayearth). Watery can be used to make powerful whirlpools to capture people. It can absorb the power of other cards. Watery through Sakura can also create “bubbles” which allow Sakura to breathe where she otherwise can’t, and capture spirits. The cards associated with The Watery are:
1: The Wave: Capable of creating a tidal wave
2: The Rain: A tricky free-spirited spirit, The Rain can create surprise downpours, as well as rainbows.
3: The Bubbles: The Bubbles is a spirit who creates soap bubbles and is meant to wash things.
4: The Cloud: A Playful spirit that creates cloud formations, can alter the density of these clouds to do stuff like forming an arm to smack someone down
5: The Mist: This spirit creates a mystical corrosive mist that eats away at any material it meets, dissolving it into the mist.
6: The Freeze: A menacing spirit that can freeze materials solid. It was even able to Freeze The Watery. The Freeze can create pillars and structures out of ice. 
7: The Snow: The Snow is a very aggressive but rather weak card that creates a snowfall. It can cover an entire town in snow and transform into a snowy vortex.
8: The Wood: A docile spirit, Wood creates branches and vines. It can shape this wood such as making a wood dome to catch Jump, and tunneling vines to ensnare unsuspecting opponents. It can grow rather quickly, as when cast at sky-level it traveled quickly enough to catch a falling child. Also, due to the Elemental Nature of the Wu Xing, Wood can actually beat The Earthy by breaking up the ground with it’s roots.

The Fiery + Associated Cards:

The Fiery is the third of the four elemental cards. It is an arrogant and competitive spirit, enjoying a challenge to it’s power. With a wave of it’s hand it can summon plumes of fire or a ball of fire. It can also melt Snow from a snow-covered town, merely by passing over it. The cards associated with The Fiery:
1: The Arrow: An Aggressive card that summons a volley of arrows. These arrows can split in mid-air and can easily penetrate metal.
2: The Fight: A Fiercely competitive spirit, The Fight does stereotypical martial artist stuff like breaking bricks with it’s fights, jumping high in the air at blurry speeds. It grants Sakura Master Martial Artist status
3: The Power: A Show-offy spirit, the Power grants it’s user enhanced physical strength. By itself it’s able to do things like lifting elephants off the ground, but Sakura can also channel it through her staff to increase it’s striking power.
4: The Shot: A relentless spirit, The Shot is conjured by saying “Shot” or “Aim”. The Shot manifests as a ball of energy which fires energy bolts at it’s target.
5: The Sword: A violent spirit, The Sword is the card that can supposedly cut through anything. It possesses it’s user to fight unless the user’s will is strong enough. It’s cutting power is controlled by the user. It can cut through even The Shield, pinned The Shadow to the ground, and can even cut through spacetime warps. It can also fire lasers, and transmute other weapons into sword-versions of those weapons.
6: The Through gives the user intangibility, allowing them to slip through physical objects.
7: The Thunder: A very aggressive card that takes the form of electricity, passing from electrical object to electrical object, though it’s true form is that of a giant wolf made of lightning. The Thunder can be used to supercharge all the electrical objects in a city.
8: The Twin: A Feisty Card that makes exact duplicates of things.

The Earthy + Associated Cards:

The Earthy is the final of the four elemental cards. It has a patient but determined nature. It can create giant stone pillars across a city the size of skyscrapers. It can also create earthquakes and avalanches. And if any stone of it’s would be destroyed, Earthy can regenerate it. It is weak to Wood however. Cards associated with The Earthy are:
1: The Flower: A Festive Spirit, The Flower creates and controls flowers.
2: The Libra: A Just spirit, the Libra is able to tell if someone is lying or not.
3: The Lock: The Lock can seal off anything, from a chest to an area of space, to a dimension. Sakura’s Sealing Staff was able to undo the lock however.
4: The Loop: Creates a link between two area of space, creating an endless loop.
5: The Maze: The Maze is a game-loving spirit, that traps people inside it’s maze dimension, large enough to contain it’s own stars. The Maze will change itself if it senses someone cheating. Attempting to fly above the walls will only increase the height of the walls. Damaged walls regenerate, and it can change itself into a distorted space that resembles something out of M.C. Escher
6: The Mirror: Originally a Cruel Spirit until Sakura gave it a sense of the reality of emotion and the damage it was doing. The Mirror can perfectly imitate any appearance, her true nature only visible to those with magic. It can also reflect ranged attacks, which made her immune to any attack Clow Card and to normal Card Binding. She can also create a clone of herself capable of acting independently. But she is vulnerable if her identity is spoken. She is one of the only 4 cards that can speak human speech.
7: The Sand: The Sand is a mystical card, that can create giant whirlpools of sand and move sand in a deluge fast enough to keep up with The Fly.
8: The Shield: A protective spirit, the Shield protects from things, even the power of Eriol, a mage nearly as strong as Sakura herself. It does not just protect from physical damage. It protected against time manipulation and against magic keeping Yue and Kero from transforming. It can also form more the one forcefield at a time.

The Dark + Associated Cards:

The Dark is one of the two strongest of the 52 cards, alongside it’s sibling card Light. Dark and Light have their own cards in dominion, and each has rulership of two of the Elemental Cards. Dark has the ability to envelop any space in a pitch black darkness that goes on seemingly endlessly. Time does not normally flow in this darkness, and most magic is nullified, allowing only the strongest. Dark represents the Moon, Yue, and Eastern Magic and has dominion over Windy and Watery. Other cards associated with the Dark are:
1: The Change: Switches the minds of two people. This can only be reversed if done quickly enough (with a day), The Change allows it, and both people are hugging.
2: The Dream: The Dream can cause someone to dream of their greatest desire, or to have prophetic dreams.
3: The Erase: A rather malicious spirit, Erase can erase people from existence or erase their memories
4: The Illusion: A Defensive spirit, Illusion will show people what they fear most, or what they love most. 
5: The Silent: A spirit that detests noise, The Silent will end all sound in the area. This is particularly dangerous to magic-users since it prevents them from casting spells. The Silence can only be broken by a magical sound, such as the Song.
6: The Sleep: A Fairylike spirit, The Sleep can put large amounts of people to sleep at once.
7: The Time: The Time is a mature card. It can speed up time, slow down time, freeze time, or cause recent events to repeat themselves. to repeat themselves. While Time normally takes lots of energy to use, Sakura has become powerful enough that she can use Time casually.

The Light + Associated Cards:

The Light is the sibling card of the Dark. The Light allows sight, even in the pitch black of The Dark’s space. The Light can counter any spell, ending any enchantment. It can also cause the Sun to rise. It represents The Sun, Keroberos, and Western Magic and has dominion over Fiery and Earthy. Other cards associated with the Light are:
1: The Big: Big is a graceful giant. It makes things bigger, everything from animals to Sakura herself can become a Kaiju. Big also amplifies the traits of things that are made big, so destructive cards become more destructive and defensive cards become more defensive and so forth. Funny enough when Sakura is giant, her cards are still tiny. 
2: The Create appears as a notebook. Anything written in it will come to life. This is homage to early MG series where they often had pone magical object and that was it, and that object was often something like “turn into what you want” or “what you draw will become real” or “your wishes will become real”.
3: The Glow: One of the gentlest spirits, The Glow creates a lot of floating lights.
4: The Little: A Sadistic spirit, The Little is a tiny spirit which turns things tiny. Things shrunk have their traits reduced as well, so that magic-users have shrunken magical power as well, leaving most without a way to get big again.
5: The Return: Return allows viewers to see the past as ghostly images, or to travel back on the personal timeline of objects (such as Sakura returning to Clow Reed’s time via a very very old tree from his time). Much like The Time, The Return is very heavily taxing but Sakura has grown strong enough to avoid this. The Return can also shield one from magical detection.
6: The Shadow: A Chaotic Spirit, The Shadow controls shadows and collects them to grow larger. Shadow can rise from the ground to become semi-tangible and semi-gaseous. Even as a shadow it can physically affect objects however. The Shadow can enshares beasts, and even tied up the Corrosive Mist without problem.
7: The Sweet: A Ditzy Spirit, The sweet turns objects into sweets like candy, cookies and so forth. It is weak to salt.

Sakura’s Magical Potential/Mental Capacities:

Sakura for the most part relies on the cards to perform her magic, but she has natural magical talent exceeding even Clow Reed. She has survived powerful magic unshielded such as Eriol’s city-wide sleep spell and magical attacks from Yue. She’s durable to survive being hit by crystal projectiles that create dust clouds when they hit Tokyo Tower. She’s strong to strike away flying metal bars, fast enough to dodge the attacks of The Thunder…but that is really only scratching the surface.

As part of the line of Clow Reed, Sakura has the ability to create a new card itself, should she wish. Such is an extremely taxing process but it can be done. During Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles, when Fei Wang Reed was gonna destroy the multiverse and remake it in his image so that he could remove the law of people coming back from the dead, Sakura countered his magic with her own and overcame him. By scaling, if she wanted Sakura could end the multiverse and remake it with different physical laws. She is stronger than Clow Reed, who on his deathbed with dying energy and thoughts accidentally shifted all the worlds of the Clamp multiverse. The Clow Cards are great but it’s not them who are godly, it’s Sakura’s magic and imagination channeled through as tools.

Speaking of Sakura’s imagination, Sakura is actually a quite clever magic-user. She captured The Shadow, a card Clow Reed struggled with, with a set of cards supposedly impossible to capture The Shadow with. She is able to use multiple cards, fusing their abilities together. She defeated The Earthy by remembering the Eastern Magic Principles of Wu Xing that gave her an elemental advantage.

But nothing details Sakura’s physical and mental potential better then her encounter with The Nothing.

The Nothing:

When Clow Reed created the 52 Clow Cards, he poured ALL of his multiverse-shifting positive energy into them, and it was so massive to balance out their positive energy he had to make a single card with all his negative energy. This Card was The Nothing. The Nothing is a multiversal force of existence erasure. Everything it comes into contact with stops existing completely. Except one.


The Nothing had erased the Sakura cards and faced Sakura face to face who still would not surrender. From The Nothing emerges the 52 Sakura cards who return to Sakura, shocking The Nothing. Sakura offers The Nothing to not be lonely anymore, and Sakura converts The Nothing itself to her own card. The one card she ever made that represents her. The Hope.

The Hope:

The Hope represents Sakura’s eternal optimism and hope. It’s power undid all that The Nothing did. The Hope can undo any magic to the multiversal scale of the Nothing.

Against other Magic-Users, the Hope is Sakura’s trump card. If you are comparing her to almost any other mage in fiction they are gonna need to find a way around the Hope or find it impossible to ever defeat her.

The Hope's power can dispel any magic up to multiversal scale that tries to effect Sakura. 


While Sakura does have great magical potential, for the most part she needs the cards to use her magic. Otherwise she has very human limitations, like needing to breath, eat, and sleep.

Also Sakura is not really a fighter. She approaches things like puzzles to be solved, and spent most of her magical career trying to trap spirits who were attempting to flee capture, rather then getting into magic fights.

Oh and she’s scared of ghosts.


Just as with Usagi, I have written a lot about Sakura’s personality. Sakura is an optimistic girl. She is naturally atheletic, taking on several sports. She does well in school and is beloved by her classmates (sometimes literally). Her father thinks the world of her. She is friendly to all she meets.

Sakura Kinomoto represents the classic style of Magical Girls, the hero we as pre-teen to teen girls strove to be; someone who is creative, loving, successful and would never give up.

Sakura’s greatest strength is her unyielding belief that things will always work out. That she will always find a way to save things. It leads her to finding solutions where others say it’s impossible.

Alright the combatants are set. It’s time…for a DEATH PREDICTION.

Usagi and Sakura: “Part 1: Meeting of Destiny! I will stop you!”

The Gods in heaven hold their breath. The winds of fate blow strangely over the face of the Earth. Two bloodlines, the house of Serenity, and the house of Reed, they who Heaven and Earth cherish, are going to come into meeting this day. Whatever their nature of their meeting, should it be battle, friendship, discussion, love, it shall change the multiverse for all time. Perhaps all of those are the same to beings as great as these.

Usagi Tsukino awoke in bed with a start. “What a terrible dream!” She thought to herself. She looked at the clock. “Strange, it’s so early, school doesn’t start for another….5 minutes.” Usagi knew that something was wrong. She walked to her dressed and looked in the mirror at herself. To the side was a picture of Mamo-chan which made her smile softly to herself. Luna stumbled groggly over. “U-sa-gi-chan. What’s the matter?” Usagi picked up the small cat and hugged her to her face. “I’m ok, Luna”. Usagi walked over and hurried to get ready.

Sakura Kinomoto looked at her desk. No…no this wasn’t good. The cards’ fortune told of great conflict, and an unclear outcome. Something bad was happening. “Oh well…I’ll find a way!” Sakura thought to herself, knowing she couldn’t do anything about it until she knew what it was. She got her roller skates on, preparing to skate her way to school. Kero came over confused. “Cards no good kid? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” Sakura shook her head “Can’t do anything about it right now, we’ll see what happens.”

Usagi, Ami and Rei were walking to school. Why Rei walked to school with them when she went to a private school was beyond that.

“Did you understand the homework Usagi?” asked Ami in concern

“EHHH?! Homework?” Usagi stuttered in confusion

“Baka Usagi!” Rei grumbled “How can you expect to get into a good college, if you can’t even do simple tasks”

“Rei-chan!! You don’t need to be so mean to me” cried Usagi which both Rei and Ami had a good giggle at.

Sakura, Tomoyo and Syaoran were walking to school. Well Tomoyo and Syaoran were, Sakura was roller-skating.

Syaoran spoke up “This latest outfit you made for Sakura is great!”

Sakura agreed “It’s very like my first uniform, very retro!”

Tomoyo blushed “I was feeling nostalgic and it fits you so well.”

A commotion, a creature’s growling. Two groups at the same time respond with a knowing.

Sakura’s mystic wheel appeared before her and her wand emerged as she said “They which holds the power of the stars, Show your True Form before me! I, Sakura, command you under our contract! RELEASE!”

Usagi heard Ami using her communicator to signal the others. Usagi raised her hand and said “Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make up!” and in a flash her Eternal Sailor Fuku appeared. She rushed forward, hoping that this wasn’t what her dream spoke of.

Sakura and her friends hurried, Tomoyo eagerly filming, Syaoran with his hand on his sword, and Sakura’s on her wand. Kero flew around, keeping out of general sight but trying to keep by in case Sakura needing advising. They reached the area and saw a strange beast hopping by breaking the ground of the street. Some kind of strange dimensional tear had clearly brought him here. Sakura prepared to unleash one of her cards when a bright light came from the other side of the street, hitting the monster and ending it. Sakura looked across the street and saw a group of older teen girls, wearing what seemed like padded version of bishoujo fuku, color-coordinated and with large angel wings in the back. 

Their leader had some kind of long rod, pink shoulder pads. Next to her were a few cats with moon symbols on their head.  She did not seem like the kind that would bring about the danger the cards spoke of, but the Multiverse is a strange place.

Sailor Moon pulled back her rod, the monster dead. While normally this would make her happy, that the monster was killed so easily, she was a bit in confusion at what was behind it. It was a younger teen girl, in a pink and white poofy dress with a pink cap. In her hand was a birdlie wand. Behind her was a girl of the same age that was filming and a boy the same age in Chinese garb. Next to them floated what looked like to be a yellow teddy bear with wings. This couldn’t be what her dream foretold?

Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura wordlessly, as if transfixed stepped forwards to confront this strange anomaly to their already peculiar world.

“A…are you the one I’m supposed to fight?” Sakura asked confusedly.

Usagi clenched her face, ready for a fight. “I don’t want to fight, but if I must…..

Usagi made a sequence of gestures “I’m the pretty suited Sailor Soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!”

Sakura stood transfixed and confused at the strange display before her before finally speaking. “I will presume that is a yes?”

Their allies stood clear, this was a different fight and everyone there could feel it.

Usagi, hoping to end this fight quickly raised the eternal tiara. “Starlight Honeymoon….” As Usagi spoke a great vortex of light emerged in front of her. Sakura quickly used a counterspell. “Shield!”

“...Therapy Kiss!” A great force and power emerged from the vortex and hit Sakura’s shield.

“Woah! She’s pretty tough” Sakura thought to herself.

Usagi braced herself. This was going to be a tougher fight then she was hoping for.

Sakura called up her oldest spirit “Windy!” The great winds emerged and tried to bind Usagi.

“Ahhhhhh, nooo waahhh” cried Usagi as she dodged and darted around the winds.

From the sidelines two animal-like beings watched the battle.

“Go get her Sakura, you can do this!” Yelled Kero.

“Sailor Moon, be careful it’s coming from your left.” Said Luna.

Kero looked over to her and prepared an aerial dive-bomb if this kitty was a serious threat as well as a number of cat puns to be made in the situation.

Meanwhile during the fight, Sailor Moon looked at Sakura’s shield figuring which of her spells can break a shield like that. “Moon…Princess…Halation”. Heart projectiles came from her wand. Sakura recognized the thread. “Mirror”. Her Bubble grew mirrorlike, and Usagi’s attack was reflected back at her, but Usagi quickly jumped over it.

“It seems she needs to speak to use her spells” Sakura puzzled. “I wonder….” Sakura took out a card and Usagi prepared for something new. “Silence!” Sakura spoke. A pale woman in dark attire appeared and with a movement the whole surrounding became eerily silent. The silent was a sound of it’s own, an empty groaning that continued on forever.

Sakura and Usagi looked at each other, neither able to speak, seemingly nothing could be done. And then….

Sakura opened her mouth and from it came the song. It was a beautiful melody, the melody of the shy songstress. It was the tune of the world coming into existence from the empty silence.

“Shadow!” Sakura sang, and from the darkness of the street came a dark hooded figure, who loomed over like a spectre. Sailor Moon was scared, looking up at the imposing figure.

“Shadow,” Sakura continued to sing “Bind her!”

As the Shadow loomed over Sailor Moon, her hairpieces shook as she opened her mouth and suddenly


Usagi’s crying reverberated through the air destroying the silence, amplified by her hairpieces. The Silent ran in fear. The whole of the street shook from sobs. The waves broke the windows nearby. Sakura feel back on leg waving her arms in the air to get her balance from that wild attack. The Shadow hovered, confused by this whole affair.

“Hey” Sakura called out to Usagi.

Usagi ceased.

“Why are you crying? Why not to try face your enemy with a smile, eh?” Sakura said.

Usagi stood confused at this very strange enemy.

Suddenly from one of the windows came a lady of rather advanced age, her cane raised. “You kids breaking my glass! I’m gonna make you pay for this.”

Usagi and Sakura both thought of their poor allowances and ran away post haste.

Minutes and miles away in an open rocky pass, mountains on either side, and no creatures around Usagi and Sakura both stood next to each other catching their breaths. Then with a single mind they turned to each other Sakura holding her fist up and Usagi holding her fist up, a little lightning bolt going between their angry gazes.

“Sailor Moon Kick!” Usagi said launching a kick at Sakura. Sakura proceeded to step to the side as she zipped right past her into the ground.

“You are 100 years too early to fight a star athlete like me.”

Usagi grumbled and got up with red cheeks of embarrassment. She took her tiara and began it’s spin. “Moon Frisbee!” She yelled launching it at Sakura. Sakura deftly dodged it only for it to suddenly expand to capture her.

“Oh no!” Sakura thought to herself “She can’t beat me after I just bragged, it would so embarrassing! But I can’t reach the cards”. “Shadow!” She yelled to the card still out. Sailor Moon turned to see the Shadow fast approaching it. Sailor Moon quickly flew away, pursued by the Shadow. The ground rushed underneath her, and the day turned to night. Sailor Moon turned around to see the Shadow pursuing her tightly.

She raised her hand to her new tiara and felt the moonlight reflecting off it. She aimed it “MOON TWILIGHT FLASH!” Silvery Moonlight came from her tiara burning away The Shadow who retreated to Sakura rapidly. Sailor Moon quickly teleported back to Sakura.

By this point Sakura had gotten free of her binding.

Usagi and Sakura both glared at each other. This fight was longer then both expected.

Sakura hoping to gain a quick mobility advantage, used Jump, and leapt high in the air, hoping to get Usagi off-guard. To her surprise, Usagi simply jumped up to the same height.

With a mighty leap, Usagi showed her up by leaping even further into the atmosphere.

Sakura said aloud “I don’t know if I can jump that high, but I’m gonna try!” She bend up and down stretching before leaping up into high heaven.

Usagi and Sakura found themselves in the atmosphere. The Watery quickly formed a bubble around Sakura so she could breathe. Looking down upon the Earth, both were reminded of the seriousness of this fight.

Usagi drifted outwards onto the Moon. Sakura followed only to be shocked at what she saw. All around were buildings of great elegance. Plants and Water, as if this was the Earth not the Moon.

“Where are we?” Asked Sakura

“This is the Moon Kingdom, MY kingdom.” Spoke Usagi.

Usagi knelt at the moon shrine.

“Hey what are you doing?” Sakura asked, anxiously.

“Oh my friends across the cosmos, I fear we are in danger, please give me your power.” Usagi felt the stirring of the lambda power in her body, and as her body illuminated she rose. 

“The fight really begins here Sakura” Usagi said. She rose her hand, and the power of the Morning Star emanated through the Lambda, and in her hand appeared the Holy Sword of the Moon.

Sakura nervously called Sword. Sakura leapt with an overhead strike but Usagi raised her sword, the two sliding down each other. As their blades clashed, their auras met and the lambda power, coursing with the energies of the stars met curiously with the many Sakura cards spirits.

The two clashed a little, though clearly neither were master swordswomen. Sakura called Fight to aid her. And quickly she knocked the holy sword aside, and Usagi running hot on Venusian energy gave a quick kick to Sakura’s exposed side. Sakura flew to one side, digging into the ground.

With the end of the duel, it was as if the ceremonial part suddenly ended and both mages felt the intensity of the situation finally hit them.

Usagi and Sakura looked at each other, recognition coming to. She really is the great danger. She must be stopped.

Usagi and Sakura: “Part 2: For my Friends! I must defeat you!”

“Arrow” Sakura yelled, and the archer appeared, raining arrows down, but Usagi was no longer there. She looked around until she heard noise from behind her.

“Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss!” Sailor Moon yelled, and Sakura was blasted from the Moon Kingdom down to Earth.

Sakura landed and painfully pilled herself from the ground. She was in a crowded forest area. Shield barely withstood that attack. She needed to do something soon.

Sakura readied herself for Usagi’s arrival. “Through” she said

Usagi quickly arrived and launched a blast of planet power at Sakura’s position only for it go right through her.

Sakura called on one of her most destructive spells “FIERY!”

The whole forest caught fire, and Usagi held her arm to her eyes, unable to see from smoke and and heat. Sakura Called Power and got ready for a mighty strike while her opponent was blinded. Usagi felt the great War Star, red in her mind, call to her, and she moved at the last instant causing Sakura to go careening to the side of her. She felt Sakura preparing another strike. Sakura pulled back a punch with the force of power itself. Usagi readied her own response strike, feeling the power of the King God Star emanate into her fist. Their punches collided with a mighty resounding “CRASH!” A great wind from came from the collision which extinguished the fires and cratered the ground beneath them. The dust settled and the two were in the same position before at the same time they both grabbed their hands

“ow ow ow ow”

Usagi recovered quicker and quickly gathered fire in her hands. “Burning Mandala!” Usagi yelled, shooting out a series of fire discs. Sakura ran to avoid fire. Usagi conjured a fiery bow, and took careful air.

“Mars Flame Sniper”

The Fire Arrow hits Sakura’s shield launching her away.

Midair, Sakura, righted herself and prepared a counterattack, summoning The Shot which zoomed ahead.

Usagi saw the darting energy orb and channeled the Uranus power, darting forward to avoid energy blasts.  Through fiery explosions, dust obscuring the landscape, the air chocked with dust.

Sakura burst from the smoke.

“Yiaa!” Usagi yelled falling over. Sakura quickly cast “Darkness” and darkness obscured the sun, and Usagi felt herself fall into darkness. The darkness clung to her, and she felt her henshin itself come undone, from the powerful anti-magic.

Sakura looked away satisfied that in the darkness without light her enemy would run out of magic and be defeated.

Usagi felt the darkness, she knew even this was a part of the great cosmos, the great lambda power flowed through this darkness light the night sky, and behind the moon shone with the brilliance of the Silver Crystal. 

“Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make up!”

From the Darkness emerged a great light, Sakura turned just in time to see Usagi’s emerge, her henshin knocking them deep into the Earth.

Usagi felt the Earth’s deep embrace all around her. She knew Sakura was around here somewhere as well.

Sakura cast “Earthy” and Usagi felt the Earth around her close in to crush her. She leapt and found herself in a different cavern.

In her own cavern Sakura cast “Glow” and so the cavern she was in was illuminated. She felt the shifting of the ground above her, and thought Usagi was trying to crush her, so she told Earthy to reinforce the ceiling.

Both disrupted the others, but neither knew they did.

Usagi in the cold cavern she was in, wanted to keep these walls from moving in and so she moved her hands to the cavern and applied her telekinetic power to it, and the walls crumbled to sand. Sakura, seeing this responded by using “Sand” to send the sand deluges back up the chutes of the two walls back into Usagi’s cavern.

Usagi blasted a way through into another cavern

Usagi pressed her hand to the earth more peacefully, and called upon the powers of her beloved. Through the Earth she could see her enemy, commanding the Earth around them. She leaped and ducked, dodging various rocks sent to crush her. Usagi called a powerful wind to her hand.

“World Shaking” and with a release the ground around them shook and trembled. Sakura using her knowledge of Wu Xing called on the combination of Wood and Rain to grow a mighty tree to stabilize the ground with it’s roots.

The Earth rang and shook from their struggle, like the Fire God’s torture, each clash of their power held the intensity of fire and the firmness of stone. As they battled the traveled deeper into the Earth, into its secret land.

Usagi felt the golden presence of Elysian drawing near. “I can draw her into sleep.” Usagi thought. Calling on the mystical power of the Silver Crystal she brought about the power of Deep Sleep, which can lay one dormant for millennia.

Sakura felt the tugs of magical sleep at her, and knew she couldn’t resist. From her cards she pulled the “Sleep” spell to draw her enemy into the world of dreams with her. Inside her dream, the Dream Card came to her, helping her maintain control over her dream reality.

Usagi felt herself dreaming and by channeling the power of the destroyer, retained control in this reality.

Both sleeping, two consciousness came to witness each other more fully, their dreams flowed together and in the shifting world of dreams, both saw who each other was.

“Doesn’t it bother you?” Sakura thought “Don’t you want to end Chaos if it attacks everything you love?”

Usagi thought in response “No, even Chaos is just a lonely star traveling the cosmos. I will never leave anyone alone!”

Sakura thought more forcefully “And I will never give up on my dreams!”

Usagi was silent and responded sadly “You saw that Light and Dark, West and East, Sun and Moon exist in balance. Trying to destroy your opposite will only bring you to destruction as well.”

“Why do you have such little faith in yourself?”
“Why do you have such little faith in others?”

The two consciousnesses sat in the land beyond spacetime. Neither wanted to fight, but both knew they had to continue.

“We are alone, so no one else will perish should I use the Scythe of Death” said Usagi.

“The Scythe of Death?” Sakura responded anxiously

Usagi called upon the power of the Grim Planet, of Life and Death. “Silence Glaive….surprise!” she yelled and she was obscured by a mist.

Sakura called upon Mist to help her see, and she could see her opponent had a massive negative aura surrounding her. She prepared her hopeful defense.

Usagi felt the poisonous mist attempt to eat into her, akin to Death Phantom’s matter-corroding presence. Wordlessly she sought to end this fight and released the silence.

Sakura used her two best defensive cards in combination “Mirror + Shield!” And with that the power of the silence swept over the world of dreams, and all dreams were ceased but for Sakura’s dream self the very silence was drawn into the bright mirror wall protecting her and was reflected at her enemy.

Usagi yelled in surprise and disappeared from the Silence.

Sakura took a few tired breaths. Defeating the dream self was the defeat of the real self. She had won.

But the cosmos would not be denied so easily, and from the swirling energy of the cosmos, Usagi re-emerged.

“Kya?!” Sakura cried in surprise

Usagi was in fear and decided on a more extreme strategy. Using the Golden Crystal, she entered The Mirror itself, pulling Sakura in with her.

Inside the Mirror was a shifting hall of mirror surfaces. Each reflected off into infinity. All was real. Nothing was real. In the distance of infinity, the two fighters’ images coalesced into one. Sakura saw Usagi in one of the mirror realities and tried to move that way, but it was simply a mirror.

“Venus Love-Me Chain!”

Sakura turned but was too slow to resist getting caught by the glittering golden chain, which dragged her through many mirrors, through many realities.

The many mirrors shifted, the very shifting of probabilities reflected. Usagi would be hopelessly confused if it weren’t for Ami-chan’s visor, which allowed her to see exactly Sakura’s position. She had attacks that could be launched through dimensions.

Sakura conjured her mystic book with “Create”. She needed to be able to see where her enemy was so she wrote “inter-dimensional telescope.” She attempted to find Usagi but could not see her anywhere. Usagi held the disguise pen in her hand, glad it could help her camouflage her. When Sakura wasn’t looking Usagi hit her again with the Love-Me Chain

Sakura grit her teeth. She was trying to wear her down. She needed to draw her out, something to bring the battlefield somewhere less beneficial for her. “Maze + Illusion” she called out.

Usagi felt the battlefield shift to yield a whole different reality. Staircases shifted everywhere up and down and all directs and in the background stars she didn’t recognize clustered the sky.

Usagi wanted to cry from frustration. She kept beating everything she tried, and she couldn’t make heads or tails of this place. But Usagi felt something in her head.

“Rainbow Moon….Heart….ACHE!” Usagi yelled and from her wand came a great heart which encompassed the dimension, breaking it and launching her and Sakura back into reality.

Sakura found herself again in midair. She quickly called on Fly and zoomed off. Usagi quickly pursued her.
The ground below gave way to the sea. Usagi zoomed in front of Sakura but Sakura, not reacting in time, flew right into her.

“Ahhh!” Sakura yelled

“Waaa!” Usagi replied

Both dropped into the sea below.

Sakura felt the Watery cling to her, waiting to be called. She sent it after Usagi. The Mercury power emanated in Usagi, warning her of the incoming water. Usagi released Mercury’s mist, which froze the water around her in place.

Sakura cloaked herself in Bubbles and went below. Usagi reluctantly followed.

The deep ocean is a mystical place to the surface-dwelling place. As if called on by primordial memory, it is a place of deep yawning cold and dark. In the darkness Sakura considered her opponent’s words. Was it true? Was she just denying sides of life just because she didn’t like them? Even Fei Wang Reed was not evil in the end, could he have been redeemed?

As Usagi followed Sakura, her thoughts ran parallel. Have I truly give up my dreams? My dream is to live a life of love with Mamoru…if Chaos destroys all…..have I allowed myself to lose that?

In the Deep, Sakura called forth the card “Wave” From this came a massive tidal wave. Sakura sent it to knock Usagi off-course.  Usagi felt the watery energy appear in her hands. “Deep Submerging” and with a single blast the wave was opened for her.

Sakura knew Usagi would catch up to her soon. So, she suddenly veered upwards, pulled by a torrent of water. As Usagi changed directions to follow her, she cast The Freeze to freeze her solid. But simple usage of the Mermaid Crystal rendered the cold to fall away. The water fell away from them as the rose through the air.

They rose through the clouds, the water shining like crystals. Above them, the rising sun appeared forth.

Beholding the Rising Sun reminded Sakura of Kero, and her friends. She didn’t want to lose this moment. She couldn’t be defeated here.

“Time!” She yelled. And the elderly spirit appeared, mysterious as always. And with his appearance all time stopped. The Sun in the sky stopped, remaining a red orb on the horizon.

But the Plutonic Energy flowed through Usagi, and she remained apart from the time stop. Sakura looked in astonishment as she continued to rise until she was level with Sakura.

Usagi felt the Pluto Crystal’s energy, and the flash of the garnet orb in her eyes, and she sent Sakura outside spacetime.

Sakura found herself beyond Time’s influence, in a place of darkness and shifting energies, confusion all about. She was worried. Time couldn’t bring her back, how was she going to get out here?

But Sakura remembered time wasn’t just something outside her, it was inside her. “Return!” she cried, and the Return card brought her back on her personal timeline so that she popped back where she was.

The two faced each other yet again. Sakura warned “You better be careful, this is going to turn into your worst fear!” she bluffed said calling forth “The Illusion”. The Illusion appeared and Usagi screamed in fear. “AHHHH! It’s a ghost!”

Sakura jumped in fear from the thought of a ghost but then turned back angry. “D…Don’t get scared before it’s even transformed!”

And the Illusion shifted, and it shifted into something Sakura did not expect. It resembled The Nothing in character, a gaping void of loneliness. Usagi looked at it no longer in the seeming fear she had before but instead in a sadness that spoke wonders. Usagi saw through the illusion via the Neptune crystal and prepared her attack.

Usagi charged Sakura, her energy pulsating outwards, such that the Shield trembled under the power. Sakura and Usagi careened down to the ground crashing through a tree and landing with a resounding thud.

Vines snapped at both their heels, tying them up, thanks to the The Wood and The Cocoon Crystal.

Hanging upside down Usagi got dizzy quickly, Sakura was more used to it and so Sakura tried to take quick advantage of it, called up The Through to phase through. But Usagi simply teleported to the ground.

Usagi felt the King Star Emanate inside her. “Flower Hurricane” She called and a great hurricane of flower petals emerged, enough to obscure and distract most, but Sakura called forth “The Flower” and all the flower petals floated majestically to her sides.

Usagi continued anyway, hoping the power of the largest planet in the solar system could overwhelm her. “Jupiter…oak…..evolution!”

And atop Usagi’s head appeared a crown of laurels, and from it lightning flashed and crackled.

But Sakura was resolute as oak, and called down “Thunder” who caused the lightning to flow away from Sakura. Thunder appeared as a great wolf who approached Usagi menacingly. But Usagi shot “Sparkling Wide Pressure” ball at it, which it caught in its mouth like a giant dog and got caught in it’s mouth.

Usagi and Sakura looked at each other. Was this fight going to go on forever? Everytime one tried something, it was perfectly countered. Were they made to fight for all eternity?

Sakura saw the energy of the lambda coursing in Usagi’s aura and thought of a risky gamble to stop her.

Sakura pulled out a card. “Return to the form you once came from!” and targeted her wand at the Lambda Power itself.

There was a sickening shaking as the cosmos reeled at the impact. Heavens swayed as if by Juno’s force.

Usagi felt the Cosmos Crystal appear before her and begin being sucked inside of Sakura’s card.

Usagi pulled against this with all her might but Sakura pulled her back, her cards adding their strength to help pull this untamable force in.

As they pulled against each other, Usagi could slowly feel herself being pulled closer and closer, the Cosmos was ringing in horror and shock as it’s very power was being drained. But Sakura could feel the power of the whole multiverse channeled through her 52 spirits and continued.

But at the last moment, something happened. The pull was suddenly broken, and Sakura was blown backwards. Getting up from the ground she saw something was happening. A transformation.

Usagi floated off the ground, her eyes closed. Her rainbow aura emanated faster and faster until it became a shimmering silver, with the lights of the heavens appearing and disappearing within. Her hair grew and became the same silver flowing into her aura. Her skirt striped with the colors of her dear friends. Her outfit slimmed and turned white and golden. And the Silver Crystal appeared on her chest, holding it all together.

Sailor Cosmos opened her eyes.

Cardcaptor Sakura said in shock “Who are you?”

Sailor Cosmos felt a sense of renewed purpose. She felt the twinkling of all the stars in heaven in this form, the great opposites of the universe in eternal dance with each other. She did not answer the question but she did speak saying “You who strive to shine alone in the darkness shall one day become it. You fight alone, I fight with all the cosmos in my heart, I will never abandon one of them to darkness for myself, I am Sailor Cosmos, and in the name of the entire universe, I WILL PUNISH YOU!”

Sailor Cosmos called on her most powerful spell of all. The Lambda power channeled through the Silver Crystal. “Please my friends throughout the cosmos, help me win this fight.” Sailor Cosmos felt the energies of all the cosmos in her Silver Crystal Crystal. “Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power.” She spoke and from her crystal came the great power of all the Lambda which hit Sakura. The force was so intense even The Shield flew in pain and terror.

But to Sailor Cosmos amazement’s, Sakura did not end as would be destined by the eternal lambda power. Instead a light emerged from spacetime, blossoming like a beautiful flower. Above Sakura’s head was a spirit, with a sad smile, like someone pulled from the brink of despair. Sakura and the Spirit emanated a soft light, for this was The Hope.

Sailor Cosmos stood transfixed. Sakura spoke softly at first by increasing in volume. “I strive to make a better tomorrow, no matter how hard it gets. Even if the whole universe turns against me, I WON’T GIVE UP!”

Usagi and Sakura stood before each other, knowing that the greatest battle would commence, amazed at each other’s power.

“Usagi Tsukino…” Sakura thought

“Sakura Kinomoto…” Usagi thought

“You are my greatest enemy!”

And as the stars revolve around them, waiting for their battle which would plunge them from the sky and as the spirits hovered about them, waiting for the battle which would plunge the silent underworld up into the realm of living, the two finished their thought.

“But….I Must defeat you!”

Usagi and Sakura: “Part 3:  A Tragic End! I won’t forget you!” 

Luna and Kero searched for the battling Magical Girls independently, hard as that was given their erratic movements, but arrived at the same time to their meeting place. 

The two walked together to a grassy field. Usagi conjured a table with a some nice tea sat atop it. Sakura conjured The Sweet who hurried to her command made some sweet things to eat. The two sat down and began eating.

“Eh? What’s she doing?” Demanded Kero, “This is perfect opportunity to attack”

“They have grown so strong, such would be meaningless” said Luna drawing upon the wisdom of the Mautian species.

“Yes that makes sense” said Kero, his eyes closed and his paw to his chin in consideration. “At such power, something like that would be useless.”

Meanwhile Luna crouched low to the ground and moved to pounce on the flying little thing. As she jumped though Kero flew higher in the air. “Wow, you got some real cat-itude it seems. But I’m paw-sitive you won’t be able to catch me”

If this wasn’t an enemy Luna could have sworn this was Artemis she was talking too. However she quickly changed tactics and released her energy, crackling bright with her power. Kero was knocked back a little before calling on his own power of the sun and tackling her, the two sent rolling over and over.


Usagi and Sakura sat readying themselves.

Usagi gestured above. “Look up at Heaven, the many stars they are all connected, pulling each other around and around, they all need each other for their delicate dance.”

Sakura gestured around. “Look down at Earth, we built out world up by individuals who refused to accept something as necessary and creating a new future for themselves.”

The two looked at each other quietly as they finished.

Syaoran saw a portal open up before him. Entering he saw Eriol and he felt Clow Reed’s spirit emanate from him. Eriol was looking into a crystal ball, clearly observing the battle, his face a strange mixture of fascination and anxiety.

Syaoran raced to him. “Eriol? Is Sakura alright?”

The response was pretty simple. “They are prepared for the final battle. This person she is fighting, she has managed to merge her essence with the universe’s own. It is an extraordinary achievement. I could have used it to do a great many things.”

Syaoran was shocked, gasping before asking the obvious question…

“Does that mean…?!”

“Yes…She has surpassed even me in magic. This will be Sakura’s hardest battle ever.”

Syaoran looked outwards. He yelled “Sakura!”

Mamoru felt himself suddenly drawn out into space. Looking around he saw that he has returned to the most sacred place in the cosmos, Galaxy Cauldron at the center of the Milky Way. He looked down to see he had transformed into his King Endymion incarnation, so that he could survive within.

A Light appeared which grew more distinct until Guardian Cosmos appeared from it, with an apologetic expression.

Mamoru spoke “Guardian Cosmos? Is the battle…over” He said not willing to believe Usagi might have lost.

Guardian Cosmos “The battle is about to enter its final procession. This girl she is fighting, she is able to change even the structure of the cosmos, something not even Chaos was able to do.”

Mamoru was shocked by this, and it showed in his expression.

Guardian Cosmos looked down and said “Yes, she is stronger than even Chaos. This will be Usagi’s hardest battle ever.”

Mamoru looked outwards. He yelled “Usagi!”

Usagi and Sakura heard the concern of their loved ones. They thought as if in unison.

“For my love….for my friends…for my world….I must triumph.”

It began suddenly, Both pushed off into space, and with great flashes of light and darkness, their presence became known to all cosmos.

With her speed, Usagi blasted at Sakura with The Silver Crystal many times, from many different angles. The sheer impact of the Silver Crystal caused a shaking such that has never been felt, and the whole of spacetime shimmering into and out of existence with each interaction the Holy Energy of the Silver Crystal stirring it all, like a whirlpool in the heavenly river.

With a great burst of energy Sakura launched her energy outwards, throwing Usagi backwards. Sakura felt the power of her ancestry call to her, and she banged down her Star Wand

The Cosmos roared and shuddered. The Golden Crystal resonated and from the future Usagi knew what to do. To erase the lambda power from the multiverse altogether.

Usagi called out a spell “Hyperspatial Dimension Emerge!” and from her came a hyperspace dimension. As the multiverse shifted and changed, the lambda power being erased, Usagi called out again “Dark Dome Close”. A great door appeared and it closing shut off the dimension.

Sakura looked around at the empty void all around her.

But from the seeming nothingness came a hyperspace dimension, floating like a mystical sarcophagus for the dead to re-emerge. And from it came, emerging like the Dead Pharaoh risen from certain end, was Usagi.

Sakura spoke “You sealed off a dimension to hide your lambda power from being erased.”

Usagi responded “I know everything that is going to happen, that isn’t gonna work.”

Sakura “I can’t allow you to know that. TIME + LOCK!” And from her cards came Time and Lock card who locked off the future.

Usagi grimaced as the future was locked off and the two resumed their battling. Their powers continued to counter each other. And as they fought they became the world itself, their power shaping it, the sparkling of the fire, the stiffness of the ground, the crashing of the waves, the shapes of the clouds, the whispering of the winds, the play of light and darkness, their powers shaped it, and they continued their battle.

“How is it possible? Everytime I do something…” Usagi thought…

“…it’s like she has the prefect answer….” Sakura thought

They thought in unison “It’s as if we are yin and yang eternally shaping each other”. And in their magical dance, they shaped it all.

Usagi charged Sakura, The Saphir Crystal allowing her to step through even The Shield. Usagi tackled Sakura and they were flung like a shooting star across the wide cosmos, clinging to each other.

Usagi and Sakura yelled as the world fell away from them, and their yell and roar of combat extended into the infinite void, into the chorus of the angels as the primus mobile shook in unison. Their power swayed all things, and in the sway the great positive energy of the lambda hope, came forth and all across the cosmos beings looked up and were filled with the beauty of the sight, and all throughout the cosmos, species arose from the dirt, to behold that most beautiful star that was the two lights locked in orbit.

As the two were flung across the cosmos, the lights of all the stars and galaxies and galactic clusters merged and melded until all they could see was the light and darkness swirling together to infinity.

At this edge of spacetime, the cosmos become narrower. The 4 Elemental Cards, forever compromising the Earth fell away. The 4 Guardian Crystals, forever loyal to their princess fell to match them.

And it became narrower still, the Light and Dark, who comprised the Heaven fell away. And the Golden Crystal and the Silver Crystal put into the sky at the beginning of time, to govern them fell away.

Chaos and Nothing merged and were all around, and as Usagi and Sakura looked the only direction they saw the whole of existence as one light, and it glimmered in the nothing like the glimmer in the eye of God when he went to make it.

Sakura was clearly shaken, a few tears coming down her face, never having been in such extreme circumstances but Usagi spoke to her saying “Hey”

Sakura looked at her and Usagi spoke again saying “Why are you crying? Why not to try face your enemy with a smile, eh?”

Sakura nodded her head yes.

In the heart of eternity, the two lights orbited around each other, like primordial particles, the very beginning forces of creation: love and hope, the two forces needed for all creation to exist. And with every circle, every impact, they grew and developed.

And the lambda power, grasped onto the hope, embracing it as the boundless present embraces the future and the boundless here embraces there at the horizon.

And Usagi’s Angel wings covered Sakura’s body. And the two looked into each other’s eyes, and the two’s powers merged and they emanated the same aura. Usagi absorbed The Hope’s Star Seed, The Hope Star into her, and Usagi absorbed Sakura into her.

And far away the Galaxy Cauldron pulsated as the birth of the new star, The Hope Star which would live in Heaven forever. The Final Battle over, Sailor Moon flew back to her world, as well as the world of her greatest enemy and eternal friend, who would live forever within her.

And the Gods exhaled.


I have considered this fight for a long, long time. There are so many tiny beautiful interactions between their powers as if to represent the many interactions of who they are. I haven’t captured nearly all of them here. In fact this isn’t just a fight where if someone had a different result I would consider them wrong, this is a fight were you could make a fight scene without one thing in common in mind and I wouldn’t consider it wrong. There are so many ways this could go, there are so many things that could happen. These are two of my favorite characters, but after years of consideration, I believe the winner would be Sailor Moon.
The reason why can be simply put but it has a larger meaning. The reason Sailor Moon would win is because Sailor Moon is a fighter, while Cardcaptor Sakura is a puzzle-solver.
What do I mean by that? Well if you examine their powers in any one field, Sakura’s powers are more versatile and general but less efficient then Usagi’s because Usagi’s are clearly meant for combat while Sakura’s are not and have circumstantial combat usage at most. If you compare The Fire versus Mars Flame Sniper, The Fire has a more general control of fire which is helpful, but Mars Flame Sniper is concentrated, can kill spirits, and is faster, and that’s only one fire attack Usagi has. Sakura in the original manga was only in 2 fights ever, and neither were the opponent trying to kill them. Sailor Moon on the other hand is constantly fighting powerful magical versatile behemoths.
Usagi’s story is one about a girl learning to be a soldier. This is one of the few things consistent about her story across all incarnations, that she must learn to become a soldier for the forces of love and justice, while Sakura’s story is of a problem-solver who must solves a set of problems and get back the cards.
This nature of them relates to almost every comparable field of them. Sakura’s maximum dc is higher, at multiversal, but such is a highly-energy draining single attack while Usagi can launch cosmic level attacks much faster, in more variations, and with less energy-draining.
Sakura’s hope can resist against Usagi’s magic, but Usagi has many layers of defense including a regen factor, 9 lives, the Silver Crystal protecting and reviving her.
Sakura’s more intelligent then Usagi in general, but Usagi is more skilled in combat specifically.
Sakura can theoretically gain some of Usagi’s powers by trapping one of her abilities or creating a new card and while those are more versatile then what Usagi can do, they are much more time and energy-intensive. Conversely Usagi can create a new attack from Sakura’s powers simply by channeling her planet power through one of Sakura’s cards.
What really tips the scales through is the Power of Destruction. Sakura’s cards are sentient and able to independently come to her aid, which is usually a very notable advantage. But this is actually her ultimate downfall. Because Usagi’s power of destruction can remove a star seed things and then turn them to her side. And everything that bears life has a star seed, which mean with a point Usagi can remove the Star Seeds from any of Sakura’s cards and make them loyal to her. She can even do this to multiple cards at once.
While the Hope grants multiverse-scale magic resistance to Sakura, it is a spirit itself, and it doesn’t grant magic resistance to ITSELF which means Usagi can take its star seed if she wants.
And while Sakura is a potent-magic user she has much more notable limits. She needs to breath, and she will get exhausted from a high-level magic fight far quicker then Usagi who can continually maintain energy through the Silver Crystal
Usagi and Sakura are both supreme in the Magical Girl Genre, and their powers counter each other perfectly on so many levels. But Usagi is a soldier whose powers are directly meant for warfare and as such as are much more efficient in terms of time and energy and while Sakura’s have a higher maximum, she can only reach those peaks a few times before completely energy-draining allowing Usagi to go in for the win.

The Winner….is Sailor Moon.

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